Review: Our Stay at Club Balai Isabel

Thinking of a quick getaway from the Metro? Why not head over to Club Balai Isabel, in Talisay, Batangas. It\’s a few hours away and right on the shores of Taal Lake giving you a chance to experience it up close!

I booked an overnight stay via Agoda for a Superior room which cost 4,706.24 for 2 adults and 2 kids, breakfast included.

We arrived 11 am, too early for the 2pm check-in. I went straight to the front desk and was advised that we are allowed to use the facilities while waiting for the room\’s availability and wait for a text message to notify as soon as the room is ready.

The kids  go swimming right away and after an hour, we had our lunch at Terraza Cafe. Buffet Lunch Cost 500 per head and half the price for our 4 year old. The food is okay but got really disappointed that they refill my all time fave buttered shrimp with Calamares instead.
By 1pm, I received a text message that our room is ready and allowed to check-in early. We were given a map and a quick overview of other activities they offer.
Traditional Hilot – 600/ hour
Body Scrub; Cofee or Salt – 900 / hour
Body Scrub with Massage – 1,500 / hour

  • Banana Boat – 350 per head for 15 minutes
  • Kayak – 150 for 1 hour for Single Seat / 300 for 1 hour for Double Seat
  • Jetski – 1,500 for 15 minutes / 2,500 for 30 minutes / 4,000 for 1 hour
  • Fly Fish – 500 per head for 15 minutes *min. of 4 pax
  • UFO – 500 for 15 minutes *max. of 3 pax
  • Speed Boat – 6,000 per hour / 3,500 for 30 minutes *min. of 4 pax

2,750 for Check-in guests
3,000 for day Tour guests *max. of 7 pax

Boat Ride Inclusive of:
  • Tour Guide (optional)
  • Bottled water
  • Buri Hats
  • Tourism Tax
  • Horseback Riding – 400 to 500 pesos
  • Meal – 120 per head *Binalot


Package 1:  1,850 per head
  • AM or PM snacks
  • Lunch
  • Entrance and Use of facilities
  • 1 hour access to Aquapark

Package 2:  990 per head
  • Entrance and Use of facilities
  • 1 hour access to Aquapark
Package 3:  1,600 per head

  • AM or PM snacks
  • Lunch
  • Entrance and Use of facilities
Room for 2 with 2 Allowable extra person. Each person over regular capacity will be charged Php 1,500. It has cabled TV and FREE wifi access.

  • Equipped with mini-refrigerator, cooking is NOT allowed.
Complimentary Bottled Water and Coffee

Lotion, Soap, Shampoo, Towels and Tissue are available, but there\’s NO Dental Kits and Cotton Buds!

The place is huge and I honestly didn\’t explore the whole area. You know, the kids are fully occupied and settled at the pool. I joined them and it wasn\’t hard keeping an eye while they swim because it is not crowded and we mostly stayed on 2 ft. and 4 ft pool area.

I\’m really looking forward to try the Aquapark. It\’s actually my main reason why I choose Club Balai, but hesitated thinking the kids were too young to try out this kind of activity and afterall I can never get to enjoy this activity while having to closely monitor the kids, plus we saw someone got injured so… 

AQUAPARK tickets for checked-in guests cost 1,250 for 4pcs. tickets or choose 450 per head  1 hour access.

The place was well maintained. They clean the pool during lean hours so the water stays clear.
It was very relaxing at night and thought of getting a massage, but we have to stay with the kids… so, you know… we have to set our priorities. 😃
Our room is conveniently located at the pool near the restaurant. Terraza Cafe doesn\’t offer a dinner buffet… much better!

The breakfast is good, nothing special. I was actually expecting that they will asked us to pay for the kids\’ breakfast thinking that the included breakfast is good for 2 persons only, but they didn\’t.
Overall, we had a great family time during our stay. The staff are courteous and attentive. Funny thing is, the kids are bugging us to try swimming on the lake which they referred as the beach. They also bring with them their beach toys that they didn\’t get to use.

Oh well, our next summer escape would have to be on the beach and yes to looking forward to more summer IG pics like this one!

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Enjoy your Summer Everyone!

Review: Avoid Long Lines at Peak Tram with Klook

Our family recently traveled to Hongkong and we\’re not on a Tour Package, so I decided to avail Klook\’s Discounted Offer and make our own itinerary.
While searching online for activities to include, I found Klook Travel Guide.
Actually, Klook is new to me, at first I was hesitant to book online but after reading positive reviews that came from \”real users\” I confidently purchased via credit card.
I was sold at their exclusive promotion on \”Peak Tram Fast Track Combo\” (The Peak 4 in 1 Combo) Fast Track.
  • Peak Tram Fast Track
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • Trick Eye 3D Museum
  • Sky Terrace 428 

The Queue Jump or Special Line entry was a big relief, queuing usually takes 1 hour or more but Klook\’s tickets grant us VIP access and we marched straight to the front!

PHOTO from Klook Blog

PHOTO from
We met Klook\’s Guide at Central MTR Station Exit K. The guide gave our Peak Tram Tickets and we walk altogether to Peak Tram Terminus.

Meet-up @ Central Station MTR Exit K (Street Level)
Reminder: Make sure to strictly follow your time slot. Arrive 15 minutes before meeting time. We arrived 20 minutes late and the guide no longer accept us to join on their  next schedule.
However, the Guide in charge was very accommodating with our concerns and even helped me re-arranged my itinerary.
I asked  him to please let us use this day for this activity because rescheduling means we have to move our other activities.
Sadly, they follow strict time schedule, so we just have to request to re-sched and make sure that we arrive on time. The Guide was kind enough to suggest the best time to get as I  laid down my plans for the days to come. 
The Guide suggested to take the 12pm sched and have the Ocean Park tour right after we finished the activities at the Peak. 

The much awaited Tram Ride!

At the top of the Peak, the guide gave us our attraction tickets and let us  enjoy the rest of our visit on our own time.

Here\’s some of our photos as we met the stars in life like wax work!

After Madame Tussauds, we were supposed to use the tickets for Trick Eye 3D Museum and Sky Terrace 428, but we were told by my husband\’s side of the family (btw, we were 4 families traveled together) not to use it anymore because it\’s 3PM already and we should be heading to Ocean Park instead.

If I were to ask, I will choose to use those  remaining tickets for the two attractions. Why? we paid for it, and I think an hour spent with these attractions would not hurt our visit to Ocean Park. Yep, nandun na, so sana tinuloy na lang. Tsk! Husband comforts me saying \”Don\’t worry, babalik tayo ulit dito\” (Duh? talaga? hahaha).

Oh well, medyo pumalpak ang itenerary… mahirap ang may kahintayan kasi if you\’re with a big group. Anyway, a big thanks to Klook for the Discounted Tickets especially the VIP access.
I suggest you check Klook\’s website to find itinerary inspiration and get discounted offers. You can also download Klook\’s App to conveniently book your travel experiences on the go.
How to use e-voucher? Just show on mobile or printout.
I am soooo looking forward to our next booking with  Klook on our future travel plans. You should too!  

Entrance Fee at Dinosaurs Island Park in Clark Pampanga

This is an overdue post weeks ago, when I accompanied my preschooler going to Clark Pampanga for their educational field trip. The trip\’s main attraction was going to Dinosaurs Island. At that time, I was too busy with my work schedule and house chores (plus the baby!) that I didn\’t even bother to google on any reviews on what to expect with the place. When being asked by my curious and excited little boy, I answered that what were gonna  see there were Dinosaur statues,  they were prehistoric creatures and ofcourse, they\’re not real.

I have no idea at all that those dinosaurs, aside from giving an exciting adventure to children, will also give a little scare and can make small ones cry because of fear. Why? simply because they recreate the past mesozoic era using animatronic technology.

Animatronics technology is similar technique they used in movies where gigantic creatures came into life. The sound effects make it more real and thrilling.

My 5 year old boy got the chance to experience what it feels like to ride a dinosaur! This is located right at the park\’s entrance. Tokens for dino ride cost 50 pesos. My son made a quick inspection, touching its skin, maybe convincing himself that it wasn\’t real before he agrees to have a ride. He rode 2 times trying first the small dino and the bigger one after.

There was also a dance performance from the group of dinosaur mascots, (done per batch/group  of visitors) that allows children to have a close interaction, making the experience more memorable. The mascots weren\’t close enough to Barney\’s adorable appearance, so expect some kids that will surely  cry their heart out because of fear! (tamang ngalngal) . I wasn\’t able to capture a nice shot of those dancing Dinos (sorry!) because we came late for the group\’s session that we weren\’t able to witness the whole performance. Well, no regrets at all… we came late because I have to make sure I capture my child\’s souvenir shot with over 30 species of moving dinosaur display in the Forest trail:

Newly hatched (baby cute daw).

Dinosaur \”feeding\” – view from top

He ask for help reading some facts.

Our selfie shot (ngiting pilit!

Our last stop was at Jungle Safari Ride, I had a good laugh while observing the kids\’ priceless reactions! We were attacked and surprised by Dino mascots, and I was really thrilled seeing the kids on how they conquer their fears! Harrrr…

I realized that these 2 boys beside me was already on my lap seeking comfort while trying to hide themselves! hahaha.

Safari ride cost 100 pesos, but our tour guide manage to get tickets for us at discounted price. We only pay 80 pesos  per head (separate payment from school package) to enjoy the ride.

The place is a perfect choice for educational tours especially for pre-schoolers, it\’s truly worth visiting. The kids would definitely enjoy the encounter with these gigantic creatures and will never forget how they saw them moving.

Swimsuit for Pregnant Women

Summer heat is on its peak! Beach resorts and swimming pools continue to be the top destinations to  have fun under the sun, enjoy and stay calm amidst this really hot weather. 

For a pregnant mom like me, a \”goooood swim\” equals to a good exercise, but if you are currently having an infection (the most common for pregnant: UTI) or any other health issues, it is better to check with your doctor before you take the plunge.

As for me, I was too confident to enjoy the sea water, spent 2 to 3 hours or so, on our first summer outing this year at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp in Nasugbu, Batangas. And was happy to to have a nice swim wear on my 4th month of pregnancy. Only to find out days after that I am not allowed to go for a swim even in pools (chlorinated!) due to my urinalysis report that shows 6-11 count of pus cells and few bacteria. 

Uh-oh… at that time, I was looking forward on our scheduled 4D/ 3N stay at La Carmela de Boracay and was really excited to enjoy the  white sand and clear water at the island (love to swim!), but saddened by my doctor\’s advised not to swim. I was allowed to have a dip on the water, alright?! but reminded not to soak my V to make sure no bacteria can enter!

Due to my disappointment on the advised not to take a plunge again, I just shopped for summer clothes and swimwear that can lift my mood on our upcoming vacation. Atleast I have some pictorials ala celebrity, something to look forward to! (hehe). I\’m on my 5th month when we took our flight going to Kalibo, Aklan for a relaxing summer vacation.

If you are looking for a Maternity Swimwear on a budget,
just like what I did, shop at stalls in Baclaran, or on your local department stores (online shops for maternity swimwear is too expensive) or re-create something that complement your figure.

Look for a Maternity swimsuit that offers extra stretch in the stomach. 
Found this swimwear at a stall in Baclaran at Php350.
I simply love this \”High Waisted Swimwear\” I made out of my old skirt that match my  boy leg shorts and bikini top:

The trick? I used my old brown (short) skirt and wore it high on waist, to cover my baby bump and tucked it in my brown boy leg shorts… neat! no need to sew.

Or go for a cheery interesting piece, like this bright and colorful flowy halter top with matching boy leg shorts:

Banana boat, Parasailing, scuba and helmet diving were some of the activities I missed because of the 2nd child growing on my belly. But that doesn\’t mean I wasn\’t able to enjoy our relaxing escape! Island hopping, making sand castles, and laying down at the sand makes me happy already and  the travel worth remembering.
Mother and daughter bonding!
relax, relax, relax….
I am excuse not having a beach bod, instead proudly show-off my baby bump, and \”striking a pose ala celebrity goal\” – achieved!

You can choose dark colored if you want a slimming look =)

Yup, pregnant women will still looks adorable on swimsuits and can also had fun under the sun, even with some restrictions!

For small busted, like yours truly (woohooo); create a cleavage by wearing a V-neck suit or underwire halter-style top that lifts the bust.

Boracay is not only world\’s top destination for relaxation but also an emerging top destination for tranquility and night life. I did enjoy watching those fire dancers\’ acrobatic moves and some dangerous acts when we had our dinner at Don Vito Ristorante Italiano.

Mama Mia!

My 5yr old son bravely join them and had an unforgettable fire dancing experience, I guess that\’s what you call Family Night life. Pure enjoyment with just sumptous food and a nice show with orange juice on the side (haha!).

The next morning, I don\’t know what happened but I found myself having a quick dip on the water, our last day here, maybe my way of saying goodbye to this beautiful Island? (sniff).

I\’m really sorry for taking a quick swim, but promised to drink fresh buko juice everyday to help fight against infection and take my meds.

Metrodeal\’s Manila Ocean Park\’s Ultimate Adventure Review

October 13th, Saturday; off we went to Manila Ocean Park for our Ultimate Acquatica adventure. It\’s actually our 5th year Wedding Anniversary and both decided to have another fun and educational trip for our preschooler.
I availed Metrodeal\’s voucher for Ocean Park\’s Nine Fun attractions which give us 63% OFF the original price.
Good deal it is!

We arrived at the park 15min. before 10am, just in time to redeem my tickets by simply presenting  printed vouchers and valid ID at the Acquatica Pool Entrance.

Jellies Exhibit
Marine Life Show
All Star Bird Show
Trails to Antartica
Snow Village
Penguin Talk Show
Musical Fountain Show
All these for Php 699 instead of 1,900. Big thanks to Metrodeal voucher! =)

First stop: Jellies Exhibit

Here\’s the Dancing sea fairies, gracefully and elegantly fluttering in the water:

Afterwards, we went ahead to watch the Sea Lion Show that starts at 11am. The show was followed  by 2pm and 4:30pm, your choice! Watching the 1st set was just on time to eat lunch right after.

Sealions, Vincent and Sandra entertain us with their charm and intelligence! love their dancing and audience interaction. One thing I don\’t like about the show organizer is that right in the middle of the show, they allowed bulk of people (whose on a school field trip)  to come in, giving us  just a view of  all those people endlessly walking in, completely blocking all of us in the front row.
I mean, they should be considerate enough to think of us who strictly followed the time schedule to have our seats and not just  to be blocked and annoyed by those who comes in late. arggh!
After lunch, we headed back to the Acquatica Centre, (same venue just near the Park  entrance) to watch  the All Star Bird Show at 1pm.

You can shop for souvenirs at the store located at the left side of the Acquatica Centre and another one inside the park.

Enjoyed watching birds trick and friendly competition and the host  ask some audience to have a chance to  interact up-close! I\’m quite sure that  the host was referring and looking at me when he said that the lady in shades wearing gray to come forward and participate for the next trick, I was about to go leaving my things to husband  when the lady in front of me stand-up and all smiles went down getting my turn. She\’s wearing shades and light gray shirt alright, but in polka dots print, in polka prints! The host never mentioned the lady in polka, pls???
Well… to my dismay,  my chance had completely blew away just like that! hmp…
Anyways, more pics pls?
 My sister posing for cam while playful son intentionally tries to ruin a perfect shot.
Couple shot ( as usual he barge in!)
Family picture, studio shot where they photoshopped the oceanarium background, the price? its 300 pesos!
4th stop: Trails to Antartica
( features 4 zones)
This attraction is what I enjoyed the most!

1st zone
Discovering Antartica Exhibit at the Hallway:

A walk-through exhibit where you can learn more about frozen wilderness.

Ready for the Penguin Exhibit:

Moving on to the 2nd zone:
My sis and I enjoyed the 42 meters ice slide at Slide O\’ Fun. Sorry son, 4ft. below is not allowed. Yihee… our turn!
(Slide O\’ Fun at the background)
3rd zone: Penguin Exhibit
Showcasing Humboldt Penguins
Just like my preschooler\’s grade in Science Class, Penguin showcase gets an A+
And we never missed a chance to have a close encounter with them. Penguin feeding for additional fee of  500 pesos where it includes captured photos in CD.

Best part ever!
And finally, the last zone
Go directly to Snow Village to freeze!
More pics to satisfy certified camera addicts!

The Penguin Talk Show runs every 30 minutes, honestly? you need not to worry if you misses the show. hehe.  It\’s a talk show from Hamboo the penguin,  a real time animation and digital puppetry where kids can learn about Penguin origin and facts. Before the show, kids are ask to stand up and dance the Gangnam style! It was a bit fun…
Next? Marine Life Exhibit at Oceanarium:

We never get tired of feeding Koi\’s. Our Nuvali Fish Feeding wasn\’t enough, so here\’s a new way feeding them:

Go bottle feed them for 100pesos which includes a souvenir shot:
You have to hold the bottle tighter, because these fish can quickly get the bottle out of your hands.

Truly delightful experience!

Get your eyes wide opened on all those stick- ur- face photo opps:

This one\’s my fave, I can feel the Arielle in me… hehe
After our merienda break, we waited until 6pm and queued for the last Attraction which is the Musical Fountain Show at 7pm. It\’s good that we line up as early to secure our seats on the right viewing spot. =)

Before the show starts, they distributed a free disposable raincoat to all, for us not to go home in wet clothes.

Here, I bravely took out our SLR for this shots:

30 minutes display of fire, laser lights, and music, backed by animated sea characters on water screen.

A truly breath taking musical display!
Photo grabbed from Ocean Park\’s website
And that\’s THE END  of  our Ocean Adventure, it was really a recommended  fun place for all ages.

Singapore Tour Package

WARNING: Picture Overload! [Scroll doooowwwn pls…]
This family trip of ours happened 5 months ago already,  today comes the final compilation of video and photos to share.  I wouldn\’t want to miss this one to be included in this personal blog of mine, so here it goes…
B\’s First Airplane ride is going to Singapore! It was a 4D and 3N stay and was superb fun despite of me not feeling well due to cough and sore throat. I regret skipping the optional  \’Sentosa tour\’ , on our First day, but still happy to be reunited with my dear high school friend, B\’s \’Ninang\’. 
Day 1: Free Day
@ Vivo City

World Class, Harbour Front
Day 2:  City Tour
Took the main sights of Singapore City and Marina Bay

City tour would not be complete without a visit to Merlion Park:
 Never had a chance to explore Marina Bay sands, just captured its beauty from afar:

Chinese Garden:

A quick visit at chocolate store:

Experience nature and style at Mount Faber Park:

Overwhelmed by jewelry display at Qualitas.
Day 3:  Universal Studios
Comes the main highlight of our trip: going to Universal Studios movie Theme Park!
Let the Fun begin!
Ticket to Fun, fun, fun…

Now you know why I choose to wear my running shoes for this day! hehe

Tee hee! A Fire Fighter…

Stopped and tried out funky hats at  The Brown Derby Hat Shop located at the Hollywood Section just near the Entrance.

We\’re blown away on  Lights, Camera, Action! a movie special effects by Steven Spielberg.

B had an amazing meet and greet  experience with Optimus Prime, twice! we need to fall in line again for this, coz the 1st one was  mistakenly not video recorded:
Unlike in our City tour, B readily strikes a pose for cam and he\’s the one calling my attention to take some more pictures!

He was stunned  as he experienced  TRANSFORMERS: The Ride when we delightfully volunteered in the Ultimate 3D Battle to save our planet .
Husband and I excitedly see what Ancient Egypt has to offer.  Facing warrior mummies in an indoor thriller roller coaster ride prides on the Revenge of the Mummy: a psychological thrill ride in total darkness! (worth the wait!).
We didn\’t have enough time to meet those Popular Movie Hollywood Characters because we\’re too occupied lining up on these rides and adventure:

Dino Saurin, at The Lost World

Madagascar Crate Adventure

Had the chance to watched Madagascar Penguins\’ funny and clumsy dance moves! 

A Special Souvenir shot perfect for framing:

Far, Far Away Castle! Magic Potion Spin

Thumbs up for a Fairy Tale adventure!

Our park adventure ends in Water World Show, a sensational live show full of action, stunts, and real explosions of fire and water. 

Again, I am disappointed for not having the chance to  meet those  popular Universal Movie Characters for our Photo opps (sigh). Although we happen to see Frankenstein and Charlie Chaplin, we did not bother to queue to take pictures thinking we still have plenty of time to do so.

But we ended up missing our chance for all of those souvernir shots. My friends are right… it is best not to get a Tour Package when you go to SG because it\’s cheaper and you can decide for your own time at your own pace. Imagine we leave the park at exactly 5pm because our tour guide is waiting for us, when we can stay atleast around 7? Tsk, tsk! 

Anyway, despite few disappointments, we did enjoy every detail of our action-packed escapade and this serves as another emotional investment for the family that surely adds up in our \”memory bank\”. =)

We bid goodbye to Singapore, while B saying \”ahahaha… iwan\” (… left out). Bye SG! hope to see you again.