How To Pay Philhealth Employer Remittance through BPI Bizlink

We usually pay our Employer remittance via Collecting Agent – the CIS Bayad Center option, but this time our payment form was declined, and was told that I needed to get a certificate of exemption. I was instructed to get one from the Philhealth office. I cannot understand what she meant by this, as I asked further questions as to why and for what reason, the cashier can’t explain clearly.
So, I visited Philhealth website and learned that all employers are now required to enroll their EPRS accounts at any accredited agents interlinked with EPRS to be able to remit premium online. And what I needed to do first is to download an updated EPRS certificate for this new mandate.
Under Philhealth Circular No. 2020-0008, All employers in the Government and Private Sector are required to Pay Premium Contributions through the Online Payment facility of the Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS).
Thus, I chose to pay online thru BPI Bizlink option.
Here are the steps that I did on Remitting the Online Payment Contributions for Employers via BPI Bizlink:
1. Download the prerequisite EPRS Certificates at the Philhealth portal.
Under Contribution, click Login and a pop-up message will appear, then click the “download the EPRS certificates” link.
Once downloaded, double click the EPRS Online Certificate.pfx file and follow the steps indicated on the certificate import wizard.  Open client_password.txt file when asked for the password for the private key.
2. You can now login to Philhealth Electronic Premium Remittance System.
Under Payment Management and Payment Posting, select Online Payment and choose BPI Bizlink.
3. Lastly, use the Maker and Authorizer account on your BPI Bizlink.

You will be redirected to BPI Bizlink and login your Maker account. After that, login to your Authorizer account to approve the transaction. It will debit the payment once processed and you will receive a notification email when the payment is successful.

And that’s it! at long last, hassle-free payment na without transaction fee! 😁

17 thoughts on “How To Pay Philhealth Employer Remittance through BPI Bizlink

  1. I followed the steps po dito, pero kapag click ko ng BPI Bizlink sa eprs nakalagay PEN is not enrolled to a corporation. Please relog and try again!

    Paano po gagawin dun?


  2. I followed the steps, after clicking online payment then bizlink i was redirected to bizlink website and enter the authorizer account but there is no file to be approved. Upon checking eprs its says that it was already sent for payment. Can someone help me? Thanks.


    1. When I first tried bizlink payment, I was redirected for payment confirmation and use Authorizer account and it push through. The second time payment, I experienced this and use the maker account first to authorize and then login to Authorizer account to approve. Will update my steps then. 😀


      1. Waiting for the update po of on how you did your online philhealth payment on bizlink po. Thanks for the infos your sharing.


  3. Ask ko lang po sa Bizlink po kase may existing na po ako sa Bizlink kase dun yung BIR ko same lang po ba yung Corporate Code ko sa Philhealth, SSS at Pag-ibig?nagpay na po ako sa Philhealth pero wala pa po email sa akin pumasok po ako s aBizlink namin pero wala po ako iaapproved bakit po kaya


  4. I experienced this and use the maker account first to authorize philhealth and then login to Authorizer account to approve. but it says no record found,please help


  5. hi po question lang po nagawa ko na po yung part ko as a maker sa bizlink ng philheath ganunlang po yun dina need ng approver kasi chinect ko sa philheath portal payment already sent wala pa naman akong nilagay na details dun sa portal ng bizlink hindi kattulad ng sa pag ibig click ko pa yung acct no. tpos attached file yung file generator.


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