Effective Marketing Infrastrusture for Law Firms

From small to large scale businesses nowadays, having an online presence gives an edge and a straightforward concept. Maintaining relationships to existing clients as well as creating new connections to prospective clients was a very helpful marketing strategy.

Taking advantage of the wonders of SEO delivers a result-focused outcomes when the art of digital marketing strategy is applied effectively.

For Law Firms, the increased in competition is not only in Law Practiced but also to achieve the top search engine positioning because nowadays, looking for the best law firm in the city can be done within just few clicks.
Getting included in the Lawyers of Distinction is the chance to stand out and get found, entering the workforce with confidence in search marketing investment.

Majority of web traffic comes from search engines that can increase leads and organic traffic. By simply becoming a member, one can gain exposure and actively be promoted both to the legal community as well as the general public.

In simpler terms, this kind of service helps attorney market him/herself  for a very reasonable yearly subscription.

Lawyers of Distinction has implemented a new feature whereby potential clients can directly search for and retain quality representation. Currently, over 5,000 users visit the directory daily.

Below is a brief description of some of the other significant benefits included in Membership:
  • A custom genuine wood plaque and/or a translucent crystal statue.
  • Use of the Lawyers of Distinction licensed Logo and other promotional materials.
  • A customized press release for the member’s use and publication
  • Access to a private Facebook members only group for real time exchange and referrals
  • Annual member discounts of $5,000 dollars or more through their “Member Discount Program”. National vendors include Avis, Hertz, Marriott, Hilton and Southwest Airlines as well as many others.
Membership is limited to no more than 10% of attorneys from any given state.
Only attorneys who have met the standards can be accepted for membership. Members have been selected through the following selection process:
  1.  Thru Nomination
  2.  Independent Research
  3.  Ethics review and background check
  4.  Final selection
It is clearly not only be focused on delivering different service strategy but has to be built to rank well online. Choosing the right infrastructure for your online presence plays a major part to promoting and marketing for a bold and high approach to lead generation.
Overall, this marketing strategy is a good way for Lawyers to grow their practice as they catch up with the increasing power of the web. Investing in a right marketing service that can perform and persuade clients to make an informed decision is a big plus.

Effective Data Management and Integration

In a single day, we do a lot of things. May it be at home, going to work, managing our businesses, or going through our hobbies, we lean towards our respective preferences on \”how to get it done\”. We have our favorites, like certain routes to take that saves us travel time. Specific groceries that have lower prices. Cutting the middle men to have direct access to goods for our stores.
Little did we know that we are taking action based on data. There\’s now an influx of information, more than ever. Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with so many choices, trends, that we do not know to liquidate them for our personal advantage.

It\’s no secret that ALL of the top companies are data-driven. A high value is placed on improving processes/procedures to make it more efficient thus increasing productivity for both company and end-users.

Worrying that your industry may not be covered? MicrosoftMDS, for example, is not only catering to a target service (like Healthcare, Telecommunications, etc.). It also involves the staple divisions of a company (starting from Human Resource, Accounting, etc.) and manages the data (hard facts) to pinpoint a group or individual\’s strengths and weaknesses.

Now digging deeper, there are Master Data Management companies that has treated Data Transformation as passion. As old companies join the new wave of modern management, more budget is being allocated to \”these things\”. Heck, even departments are being created to for concentration because in the past several years it has been proven to generate more profit. 
Simply put, your every day (and every process) data is a viable tool in not just steering your business towards profit and success but is also applicable in your daily life activities. Referencing to our examples earlier, we gather data by going through our usual motions.
What to do with what we have is crucial. Shall we take the longer route yet it is more fuel efficient due to less traffic? The shorter one to get our errands be dealt with as fast as possible? Just like in real life, you can prioritize your needs and set a hierarchy in Data Management.
The cost of  NOT undertaking master data management can be significant:
  • Mistaken understanding of which products are profitable and growing
  • Mistaken belief that reports are accurate, leading to incorrect decisions such as closure of the wrong retail branches or funding of the wrong products
  • Misalignment of management reports versus statutory reports
  • Missed opportunities, through a systemic inability to track a particular attribute or activity at a granular level or, conversely, at the enterprise wide level
  • Vulnerability to security and data integrity problems that arise from the lack of a defined process to control important aspects of the analytic tools used in the enterprise
\”The value of MDM adoption is undeniable—it reduces the reliance on IT, simplifies report management, eases the challenges of M&A, and dramatically lowers the high probability of errors when replicating changes across systems and report groups.
Master data management is the only comprehensive, effective means to address the challenge of keeping reports accurate and consistent in large organizations.\”
Overall, it provides quicker analysis and accurate data that supports every business decision.

Avoid Customer Churn By Targeting Users\’ Engagement!

Truth be told, driving a business towards success is all about customer service. Going beyond your normal delivery of goods (and service) will greatly influence your retention which triggers an invaluable chain of events; repeat orders, loyalty, and word of mouth among others.

What if there\’s a metric for customer success that you can use for your business?
We live in a day and age that we can make better forecasts as long as we are embracing the pace of technology. Even old business models can easily keep up with the times and adapt more modern platforms.
A Customer Success Software may be unheard of before but now is one of the most extremely handy tools that you can use. Imagine being able to track real-time the interaction between your customers and your business. This allows you to adjust on-the-fly what works and what receives less attention from your target market.

Sounds intimidating? To put it in simpler terms, you are given a platform where YOU will define your business in an easy to use web application for your customers.

Their behavior will be monitored, which part of your site do they spend more time on, which sections are complicated and get little to no action, then make recommendations and changes to entice them back.
It\’s a next step in analytics that will help all business owners understand their customers more. Similar to old-schoolers adjusting to millennials and their \”modern\” attention spans and demands.
Here are the Key Features that will Improve User Onboarding:
Features for Understanding User Behaviors
  • Leverage churn indicators while you still have time to turn things around
  • Discuss customer needs & prevent user frustrations
  • Accelerate a customer’s move from adoption to advocacy

Features for Engaging Customers

  • Guided tours keep on boarding scalable without sacrificing quality
  • NPS & custom surveys deliver high-value feedback
  • Faster issue resolution through targeted help                       

Features for Anticipating Future Needs

  • Trusted customer health scoring helps project long term value
  • Compare support and sentiment metrics to drive the customer journey
  • Targeted engagements, like guided tours help users to new features and adopt new products. This is a better way to manage change for both employees and clients.
  • Driving customers to find value to your products and services, is where revenue opportunities takes place. Understanding customers needs is what business owners need to come up with useful content to avoid quick churn.
  • In this modern technology, a Customer Success Platform is another smart  innovation to business that can easily deflect users\’ disappointments. Stats will clearly provide better customer understanding that can retain and grow customers\’ interest.

    How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

    It\’s almost four years since I decided to quit my corporate job to explore other options and to focus more on the kids. Looking back, I have no regrets at all and actually thankful that I bravely took the step on escaping the office cubicle.

    Here\’s the top reasons why I loved being Self-employed:

    1. Be your own boss
    2. Earn more
    3. No more commutes
    4. No more routine work
    5. Have more flexible lifestyle

    I have always dreamed of starting a business and building something of our own. This goal started when I usually found myself caught up following work schedule and needed to attend mommy duties as well. As much as I needed to prioritize the time for the kids, I have a work demand that I have to consider first. Oh, does this sound familiar to you?

    I know most mommies can relate to this situation and can agree that it\’s a major decision to give up work and stay home with the kids. It was a difficult decision to choose motherhood over career. I know some can proudly do both, well congratulations! Different families, different priorities right? Whatever the choice we take, it all boils down to doing what\’s best for our own family.

    In our case, we cannot afford to depend on a single income so becoming a work at home mom or a business owner was the best option. Transitioning from an employee to entrepreneur was never easy. We can only depend on ourselves and play all roles including the janitorial work.

    Starting a business is hard work! Every move must be carefully plan and all aspects must be fully understand before coming up with a final decision. It helps to have a support group, a family or friend who has an experience on market trades or  an  expert like Andrew Charlton, who is a true leader in the field of economics to give advice and help on company\’s start up and growth.

    Now, I am proud to share that the small business that we\’ve started is running for 3 years already! Though I still need a lot to learn and can never be an expert for those who seek advice on how to transition from an employee to business owner, I can share the key points to consider in taking the first step to being an Entrepreneur.

    The image below on becoming a Cautious Entrepreneur is a good consideration to take. Ask yourself the following:

    1. What skills do I have?
    2. What am I passionate about?
    3. What\’s my education background?

    image source

    The checklist on the image strongly motivates and inspires me. Those very simple and realistic goals pushed me to find answers to come up with a viable business opportunity. So yeah, it pays to be motivated and keep your focus to be able to reap those rewards in the future.

    Also, here\’s the basic steps to take to transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur:

    1. Determine your expertise and skills
    2. Think about what others will pay for
    3. Identify your target market
    4. Design your marketing and business plans
    5. Assess feedback and adjust
    6. Assemble a team
    7. Secure Financing
    8. Set up Company Structure
    9. Always find ways to improve your habits, flexibility, and attitude
    10. Know when to quit your job and go full time on the business

    Starting a business is very challenging, it wasn\’t always a smooth sailing journey. Just keep in mind to learn from bad experience or outcome and choose to be courageous and fearless.

    So, are you ready to take your first step?

    Business-Oriented Strategy

    \”So many things to do, so little time\”.
    Back in College, when I am a working student employed in a Business Support Service similar with those Indiana environmental companies, I can manage my time well. I sometimes struggle how to divide my time with school projects while having an 8-hour shift schedule at work, but eventually learn to handle things that needs to be done first.
    The key is self-discipline and learning how to set your priorities. Having to work before I can even get my diploma provided me a sense of accomplishment and determination.
    Sure, as an Indexer in a Litigation Direct Unit seems a simple job where it includes analyzing and document coding for content conversion, but this simple job makes a training ground for more complex duties.
    I had several employment after college, but always too soon of dreaming to escape from being an employee to a business owner. I sometimes get restless, and bored; honestly, office politics kills my motivation to work harder.
    A company that provides the best service and strategy  have the Key Personnel that encourages its employees to work and strive harder.
    The finest team, provides the finest work! agree?
    And now that I am managing a business of our own, that quote basically my favorite before the day ends.
    Identifying the most important thing to do is a time saver. Also, identifying when to get a business solution service from the expert whether resolving challenging environmental problems, involving political, technical, regulatory, legal, and financial issues, with business-oriented strategies is a must.
    I think it is best to get help from the experts for us to stay on target and not to exhaust our mental and physical resources.
    For business owners, reaching out for a support service is cost and time effective. Atleast, we have the chance to have integrated resources from a qualified and strategically professional, within our budget.

    Steps in SEC Business Name Registration of Partnership

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert with this matter, the following steps taken was purely my own experience in processing our Certificate of Incorporation of Partnership.

    1. Online Reservation of your Business Name. Verify and reserve proposed business name at SEC iRegister.

    Follow the step by step guide and print two copies of the reservation notice.

    You have only 4 days to pay the reservation fee via:

    • SEC Teller
    • Union Bank Teller
    • Union Bank Fund Transfer
    2. Secure copies ( 4 sets) of signed Articles of Partnership and bring it along with the original copy of online name reservation and payment receipt at SEC Office at Ortigas.

    3. Go to Name Verification Unit, located at 2nd Floor.

    3. After Name Verification, you will be asked to photocopy (3 copies) the payment receipt along with your verified original copy of name reservation. Then go to Green Lane Unit and have them checked your documents.

    You will be asked to fill-up a Cover Sheet and have it photocopy for another 3 copies, have it notarized and submit for their review. This will take up to 1 and a half hour (or more!) of waiting,

    4. If there\’s no issues regarding your documents, you will be asked to pay directly at the cashier.

    5. After payment, go to releasing section to submit the 3 sets of documents  they will advised when to go back to pick-up your Certificate bearing your Company TIN, it usually takes up to 2-3 working days.

    On the release date, you can call (584-5235) first to verify   if  the document is ready for pick-up. Dont\’ forget to bring the payment receipt when you go back.

    Releasing Section is also located  at the 2nd Floor at Counter 7. You will be advised to get a Documentary Stamp (PhP24) at the Ground Floor, and that\’s it!

    I find it easy to process my own SEC Registration, someone offered me to assist with processing my documents for a PhP2,000 fee, good thing I decided not to avail their service.