Top 10 Questions to Ask a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

With all those body-positivity and self-love movement that emphasizes embracing our unique and natural beauty, the choice of getting a procedure like a \”Nose Job\” can solicit judgement. However, those negative comments shouldn\’t affect your CHOICE if you really want to do some enhancements with your body or facial features. After all, at the end of the day, it\’s your own decision to make.

People who made the decision to undergo plastic surgery made a serious consideration and have done intensive research with the possible risks before getting a schedule for a consultation. In this way, you can be well-educated and armed with information you need to make a good decision.

A nose job can be done for medical reasons — such as to correct breathing problems related to the nose or correct disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defectsIt can also be done for cosmetic reasons, which will change the nose\’s shape and appearance.

When talked about nose job, most people would immediately think of Rhinoplasty surgery that improves the appearance of the nose. However,  another lesser known nose surgery is Septoplasty.

A nose job can either be a Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty.

Rhinoplasty – is for cosmetic purposes or aesthetic reasons. This is a surgery on the nose to change its shape or appearance. It will result to aesthetically pleasing nose shape. This procedure is not usually covered by insurance.

Septoplasty – is interior surgery that fixes deviated septum. This procedure repair a crooked septum and improve breathing. Since it uses endonasal techniques inside the nose, there is no change of whatever from the outside or appearance of the nose. This maybe partially or fully covered by insurance.

In the world of aesthetic plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty is commonly performed. If you don\’t go to the right place and  with well-known surgeon, like that of Tampa\’s most trusted, Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery then that\’s the only time that  you can have bad experiences.

This procedure is a permanent enhancement that\’s considered a good investment. In this case, you should not rely solely on cost and better get the most qualified and trusted surgeon to ensure you can get good and positive results.

During consultation, the surgeon evaluate the structure of your nose and other facial features and recommends realistic expectation to get the best appearance of your nose. It is very important to make sure you have the right surgeon for this procedure that can meet your needs and expectations. It is necessary to ask to be clear with your desired result with your potential surgeon.

Here\’s the Top 10 Questions to Ask a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

1. Are you board-certified? Essential factors like experience, skills and certification should be disclosed.

2. Do you perform Rhinoplasty simulation?

3. How many Rhinoplasty procedure do you perform each year? Can you atleast show before and after photos?

4.  Am I a perfect candidate for Rhinoplasty?

5. What is your preferred method or technique? Please discuss the difference between open and closed Rhinoplasty?

6. What results can I expect?

7. What are the risks involve?

8. What is the expected healing time and post-surgery care?

9. What are your policies on revision and the revision rate?

10. Are there any undisclosed charges like post check-ups and other laboratory fees?

Remember to ask more. Ask anything that comes to mind that can help you get comfortable with your decision and will allow you to be well- informed and confident. Be open and honest. Make sure to get the answers on how the procedure will be done from start to finish to get the best results that you deserve.

Cheap Laser Hair Removal

I searched online for the cheapest upper lip Laser treatment, and found Godiva Skin Station. I called up immediately and learned that  the franchise was no longer under Godiva but  \’Belmere Skin Centre\’. Anyways, they offer Harmony Laser Treatment package~ a promo for 6 sessions of UL Harmony Laser Treatment for 6k! 
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A good catch, right? 1,000/session of Harmony plus Diamond Peel = a great deal. I just have to wait and see if it will give me great results.

Harmony Laser is pain-free treatment that feels similar to a \”hot stone massage\”. I don\’t feel guilty for availing this, but feels really good taking some time to soothe myself for things which I think a necessity for me.

Belmere\’s advice was to \”Take some time to relax, to rejuvenate, to restore…\” ahihi… Its a haven for the \”Beautiful Mom\”, also perfectly suited for those who just want a beauty break.  Now thats a christmas break and a gift rolled into one… Y\’ey!