Tips for Successfully Organizing a Halloween Party

Halloween is my second  favorite celebration next to Christmas! I have long been planning to throw a Halloween Party which is a week away from my birthday. With this, I gathered useful tips that will surely put a Halloween legendary bash to a huge success.😀
If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party for next year, you want to make sure that you do it right. From food to decorations, each aspect of your celebration should be well thought out so you can truly impress your guests. If you still don’t have a game plan in mind, don’t panic. These tips can help you organize your Halloween bash like a pro.
Pick a Theme
Before you begin adding decorations or setting up the snack table, you need to pick a theme for your party that people will love. Whether you’re throwing the party for your children’s friends or plan to invite your own friends and colleagues, making your event fit into a chosen theme gives people an idea of how to dress and helps them know what to expect during the evening.

Set Up Decorations

It isn’t a true Halloween celebration without some spooky decorations to set the tone. Once you’ve decided on a theme, fill your home with some decorations that fit in with the topic you chose. You can go classic with scarperia knives, a jack-o’-lantern or opt for a more elegant object, like a centerpiece. Most standard Halloween decorations can be found at your local party store, or you can click here for more unique ideas.

Offer Candy

One of the best parts of Halloween is all the candy, and you don’t want to disappoint your company by leaving out this crucial element. You can get creative during this step, so feel free to include a combination of chocolate, candy and other types of sweet treats. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your guests won’t be let down.
Halloween can be yours if you organize the best party on your block. By keeping these tips in mind, you can create an event that is truly memorable for everyone.


I should\’ve blogging about our Halloween trick or treat at Active Fun, but sad thing is, we\’re not able to make it because I was having a headache at that time and I was on my night shift sked at work so I decided not to. 
But despite of change of plan, we still manage to have our own \’trick or treat\’ last sunday… yup! that\’s Oct. 31~  and here\’s my  B wearing devil\’s horns (it lights up!) matching our halloween night visits:

That was fun! 
And that saves up Php500 registration fee.~Y\’ay!~
The amount saved for that occasion was spent for his consultation fee the next day on our visit to his pediatrician who examine the  blisters found on his legs, the skin infection was identified: its Impetigo, a common skin problem found in toddlers.

Halloween Event for Kids

       I really hope my Brandon can join another halloween party so I readily searched for any upcoming treat for this event. I googled and landed on Mommy Renz\’ page! Y\’ey! Now I\’ve got something to look forward to and never have to worry about costume coz we can borrow from his cousin\’s and be using his pumpkin  basket we used from last year\’s Trick or Treat.
      So I am now marking my calendar and checking out ActiveFun for their Oct. 29 Halloween Party.  See details below so you can join too!

Pre-sold tickets available at ActiveFun branch where you wish to participate which cost Php500 that entitles your kid to a 1day unlimited play, snacks, lootbag, and entry to one of the contest categories. Costume contest are categorize to: Spookiest, Spooky cute, Little Prince, and Little Princess. Registration for Contest participants is from 1-3pm on the day of the event. Parade, program and trick or treat will start at exactly 3pm.