5 Things Anne Does At Home (That You Can Do, Too!)

If you’re from the Philippines and watch TV or use the internet, then you’ll most likely know who Anne Curtis is. She’s one of the country’s biggest stars and has maintained a successful career from her teens to adulthood. Yes, she’s beautiful, but she’s also funny, kind, and talented. It’s no wonder people can’t get enough of her even after more than a decade in the spotlight!

However, just like everyone else who had to adjust to working from home, a big celebrity like Anne Curtis also experienced being confined to the four corners of her house (whether in the Philippines or in the land down under). Check out 6 activities that fill her day that you can try, too.

Pet love

Anyone who has a pet knows that hours can go by just by watching your little furry friends run around the house. With her adorable cat, Pixie, who Anne playfully refers to as the female version of Garfield, we can only imagine the hours that pass when they have their play time. You too can take a breather from work by hanging out with your own lovely pet.

Exercise never stops

Anne is known to be a fitness enthusiast. Even before the lockdown, she would join marathons here and abroad. Being at home hasn’t stopped her from filling her days with fitness activities. She even took it a step further and launched her own line of active wear! This is your sign to pick up those dumbbells, jump rope, or yoga mat, and kickstart (or restart) your fitness journey today.

Mommy-baby time

Anne is such a proud mama when it comes to her cute daughter, Dahlia. Who can blame her? Anne shares how she bonds with her little one at home to the delight of Dahlia’s growing number of adoring fans. If you are a new mom, too, or if you have young nephews and nieces, savor their early years and spend time watching them learn about the world around them.

Time to be the boss

Did we mention how talented Anne is? She and her sister-in-law, Solenn, just launched their own clothing line for kids while at home. From the conceptualization to their photoshoot, Anne managed to make it all happen without having to leave her house. If you feel your calling is to be the CEO of your own business, then all your extra time at home might be the thing you need to make that dream happen!

Salontastic at home

Anne is used to having a glam team around her or having a professional salon just one appointment away, but due to safety restrictions, that isn’t always the case today. But for Anne, being away from a physical salon doesn’t mean staying away from salon-level hair treatments, too. That’s because she has her go-to hair secret that gives her salon-level smooth and healthy hair right at home – Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner!

The best part is that you too can experience the same Salontastic benefits that come with every bottle of Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner for only ₱6! Take your pick from the three variants to best suit your hair needs. If you want to fight hair fall, it’s time strengthen hair from breakage* with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Biotin Strength Conditioner. If you want smoother, more manageable hair* for less hassle with your locks at home, then pick Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Keratin Smooth Conditioner. Or if like Anne, you want to repair your hair from the inside-out, then Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Collagen Repair Conditioner is the one for you.

*with system use versus non-conditioning shampoo

Check out Anne’s newest Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner video on YouTube to see how easy (and affordable!) it is to achieve Salontastic hair right at home! All variants of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner are available at the P&G official stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Using Social Media for Public Relations

“Social Media and PR goes hand in hand.”

Social media is now being used as the top PR platform, especially for younger generations. It is an imperative part of greater marketing strategy as it effectively distributes the intended message online in seconds.

It advances the Public Relations campaign by working alongside journalists, media outlets, and influencers to dive deep into industry research.

Social media has always been good for PR, it totally changed everything about the industry. It allows you to create your own buzz that is no longer bound by traditional PR restrictions. It surely gives everyone a massive surge of opportunity.

It helps to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness with so much efficiency. Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, have specific roles in targeting the desired audience. For instance, Twitter makes the ideal place for journalists to stay up to date and chase leads without wasting precious time on extraneous information due to its constant updates and low character counts.

Journalists and influencers engage audiences with their own style and craft to create a message that really sticks! It can reach a wider audience that can build brand awareness.

A brand story can be told in so many ways. By looking and prioritizing what matters most, who the audience is and how and where it needs to be told. PR work like Brandstyle, expertly crafted outcomes on behalf of great companies.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Here’s Creative Ways How Social Media and PR combine blogging, content marketing, and social media for PR to create a buzz:

  • Exposure on publishing content as contributor or guest blogger
  • Empower influencers to spread the word about the brand
  • Build an army of advocates with an ambassador program
  • Interact with journalists and publishers via Twitter
  • The use social media to boost press release strategy
  • Implement a social media crisis plan to stay positive when things go wrong
  • Putting together a hashtag campaign to cement brand identity
  • Engage audience via social to build strong relationships

Building positive press is attainable, and there are so many actionable steps to take to promote online, from influencers and guest posts, to simply rethinking and rebranding on social.

Social Media has metrics that can de analyzed to gain insights about the audience and their preferences. These information can help you identify strategies to take as a marketer in order to build meaningful relationships with customers.

With today’s technology, PR fulfill a strong relationship management in faster-paced in addressing demand for brands to support business initiatives. This is how powerful social media is, and will be in the coming years.

Women Empowerment Through Education

Women’s empowerment is defined in many ways including women’s perspective in building an effort to pursue effort in raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training.

With this, women may have the opportunity to redefine cultural norm on roles, which in turn may allow them more opportunity to pursue desired goals. It is a way of promoting women’s sense of morale and ability to have their own choices.

Education plays a very significant role in every one’s life. It is a human right and an essential tool for achieving equality. One of the major recommendations of the National Policy on Education in 1986 is to promote Empowerment of Women through education. Empowerment is self-governance, self-sufficiency and self-maintenance. The concept
of Women Empowerment was introduced at the International Women’s Conference at Nairobi in 1985. Empowerment is a process which includes:

  • Equal access to opportunities for using societies resources.
  • Prohibition of gender disparity
  • Freedom from violence
  • Economic independence Participation in all decision making bodies.
  • Freedom of choice in matters relating to one’s life.

Giving Women the tools to succeed is a fair opportunity that provides a capacity to analyze their capabilities and new roles. It is building up the aspiration to see a different and rewarding future. Education is considered as basic infrastructure for a wider academic attainment that includes personality development that uplift self-esteem, self-efficiency and skills to reach their full potential.

It creates a powerful impact that change lives. This is an essential achievement that can be attain amidst financial constraints with the help of scholarships and grants as the single biggest piece of the average student’s funding.

Good thing that scholarship providers like Nancy Etz, knew how to support women by granting extra funding source that can reduce the loans they may need to take out, leading to better financial circumstances later in life.

Expanding women’s economic opportunities through education, entrepreneurship, vocational training, and scholarships can equip women with the knowledge and skills to earn an income and break into higher-paid professionals.

Truly, education empowers all. With education and learning comes a better understanding of the right and wrong which inspires problem-solving skills. In the present times, where the world is already facing the consequences of global warming and climate change, it comes as a fool-proof remedy that education and learning can change ones’ perspective and help them unite together to find better alternatives, innovate for change and work towards saving the only planet we have to call home.

With the right education, we become more self-reliant, bridge socio-economic disparities and foster peace. The acquired values, knowledge, character, skills, and behaviors will live harmoniously in one’s self, to others, and the world we lives in.

Give your Baby’s #Skinmergency the Rapid Soothing Relief it needs with Aveeno Baby

Moms are at ease knowing that Aveeno Baby gives rapid soothing relief
for their babies very dry, itchy skin from 1st use

Manila, Philippines – This rainy season, our skin is extra vulnerable to triggers and irritations. Even babies are no exception to different skin conditions like Eczema. According to the Philippine Dermatological Society, Atopic Dermatitis is even more common among children as it usually starts before the child’s 5th birthday. Luckily, Aveeno Baby brings in exciting new products and new and improved formulations to help moms soothe and protect their baby’s sensitive skin!

“With around 65 years of experience in sensitive skin expertise, Aveeno has always been cognizant of the needs of mothers and the advances of scientific technology. Keeping this in mind, the brand has also evolved with the demands and preferences of its consumers” said Kat Suarez, marketing manager of Aveeno Philippines. “As the #1 Pediatrician-Prescribed Baby Brand for Sensitive Skin, we’re very happy to share the new and improved Aveeno Baby products with improved and even gentler formulations, ergonomically designed packaging, and upgraded visuals to reflect a modern look that resonates to moms today.” Aveeno Baby offers three product lines in order to cater to as much skin types or skin issues as possible: Daily Moisture, Soothing Relief, and Dermexa.

First, for babies with normal to dry skin, moms can use the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture line. Formulated with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, these products ensure to moisturize, protect, restore the pH skin balance, soothe, and cleanse baby’s sensitive skin.  Under this product line are the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion that protects and moisturizes baby’s sensitive skin for 24 hours, and the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Wash & Shampoo that gently cleanses and nourishes baby’s hair and sensitive skin.  The Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Wash & Shampoo has a new and improved formula that upgraded the fragrance to eliminate all known allergens and minimize potential skin sensitizations and allergic reactions. It also comes in smaller and bigger sizes – from 100ml to 532ml! Moms can have Aveeno Baby right by their side, no matter where they are.

Now for babies with very dry, itchy skin, Aveeno Baby offers the Soothing Relief Cream that provides rapid soothing relief for baby’s very dry, itchy skin from 1st use. With its Natural Colloidal Oatmeal + Portulaca Oleracea Extract formulation, it immediately helps soothe baby’s sensitive skin and enhances the skin’s moisture barrier to protect and hydrate baby’s very dry skin for 24 hours. This also now comes in a smaller size of 140g, making it handy to bring anywhere you go to ensure that you always have Aveeno Baby to give your baby soothing comfort from a #skinmergency or very dry, itchy skin.

Lastly, for babies with signs of Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema, Moms’ go-to rescue regimen for their baby’s #skinmergency consists of Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturizing Cream, that’s now available in the Philippines, and the Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash! Both are formulated with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal + Ceramides that’s clinically proven to relieve skin dryness, itchiness, redness,  tightness, and flaking. This formula also helps prevent the recurrence of extreme dryness from atopic or eczema-prone skin. In fact, both products are awarded with the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval. The Cleansing Therapy Wash also has a new and improved formula that is now sulfate-free and tear-free to further minimize any potential skin reactions or sensitization.

All Aveeno Baby formulations have been Triple Tested for gentleness by a pediatrician, dermatologist, and ophthalmologist. So, if you’re a mom with a baby that has sensitive skin, now’s the best time to try out all the new Aveeno Baby products according to your baby’s skin’s needs! Manage your baby’s #skinmergency by adding to cart now on Lazada, Shopee, Watsons, and J&J PH Chat & Shop to experience rapid soothing relief for baby’s very dry, itchy skin from 1st use!

The Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo is available in new 100ml for Php 150.00 SRP, 236ml for Php 330.00 SRP, and 532ml for Php 670.00 SRP. While the Daily Moisture Lotion is available in 227g for Php 295.00 SRP and 532ml for 625.00 SRP.  The Soothing Relief Cream is available in new 140g for Php 475.00 SRP and 227g for Php 690.00 SRP. Lastly, the Aveeno Baby Dermexa Cream is available in 141g for Php 779.00 SRP and the Cleansing Therapy Wash in 236ml for Php 599.00 SRP.

For more information on how to manage your #skinmergencies, visit Aveeno PH’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AveenoPH/, visit the website on https://www.aveeno.com.ph/ and follow Aveeno on their social media pages @aveenoph.

Cloud Encryption and Types of Encrypted Data

In the past few years, online data privacy has been one of the most known topics in the IT industry. With the continuous data transfer from analog to digital devices and applications, our data is compromised and becomes susceptible to risks and vulnerabilities.

And, the most effective way to data protection?

Cloud Encryption.

Cloud encryption is the process of encoding or converting data before it’s transferred to cloud storage. Encryption uses mathematical algorithms to transform data (plaintext), may it be a text,  file, code, or image, to an unreadable form (ciphertext) that can conceal it from unauthorized and malicious users. It is the simplest and most essential way to make sure that cloud data can’t be breached, stolen, and read by someone with an anomalous intention.

Cloud storage providers encrypt data and pass encryption keys to the users. These keys are used to safely decrypt data when needed. Decryption transforms the concealed data back into readable data.

The data that’s encrypted has three types: in transit, at rest and in use:

  • Data in Transit

An important portion of data in motion is encrypted automatically through the HTTPS protocol, which adds a security sockets layer (SSL) to the standard IP protocol. The SSL encodes all activity, ensuring that only authorized users can access the session details. As such, if an unauthorized user intercepts data transmitted during the session, the content would be meaningless. Decoding is completed at the user level through a digital key.

  • Data-at-rest

This is saved somewhere without being used or transferred to anyone or anywhere, which involves human beings, thirds-parties, software, among others. There are devices or units that this type of data can be stored or restrained. This includes database servers, system folders, mobile devices, USB pen drives, Network Attached Storage, local Hard Drives, and any physical or logical storage system. 

  • Data-in-use

The data is intended to be in use when it is not stored in external storage or hard drive but is processed by one or more applications. This means that it is in the process of being erased, affixed, updated, viewed, or generated. Basically, data in use are vulnerable to different kinds of threats and depending on who is able to access it or where it is located in the system. This kind of data is difficult to encrypt because it will possibly crash the application which has access to it.

Cloud encryption is necessary to secure and protect confidential information transmitted through the web. It makes sure that it sends the data to its intended user and not to malicious attackers.

Better encryption key management and access control can effectively delivers secure, centralized, and highly interoperable key and policy management across your enterprise or computing devices.

Choose better and eat better with COOP Fresh’s all-natural and organic selection

(MANILA, Philippines) – Over the past year, there has been a stronger preference for everything healthy and, naturally, it has led us to rethink our standards of what is good for us. Health is wealth and it can be achieved in even the smallest ways, like the food we eat. Recognizing this uptrend for healthier and cleaner options, online specialty grocer COOP Grocer has introduced its own line of all-natural and organic products: ranging from meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and ready-made food. Aptly called COOP Fresh, each item guarantees your food is non-GMO certified and was made with no growth hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, or pesticides. Additionally, all products are locally farmed from prime agricultural sites in Cavite, Laguna, Ilocos Norte, and Palawan—and its produce is freshly harvested every week using only natural fertilizers.

By working directly with local farmers, COOP Grocer effectively eliminates the middleman. This allows the company to offer competitive pricing for its customers and easier access to all-natural and organic items. When you shop the COOP Fresh catalogue, customers are assured of nothing but pure healthy goodness.

“We promote the use of affordable fresh produce for your everyday meals instead of going for highly processed or instant food. We have local produce at really affordable prices as we go straight to the source, but we also offer all-natural options if you’re more conscious of what you eat,” said Meileen Chang, COOP Grocer’s Brand Manager.

Offering 100% organic or 100% all-natural selections, COOP Fresh sets a premium standard for all health-conscious shoppers who can now save time from scrutinizing the ingredients lists and nutrition charts. Certified organic products guarantee that the animals used were only given hormone- and GMO-free feed and raised in an open range, sustainable environment. Natural, on the other hand, means that products were made with only all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Specific to its meat and seafood, all-natural assures that no MSG, additives, chemicals, or extenders of any kind were added in the preparation process.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset Processed with stamp

“Organic and natural products are used by farmers who practice good agricultural standards. When we eat meat filled with hormones or vegetables sprayed with pesticides, it eventually takes a toll on our bodies, leaving us more prone to sickness and diseases. That is why COOP Fresh is a welcome change for customers of COOP Grocer who have started to embrace a healthier way of eating,” added Chang.

Moreover, through the COOP Grocer website and app, the company eliminates the common obstacles of convenience and accessibility that health-conscious individuals face. Simply browse its wide selection of products, choose what you want, and click the checkout button at the end in one fluid and harmonious step – all from the palm of your hand.

With just a few swipes and clicks: you can enjoy a twist to your breakfast with all-natural cheese hotdogs, add some zest to your pork and chicken with organic pineapple slices, healthfully snack on hamburgers made with organic ground beef served with side of an all-natural cherry tomato salad, and top off every meal with a refreshing fruit smoothie made with natural cold-pressed frozen coconut milk.

Start choosing better by eating better with COOP Grocer and its selection of COOP Fresh products and more. Order now by visiting the official website (www.coopgrocer.com) or downloading the app from the App Store and Google Play Store.

What Makes Kids Picky Eaters?

Has your child been turning down a range of immune-boosting foods for kids recently in favor of a very narrow range of favorite foods? If so, you may be dealing with a picky eater. Although many kids can adopt picky eating patterns as they get older, teaching your child to eat a wide range of foods is important for his or her physical and mental development. Before you can begin to correct your kid’s eating habits, you may first need to learn more about what makes kids picky eaters.

Kids Often Imitate Behavior Observed at Home

One key component of getting your kids to expand their tastes and stop being picky eaters is setting a good example in your own kitchen and at your own dinner table every day. Children frequently imitate behaviors they pick up at home, so if you or a relative are picky eaters and actively shy away from certain types of foods at home, you may not be setting your child up for balanced eating habits later in life. In order to lead by example, try to:

• Consume a balanced diet every day filled with preservative-free foods
• Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits around your kids
• Talk about the flavor of each meal with your children
• Explain the different flavors and food groups to your kids

Kids’ Palates May Change Over Time With Greater Exposure To Different Foods

If you’ve been trying to shift your toddler from taking the best infant vitamin D drops to taking a children’s complete multivitamin, you may already be aware that kids’ nutritional requirements change over time. What you may not have known is that kids’ palates can also change over time, meaning that foods your child disliked at one time might no longer taste bad to him or her. You can push your child to give certain foods a second try if you:

• Introduce one new ingredient into dishes your kids already love to help them get used to the taste slowly
• Get your kids involved in the kitchen and ask them to help you prepare different meals so they will feel motivated to try what they’ve cooked
• Offer a wide range of foods, and especially a range of different types of fruits and vegetables, to your kids on a regular basis to get them exposed to various flavors
• Keep junk food and fast food out of the house as much as possible to encourage healthy eating

Some Kids May Reject Food for Deeper Emotional Reasons

Keep in mind that some food habits may be due to deeper emotional or developmental reasons. For example, a child may start to display picky eating habits if he or she is struggling with:

• Academic difficulties
• Puberty-related emotional challenges
• Bullying or other peer-related problems
• Feelings of not having enough control in their lives

If your child has become a picky eater recently, he or she is far from alone. Many kids develop picky eating habits throughout their childhood, which can become not only an inconvenience for their parents at mealtime but can even, in worst-case scenarios, deprive them of key vitamins and minerals. Thankfully, understanding what may be behind your kid’s newfound eating habits could help you correct course.

SOX Act Key Provisions and Controls

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 or SOX Act, also known as “Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act” in the Senate and “Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency Act” in the House in the U.S. Federal law sets new or expanded requirements for all U.S. public company boards, management, and public accounting firms. It also has a number of provisions that apply to privately held companies, like the willful pull-down of evidence to disrupt a federal investigation.

It was enacted as a result of a number of major corporate and accounting offenses. It requires the Securities and Exchange Commission to construct regulations to define how public corporations should comply with the law. The sections of the bill cover control of the public corporation’s board of directors, and cast criminal penalties for certain misconduct. The law is intended to increase the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures in financial statements while protecting investors from corporate fraud. 

SOX is a complex law with 11 sections, each delineating mandates including oversight, auditor independence, and corporate responsibility.

Here are the 3 key provisions that are commonly referred to as per section numbers: 

  • Section 302 requires senior corporate officers to personally certify the company’s financial reports are in compliance with SEC disclosure requirements and that they have adequate internal controls in place for public disclosure.  
  • Section 404 pertains to the establishment of internal controls and reporting methods to ensure the adequacy of those controls. 
  • Section 802 contains the three rules that affect recordkeeping dealing with destruction and falsification of records, defining the retention period for storing records, and specifying which business records companies must store. And the applies to electronic communications as well.

It is all about corporate governance and financial disclosure. This requires financial transparency report on the Internal Control level. To secure accurate financial data, it demands a year-end financial disclosure report as a requirement. Now the SOX Auditor’s job is to review controls, policies, and procedures during an audit.

Using a control framework, all internal controls and procedures can be audited. The access and activity to sensitive business information can be easily monitored.

A SOX control is a rule that prevents and detects errors within a process cycle of financial reporting.

Internal controls for SOX Compliance don’t have to be costly, and strenuous. Best practices and solutions should provide the following focus for ease of compliance:

  • The automated, real-time solution to prove compliance
  • continuous control monitoring to ensure compliance tracking
  • monitors any violations to access controls
  • pinpoint and quantify the financial impact of any risks

In today’s modern enterprise, nearly 100% of the financially relevant activity happens in modern applications like SAP, Oracle, Workday, and NetSuite. By connecting directly into your business applications, the purpose is to prevent and detect deficiencies to ensure the consistent integrity of audits fulfilled by accounting firms or by an external auditor.

Internal and external auditors alike trust Pathlock’s reports to prove control enforcement and compliance with regulations. By connecting directly into your business applications, Pathlock can automatically monitor activity in these applications to surface any violations to controls and pinpoint and quantify the financial impact of any risks. 

Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation

Debt settlement and Debt Consolidation are both useful financial approach in improving personal debt load. One reduces creditors, and the other reduces debt.

Debt settlement is simply defined as a reached agreement between a creditor and a borrower wherein a reduced payment is regarded as payment in full. This was usually offered by third-party companies that claim to lessen your debt by negotiating a bargain with your creditor. It is known as “debt-relief” or “debt adjusting” which sounds great at first, but can be risky because it can potentially affect your credit score.

Typically, the third-party company charge a fee which is often a percentage of the amount you’d save on the settled debt.

Here’s the benefits and risks involved:


  • Can lower your debt amount
  • Helps avoid bankruptcy
  • Get creditors and collectors off your back


  • There is no guarantee that the creditors may agree to negotiate
  • If you stop making payments on your debt, it can end up to paying more interest and late charges.
  • Can negatively impact your credit score. If your debt settlement company advise you to stop making payments as they negotiate, and at the point of not having final agreement on anything, all the missed payments can lead to delinquent accounts on your credit reports.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

On the other hand, Debt Consolidation is a process that combines multiple debts into consolidation loan that has one monthly interest rate. Take time to compare the APR or Annual Percentage Rate, loan repayments terms, fees, and the credit score requirements to get the best option. The following are its benefits and risks:


  • If it reduces the credit utilization ratio, it may help improve credit scores
  • It makes monthly payments more manageable
  • Useful for reducing the total number of creditors you owe
  • It relieves the stress of having to juggle multiple debt payments 


  • A debt consolidation loan may be secured or unsecured, you can learn more here.
  • Interest rates for debt consolidation loans may vary; some creditors may also charge fees.

So, which is better and the most viable option? It all depends on your financial situation. To have a better understanding of your financial circumstances, it is best to get connected with a debt advisor to easily determine which one to take. Carefully study which one can cause financial damage and can help avoid bankruptcy. And, with personal responsibility and legal knowledge of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can be very specific about what a debt collector can and can’t do that can help you decide and act accordingly.

PACS – Basic Structure, Importance, and Limitations

PACS or picture archiving and communication system is a medical imaging technology that is fundamentally used in healthcare organizations to securely store and digitally transmit electronic images and clinically suitable reports.

It eliminates the use of physical films generated from different imaging devices by going fully digitized. It offers ease and convenience with reasonable storage solutions and eliminates transport transmission of traditional films.

  1. input from digital or digitized analog devices, which may be any radiological modality e.g. x-ray, CT, MRI or ultrasound. It includes whole-body solutions for diagnostic imaging needs.
  2. image acquisition device
  3. image cloud storage device or server for short or long term information storage
  4. transmits local or web-based network
  5. display and imaging workstations plus user interface
  6. convert hard-copy images on need basis
  7. integration with radiology information system (RIS) and hospital information system (HIS)
Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

A patient may undergo a battery of radiological investigations at separate locations, which need to be accessed by multiple radiologists and multiple treating physicians in different locations. PACS functions as major system for rapid transfer of images, while maintaining the original quality is a vital, rather complex technological need. 

Also, hard-copy films are difficult to store and archive, and the quality deteriorates over time (although electronic media are not immune to the latter issue).

Capital cost was a major limitation in the early years but entry of multiple vendors into the market, as well as the geometric increase in processing power and digital storage has significantly brought expense down. PACS vendors can now offer scalable high-quality systems with flexible configurations along with affordable hardware and software support.

The vital limitation of PACS or teleradiology devices, is the quality of images, which may be compromised by suboptimal resolution display monitors at different locations. Also, any technical failure, and improper back-up storage may hold back the data retrieval and carries the rare risk of massive data loss.

The systems accommodate to a wide variety of health care divisions including: IDTF, emergency centers, orthopedics, cardiology, hospitals, teleradiology, and numerous more for Cloud PACS.

Undeniably, a cloud-based PACS reduces overall costs since IT systems management is outsourced from IT experts. With the presence of a reliable, high speed internet connection, the adoption of cloud-based PACS can be fully operational.