Join Giving Artfully Kids to Receive Crafting-based Service Projects

This is a long overdue post for art craft project that we sign-up last summer. We have tried curated book subscription box before because I love the idea of saving time to find age appropriate books to read and engaging activities to do.

As I am looking for another curated activity to try, I came across Giving Artfully Kids, an enrichment program where kids were helping others and spreading kindness through crafting-based service projects. The membership includes complete lesson plans, materials list, and other online resources to help start a home or community based program.
Sock Snowman Project

You can choose from Premium or Basic  membership level. I signed up for Premium level membership that gives me access for the Lesson Plans that we can follow for pre-made service learning experience.
Projects are for 3 different age levels:
  • 3-6 years old
  • 6-9 years old
  • 9-12 years old
Each lesson plan has 4 components:
  1. Opening Activities
  2. Book/ Video Discussion and Social Issue Introduction
  3. Crafting project directions
  4. Reflection Questions
We have done several craft projects before, I discover that doing so can help boost my child\’s confidence and serves as our bonding time together.¬†¬†My 10 year old enjoyed our first craft project and shows compassion when asked what to do in a certain situation on the video that we watched.

Compared to my curated subscription box, this one\’s also saves my time of finding activities to do. All I need to do is follow the instructions and provide the materials needed. There were also online resources provided that we can watch or read. So yes, instead of spending more time of research, I can have a full month of activities all lined up.

Although I personally like how a subscription box provide the books and craft materials that we need, what I love most about the Giving Artfully Kids program is that it is not only empowers my child but also share and provide a difference through crafting-based service projects.

How? The activities are focused on importance of giving and being charitable towards others. Plus, we can explore some of the social issues that we can discuss for in-depth understanding.

Know more on how it can teach kids to give and spread kindness by clicking here.

Sofia Polymer Clay Cake Topper

Hi! This is a quick post to show-off ¬†my Sofia the First Polymer Clay project. I used this as a cake topper on my daughter\’s 2nd Birthday last month.

I stay up late doing this, that is why it deserve to have a space on this blog of mine! *clap *clap

Taaadaaa… not really that much to be proud of, ¬†tagged as¬†\”pwede na\” … but this one adds up to my personal collection and my happy moment as Clay artist wanna-be. (insert big smile here!)

Picture Frame Polymer Clay Charm

I considered giving a personalized gift for husband\’s niece for her 18th birthday. So I came up with this Picture Frame Clay Charm with her name for a more personal touch.

I never draw my desired outcome, I just go on with whatever  comes out at the moment. 

Debutant art work made by aspiring clayist =)

It was supposed to be a keychain charm but  the headpin covered-up to its hair and came out on a bigger size so it became a Frame charm instead.

My simple piece of art!
I am thinking of giving Clay Charms to relatives and friends this Christmas season, that means I better get started asap (hopefully!). So, I\’ll be wide awake when the kids were sleeping to create more charms, and this means a good time to practice and develop more skills like a pro.

Art Work Using Nendo Polymer Clay

After my hand-sewn dress project for my baby Girl, making a no-sew tutu skirt comes next. But before I can even get my hands on tulle that I bought from divi, this \’clay¬†art thing\’ caught my attention and was eager to try hand crafting using polymer clay.
As a beginner in this craft, I was a little surprised on how time consuming it turned out to be. I watched youtube tutorials on making chibis and simple creations and it took them less than an hour to finish their art work, mine took 4 hours of trial and error. Well I guess that was pretty normal, I need to learn more designing techniques to came up with a much more smooth-finished clay works.

I ordered ¬†\”Get Go pack\” Flexible basic colors and a pack of skin color from Claytoons, and ¬†waited for a perfect time to get started. That\’s when the kids were sound asleep!
First attempt on baking clay. I need to adjust the baking temp., \”medyo hilaw pa\”.¬†

Cute \’lil angel, Sofia the first, and Girl in Red clay charms!

Baking temp at 130¬į for 30min. was just perfect for Nendo Clay! I showed my clay creations with my 6-yr. old son, he said it\’s \’sobra\’ cute and ask if he could help in making some more.

He requested, ¬†this \”perman\” mini¬†figure… I swear, \”hindi sya madaling gawin\”. I spent a couple of hours doing this in two consecutive nights.

¬†I wasn\’t able to finish it with one seating because someone volunteered to \’help\’.

My B was wide awake at the time I\’m working on this, so to keep me undisturbed while trying to complete perman\’s parts, I assigned him to copy a boy\’s face to keep him entertained doing on his own.

Nice try! Gotta have more on mommy\’s artistic side.

I did enjoy every minute spent doing this art project. Cheers to having more time at home that allows me to do more art craft projects that makes my heart oh-so-happy! =)