Ben 10 Costume

\”Got that Ben 10 look?\”

Good thing it fits just right! This is the Ben 10 shirt that I purchase online. Mommy\’s too excited for him to try it on, and  he demanded for Ben\’s matching pants! Well,  I just convince him that  the pants he had was just the same as Ben\’s, while he put on his shoes. 
Complete outfit indeed! But never really without the Omnitrix ~ the watch-like device attached to wrist that allows Ben Tennyson to transform into alien creatures of his choice. My toddler\’s fave was Four Arms which he called Big hands at the time he\’s not familiar with the alien names and Humungousaur because of his super strength.

My B kept on asking  why he still  not transforms into alien?! He is Ben 10 now but still his Omnitrix doesn\’t work! Oh my… I just explained that aliens still doesn\’t show up because it only appears on TV. I asked him if would he really like to see it up close coz I think it will just scare him citing Humungousaur\’s appearance, 12-feet tall and can grow bigger up to 60 feet and that would surely wrecked our home… and that\’s it! end of discussion… =)

Ben 10 T-shirt for kids

Its my first time to make an online purchase from ebay international seller. I used my paypal account linked to my credit card and confirm my payment buying Ben 10 uniform T-shirt for kids. The item cost US $9.98 plus  US $5.99 economy shipping from outside US. I ordered small size for my 3 year old toddler.
I\’ve got a confirmation message from the seller that the item was already shipped and i just have to wait 2-4 weeks delivery. To my dismay, after 2 weeks I received a  notice from Las Piñas post office saying that my AO parcel was ready for pick up! I have to bring my paypal invoice and valid ID and the item was subject to customs inspection and I have to claim it 30 days from the receipt of the notice.
I never really knew that economy shipping means delivery via registered mail and not my expected door to door service. I thought I have the convenience of having the item right in front of our door steps thinking that shipping charge means having it that way. Aaaaw… lesson learned! If  I order again next time, (if and only if.)  first thing to do is  to negotiate and be clear of delivery options to avoid hassle and time consuming pick up of what i have ordered especially from international sellers.
So this Ben 10 t-shirt cost me Php680 plus my time going to post office, plus Php 60 fare  and Php 40 postage fee for a whopping total of Php 780. What do you think, was it fair enough?