How Can You Succesfully Work with Brands as a Blogger?

I have been blogging for seven years already. Can you imagine? I have been holding on to this blog for that long! Though I am not doing this full time, I am proud to share on how I started working with brands and earning extra from doing what I considered a hobby.

I admit that I sometimes got caught up from work and mommy duties that I contemplate on shutting this down, but I am left with a heavy heart just by thinking of leaving it all behind. It\’s a hard decision to make, it\’s actually more heart breaking compared when I decided to quit my five-year corporate job.

I realized that this is what I enjoyed doing, sharing my thoughts and voicing out my opinion through reviews and collaboration. Event invites was an added bonus to socialized, help promote brands and meet up with fellow bloggers.

I am overwhelmed with collaboration, reviews, and event invites that I received thru blogging and it inspired me to continue what I have started and  be more honest and accept only brands that I trust and can highly recommend to my readers.

It has been said that \”Success doesn\’t happen overtime\”. As the old saying goes, you have to work and earn it. I started receiving sponsored post and products after a year of blogging. I started first with blog hopping to connect and learn from other bloggers, learning PR tactics was the key, it\’s learning from creative and strategic thinkers like  Nancy Behrman that is now a titan of success, was such an inspiration to fuel myself up to keep the blog running. It was mostly learning from others that I get to established my online presence.

If there is one thing that\’s remained constant in the PR industry over the past 30 years, it\’s the simple fact that every brand-building campaign ultimately relies on the strength of mutually beneficial relationship. We can learn from Behrman Communications with regards to developing our unique and ideal voice online.

The very first step to success is to grow your audience. I became friends with fellow bloggers thru blog hopping, commenting and sharing their posts. We have to boost each other up, right? Also, joining groups can be very beneficial as it creates genuine connection and later creates appealing engagements to brands.

Sharing useful products and content is a good way to start in building relationship with brands and to your audience.
And, because sharing is caring, here\’s the list of my top partners on PR Campaign to brands and sponsored content when I\’m still on my way to growing my blog:
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From my experience, it was just a pure journal writing or an online diary until collaboration with brands started to hit my mailbox. So better relax and find fun ways to create an audience first and focus on content that is worth sharing. Remember, most brands looks for engagement, not large numbers. So be engaged and know your audience first.
It takes time to get brands be interested with collaboration or sponsored posts, but try not to feel  discouraged, instead focus more on delivering relevant content until you  position yourself as a pro. Goodluck! 💕

How to Start a Successful Blog

Last week, I\’ve attended a whole day seminar with the desire to know the secrets of how I can earn more through blogging and selling digital  products.
This is the first time I invested in such learning opportunity, but surprised to found out that most topics discussed was something I already knew and just have to take an action to boost my online presence.

Fitz Villafuerte, of and Jon Oraña of has partnered for this whole day live workshop that took place at Ortigas Foundation Inc, Pasig City.

I had been a regular reader of Fitz\’s blog, and for quite sometime, I\’ve been a subscriber of Jon\’s website and honestly, most of the things that discussed by Jon were already shared thru the videos and podcast on his email blast.

So the first part of the Seminar were mostly to provide encouragement, his humble beginning and success story, finding your big why and believing of what you\’re capable of doing.

Fast forward to creating an online business through blogging, we were taught on how to
validate our chosen \’niche\’ (defined as core topic of your blog/ website) in which we can sustain a valuable solution to a painful problem. 

As explained by Fitz, we needed to create a \”cookie\” to our \”cookie monster\” which means that we needed to came up with a valuable (and addicting!) products or services that the customer will grab without a second thought.

Cha-ching! Remember? it\’s a solution to a painful problem. It\’s up for grab at any costs!

This insight was very helpful to blog starters. Targeting a certain market group is the key to consider what niche to choose.

Oooops! I cannot share through a single blog post what were discussed during the whole day seminar. So I listed below the random key points that I find helpful to aspiring Internet Entrepreneur like me.

  • Ask yourself \”What am I passionate about?\”
  • Decide what topic are you interested to learn.
  • Analyze your domain expertise with your chosen niche.
  • Realize that not all passion can turn into business. You have  to make a sustainable and realistic market plan.
  • Provide a valuable product or service to sell.
  • Fall in love with your customers.
  • Success doesn\’t happen overtime. As the old saying goes, you have to work and earn it.
Wasn\’t it simple? You just have to fuel yourself up to keep the business running. Success entirely depends with our own mindful actions.
And here\’s a set of exercise to consider to determine what product or service to market online:
Try to come up with your own niche using these questions.

Lunch break photo opp with my seatmate, Kris.

Wait, I have to end this post with a souvenir shot with my fave Finance Blogger.

I posted this pic on my FB account and was surprised to discover by a friend\’s comment that Fitz\’ father was one of the Slot Machine Head whom I worked with at my previous job at the Casino. Wow! small world…

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Be a Social Spark publisher!

Since i\’ve joined Social Spark v2, I began accepting numerous leads that ended up to 4 received and completed offers. Its my small way of monetizing this blog and  after I tried cashing out funds, to my delight; I encouraged my blogger friends (esp. my college classmate) to  join. 
For newbie, here\’s a few tips from IZEA get some ideas on how it works:
  • Each point is worth one penny. So, if there\’s an offer worth 500 points, it\’s worth USD $5.00.
  • Leads are used to show an advertiser that you\’re interested in one of their Opps. Accepting a lead won\’t necessarily get you an offer, but it\’ll let the advertiser know you\’re interested.
  • Advertisers approve content before it goes live on your blog. So, you\’ll enter your content in SocialSpark first.
  • You have the ability to cash out your account whenever you have a balance. However, keep in mind that there is a $2 fee to cash out any balance below $50 (5,000 points). 
  •  Direct Publishing enables SocialSpark to directly publish your advertiser-approved content via your blog\’s API, instead of you entering that content into your blog yourself. We will never publish any content to your blog that you haven\’t written.
  • Wondering when a post will publish? Look for the publish date where the offer is listed in the Taken Opps tab on your Publisher Dashboard. The publish date will also be mentioned in your post approval email notification.
  • Blogs with Google Analytics enabled earn 8.5x more dollars on average? Click on your properties under the account tab to set it up.
Offers don\’t come often so just  be patient and accept when it comes! and here\’s a quick tip from me\”—> \”Never decline!\” {hehe).

Social Spark v2 Proof of Payment

I successfully transferred my earnings from Social Spark v2 to my BDO savings account via paypal. I was eager to try cashing out my funds, so even if I will be charged 200 point fee for withdrawals under 5,000 points I aggresively continue with my transaction. 

I completed 3 offers which cost 1,500 points each and decided to withdraw my earnings. I cash out funds leaving 200 points balance for future withdrawals…
This is my first to try monetizing this blog and im really thankful and excited for more offers to come..