PJ Masks Birthday Party Theme

We celebrated my youngest\’ 4th Birthday last week, and decided to have PJ Masks Birthday theme since it\’s her fave at the moment. And so two days before, I was busy cutting out faces of Cat Boy, Owlette, and Gecko for the DIY Birthday banner using construction papers. ūüėĀ

Complete Casts of PJ Masks for the banner center piece.
This is what I love about ¬†themed party! I got the chance and have the perfect reason to splurged on DIY craft project. Simple things like this makes me happy, you know?ūüėČ I\’m actually excited to lose track of time doing crafts and DIY projects while taking creative ideas from pinterest. Doing so can help me keep calm and relax my mind, an interesting and productive hobby that I mostly enjoyed doing.

I ordered a dozen of ¬†chocolate flavored cupcakes from¬†Danise\’s Sweets¬†and requested a¬†PJ Masks fondant character topper¬†¬†to add more feel on the bday theme.

And another dozen of Banana Nutella Muffin cupcakes and use the FREE PJ Masks Birthday Party Printable Files¬†from Daisy Celebrates\’ blog for the cupcake topper (thanks Daisy!).¬†

We throw a small (more manageable and affordable! ūüėä) PJ Masks house party with family and some of our closest friends for this little Owlette fan!¬†
Balloons and Clown Party Host from SunCheers¬†ūüėĀ

Triple Delight Cake from Goldilocks
The PJ inspired cupcakes were enough, so we just settled for this triple delight chiffon cake and use her Owlette mini figure as topper (tipid mode!).

The overwhelmed \’inward-looking\’ birthday celebrant with her friends.

Happy 4th Birthday Eirenne!
How I wished you learn how to be more outgoing and less of being the \’shy type\’, but then again, I can never pushed you into someone that you\’re not. Oh well, maybe you got your introverted side from mommy who, ¬†most of the time feels comfortable being alone and prefer smaller doses or small groups. ūüėÖ
Anyway, we had a blast aside from this social skills issue, this small celebration surely  adds up to our most treasured memory bank.

Ben 10 Party Theme

We celebrated B\’s 3rd Birthday last week, the¬†green day! Why? Its Ben 10 Party theme from¬† hats, balloons, banner, loot bags, and cake. I even bought him a pair of sando and shorts with Ben 10 character for that special ocassion.¬†
I never thought that Ben 10 would be our party theme because he is hooked into Toy Story movie¬†marathon months before his birthday. So? ¬†I really thought he\’d pick Buzz light year and was prepared to choose¬† any of¬† Toy Story character cakes. But when I brought him to goldilocks to let him choose the design, he refuses and says its not Buzz but Ben 10 will be the main character of his birthday. (Yup! I allow him to choose even at this very young age!)
Three days before the event I went to Red Ribbon (goldilocks don\’t have Ben10 design) to order that Ben 10 cake. I never knew that their character design can also include a picture of the celebrant, so I went back with 4r pic size of B. ( a picture cake! Yipeee…)
Here it was:  
flavor : Chocolate
icing : Boiled Icing
serving : 24
size : 8\”x12\”
Php 1,050.00
Its a big success! 
The kids enjoyed their lootbags:

Have their balloons:

Party Hats: (Hello Kitty for girls)

I love the Table Cover from Toy Kingdom @Php89:

Its a simple celebration, picture takings, ¬†the ceremonial ¬†singing \”Happy Birthday to you\” and then blowing of candle. After giving kids ¬†their lootbags, ¬†they eat and go! Sorry… my apologies for not even bothered to host a party games for the kiddos.

I did not prepare any games for the kids because my plan was just a small celebration and I think they\’re happy enough¬† to bring home a balloon and a lootbag containing a small toy, cotton candy, pops, chocolate coins and assorted candies.

And the day after, there goes a repeat performance  of candle blowing: 
Its indeed a Happy happy Birthday!

Thomas and Friends Birthday Theme


It\’s my little boy\’s 2nd birthday!¬†This Thomas cake creates the main attraction on this¬†themed party, it\’s quite difficult to find the character starting from party plates, hats, and balloons. I inquired on Thomas balloons on our area, but I was told that the design wasn\’t available, and¬†my only option is to order a customized Thomas balloon stamp for 300 pesos.

It\’s a bit expensive, so I decided to cross out the balloon design from the thomas party list, but managed to have the party invitation, party hats, and game prizes according to theme. ¬†I ordered the party hats online from ann_collectibles c/o sulit.com.ph and got it delivered via jrs express on time.

Unfortunately, my order for 20pcs of party hats just got down to 6pcs due to unavailability of stocks. It was fun having that cheeky  little train on such an important occassion! The birthday boy opened gifts with enthusiasm, and was delighted to receive the Thomas Sodor Airport from my Officemates. (Thanks!)


Although I haven\’t completed the whole Thomas birthday stuff for this one, it was enjoyed by everyone especially mommies who readily aims for \”pabitin\” stuffed with candies, Thomas face towel, and toy cars.

Before the party ends, we surprised the birthday boy with a go kart for his race driving career… yay!

It was a simple, yet fun-filled celebration and I\’m looking forward for next year\’s birthday theme. Yeah, I enjoyed organizing themed party, so this is just the start of my yearly task. Yiheee…