Discover Rent Prices at Portland, OR

I wrote here before about the Top 3 Fun hangout Spots in Portland, the largest city in Oregon. Portland is home to some of the best entertainment venues and hangout spots in the entire country. So if you are thinking of getting a taste of the weekend fun and spend time in an amazing atmosphere of the place has to offer, you should check it out to know what locations you should look to.

The city straddles the Willamette River and is considered by many as one of the most advantageous places to live in the United States. If you are curious about the housing units for rent in Portland, you can use Zumper to easily search rates for houses, rooms, condos, or apartments.

Whatever draws you to visiting or moving to Portland, it is best to make a well-informed decision in facing the real estate market. Over the past month, the average rent for a studio apartment in Portland increased by 4% to $1,200. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment remained flat, and the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment increased by 5% to $1,793.

As per Zumper, the average rent for a 1-bedroom  apartment is currently $1,400. Compared to last year, the average rent price has remained flat.

You can instantly search with the help of filter by location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity. And can easily submit digital rental applications and credit reports with its screening service, powered by TransUnion™. The rental data for Portland, OR is updated weekly. You can set an alert to get notifications so you’ll always see new rentals on Zumper first.

Here’s the Top Important Things to consider when renting an apartment to fit your budget and lifestyle:

1. Price

Get the typical rental rates on the neighborhood to know the market.

2. Quality

You can click ‘request tour’ and enter your availability details to set-up your tour schedule to learn more. Some offers convenient live online video tours. Ask about healthy and safety issues like bug problems, rodents, leaky faucets, molds, rust, or any issues that the landlord needs to be fixed. Better to be clear on this one

3. Neighborhood

Assess the general age and demographics of the community and its safety.

4. Pet policy

This is very important if you have a pet or planning to get one.

5. Utility costs

This should be clearly lay out to know what’s to cover on top of the rent.

6. Amenities

Choose the amenities that would fit your lifestyle.

The most affordable neighborhoods in Portland are Wilkes where the average rent can go for $868 a month, Centennial for an average of $895 a month, and Mill Park for an average of $925 a month.

By carefully comparing the prices and what it offers, you can make good judgement in getting a lease agreement.

Common Types of Resilient Flooring and its Pros and Cons

As per Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), “Resilient Flooring is a non-textile floor that provides underfoot comfort. It is anything that is NOT carpet, hardwood, or laminated, stone, ceramic, or concrete. It refers to the floor coverings that are firm but has a certain amount of ‘bounce-back’ and are considered a durable type of flooring for residential and commercial space.

The three most common types of Resilient Flooring are:

  1. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) – This is the common standard traditional vinyl flooring that is made of polyvinyl chloride resins and calcium carbonate (PVC).
  • cost-effective
  • thinnest core (4mm or less)
  • can be glued down or installed with click-locking systems

2. Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – this is an upgrade from LVT. A rigid vinyl floor that is a combination of polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, plasticizers, wood pulp, and a foaming agent.

  • ideal for settings where people are const.
  • provides additional padding with more sound without the use of additional backing
  • easily installed with a glue-less, click-locking systems without the need of an underlayment.

3. Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) – Made of 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers, these floors are extremely strong and are the most durable, waterproof vinyl flooring on the market.     

  • provides a hardest rigid core but only 3.2-7mm
  • more resistant to damage from impact or heavy weights
  • top of the line in rigid floors
  • most realistic looks that may have people wondering whether it’s real wood or stone
  • Engineered to withstand heavy traffic with minimal damage

For today’s consumers, vinyl flooring is a popular choice due to its extreme versatility and wide variety of colors and styles. Moreover, because it is resistant to water, mildew, and stains. Spills are not an issue with resilient flooring because the liquid stays on the surface and can be easily wiped away.

In choosing what’s the best fit for your place, Mannington Commercial can help you know more about raising your resilient flooring IQ. They offer a helpful resilient flooring guide that will tell you the life cycle impacts of a product and its pros and cons. Here are the basics:

Pros and Cons of Resilient Flooring

Ceramic tiles crack, solid hardwood flooring swells when wet, and laminates de-laminate. Every type of flooring has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, including resilient flooring:


  • Durability. Some linoleum installed over decades can still be wearing strong.
  • Flexibility. It is capable of bridging and riding over minor bumps and edges that would crack the surface.
  • Affordability. It is the cheapest floor coverings in the market.
  • Comfortability. Its flooring is soft enough to stand on over long periods.


  • Indentations. Appliance feet such as table legs can create small pressure points that can permanently indent the flooring. That is why it is it is always best to put floor glides under the pointed legs of the table and chair.
  • Inconsistent Value. There are premium, high-quality vinyl brands and low-quality vinyl squares that can wear down and peel away. This represents the buyer’s highs and lows of the value perception.
  • Rubber flooring can be recycled but NOT vinyl and linoleum.

Resilient Flooring was engineered for comfort, flexibility, and design. You can have the perfect material of your choice if you know you’ve got the right product in the right application.

“I Wish That I Thought Differently”

Dear Survivor,

Guess what??? You’re not a helpless little girl anymore.

I know it has been difficult adapting to the challenges that this coronavirus outbreak has brought all over the world. Everyone is doing their best to overcome this considerable degree of fear and worry as the pandemic continues to rapidly sweep and affect our lives.

It was completely devastating to witness people who started losing their sanity and the rising levels of loneliness, depression, and self-harm or suicidal behavior. Moreover, the shock and grief that consumes you after knowing that some people you personally knew have lost a family member to suicide or the virus itself.

If there’s a single thing that you would fit in and worth advocating for, it is to support mental health awareness. I know you have this toxic trait of not speaking up and instantly distancing yourself whenever you are feeling huge emotion that makes you catch your breath and lose sleep with anxiety and worry. But I also knew that you are able to bounce back stronger, every single time!

Remember, your only dream before was to find the courage to speak up and communicate your feelings? And as you grow older, you came to realized that what had happened in the past silenced you and made you anxious about almost everything? You are confused, irritated, angry, scared, startled easily, ashamed, and have negative thoughts and beliefs as a child. You are shattered even before you see the beauty of this world.

You do not have a better understanding of where all “those” emotions were coming from. You burst into tears alone whenever you have flashbacks of those unwanted memories. The worst part? It is not a single incident. It repeatedly happened until you reached your teenage years. In. Every. Chance. He. Can. Get. Sexual assault was something that’s too embarrassing to discuss. Those unwanted touches alone make you resist talking about what had happened. Why? You never want to go through that every detail, again. When you are instructed not to tell it to anyone? confused, but the 7-year-old you willingly obliged. Typically, the abuse came from someone you knew. A relative who is welcome inside your home, a close relative you have at family gatherings. It is a painful and traumatic family secret that even your sisters and cousins encountered and were forced to keep. That is how your old generation handled it.

Remember how you cope? You cope singing worship songs at church even if it means going alone. It is like pouring your heart out because only God sees your pain. You cope telling yourself that you are still lucky you did not end up getting raped. But still, it felt disgusting.

Do you recall the 11-year old you who curled up on the corner, heart pounding fast, and was too scared because you are left alone at home? He was trying to convince you to open the door, saying mom has left a message for you. You are too worried and scared. What if he successfully breaks in?! You felt relieved that he gives up trying. Good thing you are growing up and knew better at the time. You also physically grow up that you were able to protect your own self in every encounter.

But what you fail to protect was your feelings. It manifested a lasting effect on you. Sometimes you are okay, and the other time not. You are drowning with depression and cry your heart out and nobody knew. You become highly emotional. You struggle to manage your feelings. You struggle to maintain relationships even before they get started. You always run. You avoid emotional conversations and fail to express how you truly feel. You turn your back from everything whenever you experience recurrent flashbacks and unexplainable emotions. You create difficult scenarios in your head and wind up alone. You detached yourself because you overthink too much and refused to be a burden. And from overthinking comes a feeling of unworthiness and distrust. You ache for a lot of reassurance.

During those times, no amount of inspirational quotes or “this too shall pass” ever worked. What you needed is time alone, distancing yourself to regain your sense of self-control. And as you bounce back, the world is still waiting for a fresh start with people who choose to stay even if you kept on pushing them away.

But, you know what? I know you never quite fully heal. I can tell because it still weighing you down. You are still afraid to be alone with your thoughts because it repeatedly comes back. You still cry, a lot. And I am telling you now, learn to accept and release all your pain. The problem is, you are still insisting to deserve a better past rather than accepting what had happened. You still wished that it should have happened differently. You still wished that your younger self has someone who sits in with you and helps you NOT to suppressed all your pain and emotions.

Healing requires a lot of work and effort. You are now brave enough to share this struggle and advocate overcoming mental health challenges. I say I see you, and I’m here. 💙

Now go and help the world normalize seeking help for a mental health professional to heal and stabilize emotions. Together, let’s learn how to communicate and reach out. Remind everyone that we need to keep going and keep on surviving whatever life throws at us. We got this.

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia’s “Write to Ignite Blogging Project Season 2: Dear Survivor”. The initiative continues to respond to the need of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crisis.  The initiative aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities to inspire the nation to rise and move forward amidst the difficult situation. The “Write to Ignite Blogging Project” Season 2 is made possible by ComCo Southeast Asia, with Eastern Communications and Jobstreet as co-presenters, with AirAsia and Xiaomi as major sponsors, and with Teleperformance as sponsor.

The Benefits of Playing Games for both Kids and Adults

There are several ways to ease stress and that includes playing games as a cheap form of entertainment at home. If you enjoy playing games, then you are allowing yourself to have an effective stress reliever that provides immediate comfort.

Truly, what works for one person might not work for another. Some may consider meditation, sports or exercise rather than playing games. But whatever way it might be, you are doing yourself a huge favor for prioritizing your well being.

This pandemic takes toll in our emotional and mental health, and had devastating impact even for young children. As we all have limited activities, kids nowadays turn to playing computer games or keeping it busy with their gadgets. Similar to a lot of aspects, the key is moderation. Parents should place limits of time spent on screen. We also need to constantly remind them (including ourselves!) to take a break and follow the 20-20-20 rule, that is, “rest your eyes for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes by looking at something 20 feet away” to avoid eye strain”.

Surprisingly, there are known benefits of playing games which includes:

  • Healthy brain stimulation
  • Development of problem-solving skills
  • Stress relief

Again, stress relief! At this time, due to changes and restricted activities, let us allow ourselves to off load those negative emotions and fatigue by playing games. Our whole family actually, are into gaming as our way to de-stress. A few rounds of our favorite games can make us feel competence and relaxed, yet everything must be done in moderation. Playing games shouldn’t interfere with academics, work, household chores and physical activities.

When it comes to game type, I like simple ones like mind and word games. I also like similar to Bomber Man and Super Mario which takes me back to childhood and provides a nostalgic vibe while husband likes playing “Mobile Legends” with his friends. My 3rd grader loves playing war games, the likes of Kingdom Defense game, and yes, Plants vs. Zombies and works really hard to pass the levels.

On the other hand, my 8th grader prefers challenging and relaxing game. It’s different with my growing teen, he stayed on his own room and spend time alone enjoying his privacy.

When asked to describe what’s his kind of game, he then enumerated and described the following games that he’s playing for FREE at

(NOTE: game review on his own words, unedited)

1. Minigolf World Mini Golf Game has very straightforward and easy controls and beautiful graphics and animation. It is unique because it has expansive course and you get to experience the terrain like nearby woods, lakes, and trees. It sets the mood for relaxation. and the back ground music is helping make things more relaxing. 

You must exert a lot of force while figuring out the best angle. If you want to make a shot again, you can press the redo circle button on the upper right of the screen. This game is challenging but relaxing. One of the most challenging aspects of the game is getting your ball on higher ground. It needs a lot of trials and error and patience.

2. 2 Minutes to Escape Game. This is timed Scrolling platform. The game has a nice Retro Pixels vibe and the controls are pretty easy. The tutorial does a pretty nice way of explaining and gives you all the things you need to know to finish a level. The game is very difficult and challenging and it needs a lot of focus, timing and patience. It is fun because of that and I’ll definitely replay this game if I have some extra levels i need to perfect. The game is original and the design is pleasing to the eyes and very basic and  you need to escape the ship in 120 as the name says it. It’s very important to define your strategy to get your character to the exits on the dot. Expect to play through the entire course several times before you clear the base in two minutes.

3. 8 Bit Dungeon Knight Game. While this game resembles classic role-playing games (RPGs), it is actually a puzzle game. Adding to the RPG flavor of this puzzle game is the presence of power-ups. You need this power-ups to defeat powerful enemies the hero needs to take these power ups to bolster their attack. The game is not that difficult it just needs patience and thinking and strategy which makes the game really fun. The layout of the level and the design is nice and basic the background music really gives out the dungeon vibe and the sound effects feels really  satisfying. But playing the game too much and speed running it can really make you tired because when you try to walk you can’t hold the move button and you have to press it multiple times and since the layout is kinda big it can really be tiring sometimes. You just need a couple of breaks while playing the game.

That goes our conversation now, it’s mostly about games as he spent most of his time on it. I can tell that those games can inspire the kids to be more persistent and to keep on trying. Playing games can teach them to learn from their mistakes as they make progress to reach their goal. Those missteps was somehow considered a learning opportunity to work towards their goal and be more confident in achieving it.

Studies have shown that playing games regularly may boost brain connectivity, memory, perception, and spatial navigation. Gamers are more likely to have good social skills and can build better relationships with others due to social and collaborative fundamentals to some types of games.

So yeah, playing games can truly provide concrete benefits in real life. 🙂

Improve The Strength of the building with Retrofitting

To make the buildings “earthquake safe”, the key ingredients are lateral stiffness and strength. There are simplified procedure in evaluating the two which requires calculation of reduction coefficient and analytical and experimental investigations.

Retrofitting is technical interceding in structural system of a building that improve the resistance to earthquake by enhancing the strength, adaptability and earthquake loads. The strength of the building is generated from the structural dimensions, materials, shape, and number of structural elements.

The resiliency of the building is generated from good detailing, materials used, degree of seismic resistant, and other considerable factors. Earthquake load is generated from the site seismicity, mass of the structures, important of buildings, and degree of seismic resistant. Due to the variety of structural condition of building, it is hard to develop typical rules for retrofitting. Every building has different approaches depending on the structural deficiencies.

Clearly, this evaluation can only be certified by highly expert structural engineers who have long-term experience when it comes to soft story retrofit.

Ordinance 183893 requires the retrofit of pre-1978 wood-frame soft-story buildings and non-ductile concrete buildings. The goal of the said mandatory retrofit programs, is to reduce these structural deficiencies and improve the performance of these buildings during earthquakes. Without proper strengthening, these vulnerable buildings may be subjected to structural failure during or after an earthquake.

The following are the catagories in retrofitting process:

1. Assessment and Analysis

In decision-making measures, vulnerability assessment plays an important role. The purpose of carrying this out is to analyze an existing building to determine the level of risk associated with loss of serviceability and grave damage or collapse. With the risk quantified, wise decisions can be made as to whether the buildings should be retrofitted or replaced.

2. Design of Retrofitting Techniques

The retrofitting approach adopted should consider the degree of seismic resistance required for the buildings. The buildings must be designed to provide enough strength and ductility when subjected to earthquake forces. It should also be noted that the buildings must be designed for a certain acceptable damage level. For school buildings, the buildings must not have structural damage due to earthquake.

The chosen approach is simple and economical to apply. In designing the retrofitting approach, the techniques should be compatible to the skill of the workers.

3. Construction and Implementation

The construction of the buildings should consider duration of construction. The process must be supervised intensively to ensure the quality of works.

Improve the flexural capacity, by casting a new chord member integral with the slab after removing the edge of diaphragm slab and reducing the flexural stress by providing additional vertical-resisting elements.

To do so, a team of highly experienced engineers that specialized in retrofit build and design can provide the most optimized and cost-efficient retrofit solutions. It is always best to get the services of engineering and construction team that provides smart solutions and efficient design and construction techniques. In this way, the beginning to the accomplishment of the projects is fully supported.

Like Bennet Schwartz, Network and Start Your Business!

Starting a business requires a lot of time, effort and energy. Achieving success wasn’t a one time endeavor but rather considered a day to day challenge. Most small businesses take at least 2-3 years to be profitable and become truly successful once they reach the 7-10 year mark.

Many fear that they can’t overcome obstacles, and that’s the one thing that keeps them from starting and having their own businesses. A variety of support, resources, and reduced start-up cost are readily available for aspiring entrepreneurs, but it’s not always that simple. Difficulties will always exist, and the key to success is to keep on trying to have a good fight and always win it.

Here’s the 5 Biggest Barriers to break to Start A Business

1. The No Money Barrier

It’s still possible to start with a small investment. We have to be a little creative to fund our business. Mouth marketing and active networking can be a good start. You can also consider financing options like small business loans, grants, and use of personal savings and credit cards.

2. No Time to Start A business

A successful business owner should master time management. An entrepreneur knows which task to prioritize, how much time to allocate for each job, and what to delegate.

3. No Health Benefits scare

Quitting your corporate job removes you from your safety net and all the health benefits package. Health assistance should remain a top priority. In this case, getting health insurance specifically designed for small business owners is an option to take if you desire to be a start-up entrepreneur.

4. No Family Support

Take time to explain the business and build a solid business plan to gain support from family and friends. If you can show how you have taken the time to think it through the process and minimize the risks, they will be more supportive.

5. No Confidence in Your Abilities

The biggest obstacle to overcome is yourself. We must conquer our fear and turn it into a challenge that can motivate us to grow and to continue learning.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Once you overcome those barriers, it’s time to practice the Entrepreneur Mindset. Here’s some of the approach to consider that can help you face the challenges and mistakes to your entrepreneurial adventures:

Reach out to customers first

Reach out to prospect and establish a connection. Be consistent in delivering information and use testimonials to bolster reputation and market through social media.

Find a new market to existing product

Add new promotions or modify existing strategies to extend the existing product and increase revenue.

Use Networking to build your business

First,  measure the return on investment you are getting from your networking efforts. Second, make sure you give something of value first when making connections instead of beginning by asking for something. The importance of networking is crucial, creative leader Bennet Schwartz successfully took his creative career to the next level through networking.

Similar to career and business, you have to be proactive, resourceful, and always be happy to exchange business cards and contacts.

Keep Control of Your Vision

Always plan your work. Not only having a business plan but your daily action to maximize time and stick to your vision. Ease the strain by prioritizing, delegating or outsourcing.

Always Maintain Quality Control

Set the product’s quality standards, review results and make improvements. Get helpful feedback to know the focus of quality assurance.

There are tons of business how to’s and proven strategies to take, but nothing beats the experience and lesson we learn through the building process. The first step is to take a leap of faith and start now. Focus on the following question: What is the purpose of your business? Who are you selling to? What are your end goals? How will you finance your startup costs? You can answer all these questions and start writing your business plan. The key is to START.

Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs’ Solutions on Improving Eye Health

Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs is a team of health professionals with a revolutionary approach to natural supplements. They help educate people on how to effectively take care of themselves with new tools and techniques to improve health and well- being.

They offer doctor-formulated supplements to provide whole-body solutions from usual to the most frustrating health concerns. Backed-up by medical researched, they offer natural ingredients in natural remedies for the following categories:

  • Heart health
  • Blood sugar
  • Hair regrowth
  • Hearing
  • Longevity
  • Joint health
  • Men’s health
  • Mental health
  • Weight loss
  • Immune support and
  • Vision

From the above categories, improving vision is what I personally want to achieve right now. Yesterday, I have my eyesight checked and my astigmatism worsen from 0.5 diopters to 100. Meaning from mild, it becomes moderate. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the slowly deterioration of vision quality needs to be addressed.

Astigmatism is a common vision problem that is caused by irregularly shaped cornea. The lens of the eye or the cornea, which is the front surface of the eye, has an error due to irregular curve. This causes blurry, fuzzy, or distorted vision.

With a rounder shape, the eye can properly control the amount of light that enters, making it easier to see clearly. An irregularly-shaped eye, however, means that the light that enters is unevenly distributed, thus resulting in blurred vision.

It can occur in children and adults. There’s no known causes of astigmatism, but genetics is a big factor. You have a high risk of developing astigmatism if you have any of the following:

  • a family history of astigmatism or other eye disorders, such as keratoconus (degeneration of the cornea)
  • scarring or thinning of your cornea
  • excessive nearsightedness, which creates blurry vision at a distance
  • excessive farsightedness, which creates blurry close-up vision
  • a history of certain types of eye surgery, such as  cataract surgery (surgical removal of a clouded lens)

The methods for astigmatism treatment includes: wearing corrective lenses, Orthokeratology /Ortho-K, and surgery. I have long been recommended for a LASIK surgery but needs to prioritize other expenses first and choose to settle on wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses.

If you are like me who struggle from astigmatism and other vision problems like blurriness, poor night-time vision, or eye floaters, then we must definitely take into serious consideration the habit of eating foods that can help improve our eyesight.

By doing so, the goal is improve our vision without spending much on optometrist, to have eye surgery or new prescriptions every year, or new contacts every year. Science has shown that there are types of foods that we can eat to improve our vision, and there are dietary patterns that we can follow. It is best to know what food nutrients we should take that can benefit the eyes.

Here’s the Nutrients that Will Optimized Eye Health:

1. Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Lutein & Zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants, it also work to protect eyes from free radical damage. Eat foods like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, bok choy, spinach and squash.

2. Vitamin A

This vitamin plays a crucial role in vision by maintaining a clear cornea. It is also a component of rhodopsin, a protein in the eyes that allows you to see in low light conditions.

Good sources of Vitamin A includes bilberry, rose hip tea, squash and spinach.

3. Vitamin C

This vitamin contributes to a healthy blood vessels. High amounts of vitamin C are also found in many fruits and vegetables, including bell peppers, citrus fruits, guavas, kale, and broccoli.

4. Omega 3 and fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty Acids, EPA and DHA helps maintain eye functions. The best dietary source of EPA and DHA is oily fish. Additionally, omega-3 supplements derived from fish or microalgae are widely available.

5. Gamma- Linolenic Acid

GLA  is an omega-6 fatty acid found in small amounts in the modern diet. It is known as the most powerful health-promoting omega-6, and is found in evening primrose oil, borage seed oil, hemp oil and black currant seed oil.

6. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble antioxidants that protect fatty acids from harmful oxidation.

The retina has a high concentration of fatty acids, that is why adequate vitamin E intake is important for optimal eye health. The best dietary sources of vitamin E include almonds, sunflower seeds, and vegetable oils like flaxseed oil.

7. Zinc

Our eyes contain high levels of zinc.

Zinc is a part of many essential enzymes, including superoxide dismutase, which functions as an antioxidant. It is involved in the formation of visual pigments in the retina. For this reason, zinc deficiency may lead to night blindness.

Natural dietary sources of zinc include oysters, meat, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts.

In addition, healthy lifestyle habits, such as a wholesome diet and regular exercise, can help prevent many chronic diseases — including eye conditions. We must all pay attention with our eye health and make sure to get enough of the nutrients listed above to improve vision.

There are also alternatives to take like concentrated supplements that are packed with lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C, proanthocyanadins, and vitamin A foods that we all need to help maintain good eyesight.

Getting A Private LTE For Your Business?

Mobile marketing is such a powerful digital strategy that connects business to consumers. Brand campaigns and promos are effectively sent out using one global cloud-based communications platform. In this way, they can easily earn customer’s loyalty and meaningful mobile engagement are delivered.

Thru this, a brand story can constructively resonates a way with audience and can have better understanding on brand’s engagement efforts. Evidently, Private Cellular Networks, which includes Private LTE becomes the best option for wireless networking.

Any organization can build and operate their own private LTE network if needed. It just require a scope, network infrastructure equipment and edge devices to access this network tool.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Private Enterprises: Practically any type of organization – manufacturing company, mining company, university, transportation agency, utility, etc. – can install and operate a private LTE or 5G network to provide connectivity to their factory, mine, campus, airport, or utility service area. To do this, the organization needs:

  • Wireless spectrum purchased from the government, or provided to them by an MNO or third party spectrum provider. They can also use unlicensed spectrum or spectrum that is “shared,” like CBRS spectrum in the U.S.
  • LTE or 5G infrastructure — base stations, mini-towers, small cells, and other equipment — purchased from network infrastructure equipment providers.
  • Smartphones, embedded modules, routers, gateways, and other edge devices with SIM cards and modems to connect to their private LTE or 5G network. 

Businesses are shifting to cloud applications, and traditional telcos haven’t exactly providing a reliable service to enterprises. In handling over the wireless network to one of those companies seems like a big leap of faith and has far more risk than reward.

So should you consider a Private LTE for your business?

A comprehensive understanding should be made in considering getting one. A big issue to discuss is data ownership. When a network operator sells a service to a business, it owns the data. If the business wants to analyze the data, it must then buy its own data back.

Network data has become a critical asset for digital businesses for use cases ranging from inventory management to customer experience and, most recently, contact tracing. The ability to take WiFi data and dig it a hundred ways is one of the big advantage of WiFi. If the 5G operators are going to be serious enterprise vendors, this problem must be resolved.

Due to the specialized equipment required, private LTE is more expensive. But for many businesses they are the best solution. For example, a hospital needs all of the healthcare equipment and facility computers to be connected to an absolutely trustworthy network. Healthcare organizations are held to some of the highest standards for ensuring the security and privacy of patient data. The consequences for a network failure are also drastically high for such organizations, where even seconds of downtime could cost lives.

Though not as extreme, airports, stadiums, and other venues have similar set ups – and for security and bandwidth reasons, want their internal equipment kept separate from the Wi-Fi network the general populace uses. The advancements in private networks offers the same performance and security benefits. It also offers new opportunities and the following features:

  • wider network capability
  • new administrative controls
  • flexibility for equipment location
  • other new possible configurations

Overall, making a private LTE as the incredible tool for business depends entirely on understanding the specific situation and business needs. The success lies on whether having this automation aligns on beneficial business goals.

Options for New Windows

It’s that old standard fate that most homeowners have to face at some point: the prospect of needing new windows in your house.

Ah, it’s a fun time, isn’t it? The cold drafts in the winter, the rain dripping into your living space, the fact that you can hear everything going on outside as clear as day: good stuff!

Unfortunately, sometimes, if you want to save on Banff homes for sale, you might have to take a fixer-upper and then update the broken things later.

When it comes to windows, you don’t have just one option. Let’s cover a few of the window types you can get to level-up your house.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is your standard option for new windows. They’re relatively inexpensive, highly energy-efficient, and resistant to the sun’s damaging UV rays. They’re also airtight when installed correctly and require just about no maintenance.

Vinyl windows will definitely satisfy your need to keep your expensive indoor air inside, and they’ll last about 20 years or more. You can’t go wrong with a good vinyl window.

Photo by Olivier Bergeron on Unsplash

Wooden Windows

Good old wood. Many people agree that wood looks highly aesthetically pleasing, but there are pros and cons to everything. Wooden windows look rustic and natural, lending your home a more traditional appearance. Of course, wood is environmentally sound and can be easily recycled. Wood is also excellent as an insulator and works well to keep outside sounds from infiltrating your home.

However, the downsides are that wood can warp over time from harsh weather conditions and is also susceptible to termites. You also have to upkeep your wooden windows with new paint, staining, and general cleaning. You’ll pay more for wooden windows than you would for vinyl, but make no mistake: wood will do the job well if you provide the proper care.

Fiberglass Windows

Last is fiberglass, that modern material made of reinforced glass fibers. You won’t have to maintain fiberglass windows at all. They can be made to resemble wooden windows if you like the traditional look. Fiberglass is so strong that no amount of harsh weather will warp it or wear it down. Fiberglass windows will insulate your house from cold winters and hot summers with their foam-filled interiors, making them a great investment.

Actually, their cost is one of the only disadvantages. You’ll pay more, but the return you get will be incredible. Also, fiberglass windows don’t come in as many options as other window types, but if you don’t care about that, then fiberglass windows are one great way to go.

Embark On Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas!

Home improvement projects has surged amidst pandemic. Homeowners used their extra time at home to upgrade their space for a more relaxing feel. The demand on home improvement rebounded much more during this time from DIY projects to major renovation upgrades.

Adding value to home and enhancing the cozy vibe becomes a thing that increases our enjoyment while staying at home. While this pandemic has had its major effects in our lives and takes toll in our emotional well-being, it opened a new window for home updates that creates excitement as a new way to cope with anxiety. Pandemic home projects can bring numerous mental health benefits as it can brighten up your mood or allows you to do a little exercise.

This transformation project can add a feeling of comfort and sense of control. So, If you are feeling good about this, think of it as moving of funds. The money that’s usually spent on dining out and leisure, becomes the fund for a more thrilling upgrade! Surprisingly, this is the best time to embark on that long lost plan on home improvements.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Why not go on a full home remodeling if budget permits? But then if you have a limited budget, then you can opt to prioritize a room to redesign to make it more appealing, and organized.

If you are contemplating on a bathroom remodel, Here’s 10 Indicators Why You Should Go for it:

  1. A bathroom in a good condition will add up value to a house
  2. For safety reasons
  3. The plumbing needs to be fixed
  4. Efficiency and sustainability
  5. It’s outdated
  6. Mold and mildew are increasing
  7. The need for more storage/ space
  8. Add up features to suit family’s needs
  9. Need protective layers for the walls.
  10. Needs more aesthetic appeal

Also, Here’s the 9 Ideas to consider to get you started in your bathroom makeover:

  1. Install a freestanding bathtub
  2. Select an undermount sink
  3. Upgrade your toilet
  4. Consider a medicine cabinet
  5. Add steam to your shower
  6. Change color palette
  7. Prioritize lighting
  8. Install a ventilation fan
  9. Put up storage solutions

Whether if it’s just in time to remodel or you are simply unhappy and wanting to transform its looks; it is certainly a good investment. You can never go wrong from design updates to making it more functional. You’ll never regret making it your happy space. After all, it’s the first room to go when you wake up and start your day.

Making the bathroom extra appealing creates a luxurious self-care moment that we all deserve during this unprecedented time. You can get inspiring design ideas from those drool-worthy hotels you’ve been to or design boards from Pinterest that best suits your lifestyle.