How to Use BIR Relief Data Entry V2.2

RELIEF means  Reconciliation of Listings for Enforcement System.
This is in compliance with submission of  Summary List of Sales (SLS) and Summary List of  Purchases (SLP).

Here\’s a step by step guide on how to use the BIR Relief Data Entry System:

1. Dowload and Install  Relief Version 2.2
2. After installation, you will have these 3 shortcut Icons on your desktop (or select where you want it to save).

3. Double Click the Relief Data Entry Icon to get started.
You will be asked to enter your Username and Password. Use the credentials for your Computer\’s Administrator Account.
4. Update first the Owner\’s Info before encoding Sales or Purchases.

Encoding of Sales

From  Sales Transaction Menu, Choose the Taxable Month and Taxable Year then click Add/Update.

Sales Data Entry Screen will appear, Click the Add Button and start encoding the ff. for each sales transaction:
     →T.I.N., Registered Name (For Non-Individuals) / Last Name, First Name, or Middle Name for Individuals.
     →Substreet, Street, Barangay,  District/ City, Zip Code
     →Gross Taxable, Exempt/ Zero Rated (if applicable).
     →VAT rate value should be 10 or 12 only 

Remove Special Character like \”&\” if there\’s any to avoid validation errors.
Total Sales and Total Output Tax is computed automatically.
Click Save, and Add for next data to be encoded.

Encoding of Purchases

From  Purchase Transaction Menu, Choose the Taxable Month and Taxable Year then click Add/Update.

Purchase Data Entry Screen will appear, Click the Add Button and start encoding the ff. for each Purchase transaction:
     →T.I.N (is required), Registered Name (For Non-Individuals) / Last Name, First Name, or Middle Name for Individuals.
     →Substreet, Street, Barangay,  District/ City, Zip Code
     →Encode Exempt, Zero Rated, Capital Goods (if applicable)
     →Enter amount for Gross taxable
         Total Purchases, Taxable (Net of VAT), Services, Goods other than Capital Goods, and Total    Input Tax is computed automatically.

     →VAT rate value should be 10 or 12 only 

Click Save, and Add for next data to be encoded.

5. If done with encoding Sales or Purchases per month, EXIT and click Generate BIR File and Save.

6. To Validate for submission, double Click Relief Validation Icon⇉ 

 From Relief Validation Module, Choose what Month, Year and Transaction Type (Sales/ Purchases) then Click Validate File.
7. Open Relief Data file window will appear, choose what file to validate.
File Format: 
➦ Click Validate
➦ Click Select

The message \”Validation of file is successful\”  and a Notepad showing \”No Errors Encountered\” will appear.

Click Yes to submit as EFPS attachment.
8. You can now submit the attachments to:, and will receive a confirmation message saying that the received files is subject for validation.
Final message of  Validation Confirmation Receipt usually takes 2 to 3 days to receive.
And, you\’re DONE! Print the validation email for your reference. Please take note that submission of files should be done quarterly; not later than 25th day after each quarter.

161 thoughts on “How to Use BIR Relief Data Entry V2.2

  1. Hi, this easy step by step is very informative and helpful. Thank you so much!I have a question, you said that it takes 2 to 3 days to receive the Validation Report. What if it is more than 5 days and still I didn't receive any validation report, should I worry? Please advise


  2. Hi! It happened before when I filed 2550M, it took more than a week for the confirmation receipt. Maybe delayed lang, but as for my experience, never pa ako hindi naka receive ng confirmation reply.


  3. Yep, pwede kahit late. Hindi ko alam before that we have to submit until I received a letter from BIR for non compliance. Wala namang nakalagay na penalty, and we submitted for the previous year up to present.


  4. Hi pasensya na. Sa purchases po ba kasama yung Salaries of employees? Vat-Exempt po ba siya or as service? Tapos pano po kapag walang TIN?


  5. Hi po salamat po sa step by step guide ng VAT RELIEF na ginawa nyo, successful po yung validation. Now Im going to attach the DAT.file to my email, ask ko po anong SUBJECT ng email ko sa kanila? Sa sample po dito sa inyo —– TIN no./ SLP / quarter — tama po ba? ano po ibig sabihin ng SLP


  6. Hi! Hindi po kasama ang Salary, sa 1601C at 1702Q (other expenses) lang po yun ni rereport. Sa purchases purely materials lang dyan po kasi sila nag base sa input tax.


  7. Hi, just want to know..when encoding the quarterly purchases, do we have to create 3 files for the monthly purchases? I think i was doing wrong coz i always use the last month of the quarter to report all the purchases for the quarter. Please enlighten me 😀 Thanks in advance.


  8. This is very helpful.Btw, the penalty for non-submission is 6250 per quarter or maximum of 25k. I think di naman lalabas yung unless you need tax clearance and makita nila yan


  9. Pag wala din sales or purchases for the month, walang report na magegenerate. So hindi kailangan mag submit for that month. Since quarterly submission, submit lang kung ano yung meron for the quarter.


  10. Ask ko lang if pwede ba magsubmit kapag eemail na SLP and SLS in one email or kailangan na separate yung emails for purchases and sales for the quarter


  11. Hi kailangan ba separate yung sa sales and purchase kapag eemail na siya or pwede magkasama yung sales and purchases na attachment for a quarter?


  12. Hi po…tanong ko lang po, ano po ba dapat ilagay na TIN kung branch na po yung pinagbihan? Kasi po it should be 9 digit lang po diba. Thanks in advance.


  13. per receipt po ba yung encoding or per business? and pano po yng sa sales kung di alam ytung tin kasi various customers naman,,


  14. You dont need to import files. copy mo lang yung mga .exe file nung na-install mo yung new version sa target folder mo. ver 2.3 na po ang latest version


  15. Kapag nakapagsubmit na po ba ng Vat Relief online, kailangan pa ba mag submit ng hard copy sa BIR office? salamat.


  16. Ask po ako ulit, kasi pag submit ko po ng vat relief nagreply nman po ng confirmation na na-receive nila yung slsp namin, pero til now yung validation confirmation receipt wala pa rin po. Okay lang po ba if ever di talaga ma-sent sa amin yung validation confirmation receipt? salamat.


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