Mom\’s Guide To A Healthier And Longer Life

There is no good time for moms to get sick, but it’s not an impossible scenario—with most of their waking moments spent tending to their kids’ needs and often not caring about their own.

According to a study in Circulation, women who followed the five healthy lifestyle habits—exercising at least 30 minutes a day, having a healthy diet, not smoking, drinking in moderation, and maintaining a healthy weight—lived 14 years longer than those who don’t.

So, if you want to be with your kids for a decade longer, this mom\’s guide to a healthier and longer life can help you get there.

  1. Eat healthily
May it be the kids’ leftovers or just a conscious effort to serve the family the same dish, mommies end up eating what the kids are also having. If you’re not routinely serving the healthier kind to your kids, chances are, you’re wreaking havoc to your diet.

Don’t copy your kids’ diet and stick with eating three healthy meals a day and practicing portion control. Instead of calories, pack in more protein to your diet by having food such as oatmeal, fish, broccoli, eggs, chicken breast, and almonds to name a few.

  1. Sleep early
Put your kids to bed early so that you’d also get to sleep early, or at least have enough sleep at night.
Inadequate sleep time results in lack of energy and affects your health negatively. Take every chance you get to take a nap during the day, too.

  1. Get moving
You don’t have to plan out a fitness regime and spend hours in the gym (because no mommy has time for that)—simply sharing an activity with your kids can be enough.

As often as you can, play with them. It not only burns off the calories and motivates you to be active, but it’s also a good bonding time.

If you do want to exercise, something as simple as walking can be beneficial. A yoga or dance class or a playing a sport that you like is good, too.

Know what you want to do to stay active and keep at it.

  1. Get social
And no, this doesn’t mean social media. Nothing can ever replace the actual conversation you can have with your friends in person. In fact, now that you’re a mother, you should try to minimize your use of social media. It takes too much time and is often not a productive activity.

If you need to get outside to be social, then so be it. It’s a lot better than keeping to yourself at home all day because the fresh air outside is good for your overall health. Plus, you’d get to meet people and parents like you who are more understanding of what you’re going through as a mother.

  1. Find inner peace
As much as mothers love their child, it’s no surprise that her day can get a little too rowdy and messy with them around. Sometimes, it can put them over the edge or even make them feel like they\’re not a good parent.

That’s why it’s important for moms to stay calm and find their inner peace. This can be done through a few changes of habits and actions. Something as simple as playing your favorite music while doing the chores can make routines more enjoyable.  

Alone time is necessary, too, especially since you’re now always surrounded by people who constantly need your attention. Create a schedule that allows you to have your me time.

  1. Get a life insurance policy with health and wellness benefits
As a mother, you’d want to protect your children for as long as you can. One way to do this is to get a life insurance policy that will cover your beneficiaries in case anything happens to you.

To make the most out of your insurance, get one that offers you rewards for making healthy choices.

Moms need to take care of themselves to have a long, happy life. The healthier and happier they are, the more time they have to look after their kids—and even fulfill their personal goals in life.   

[This is a guest post written by  Ms. Bea Rico from BPI-Philam featuring a useful Infographic on how Moms can stay healthy.]

Postpartum Recovery: Discovering The Quickest Way To Getting Back Into Shape

One of the most frustrating times in a woman\’s life is quite possibly those first few days and months after her new bundle of joy is born. She loves staring at her beautiful new baby while hating looking at her own figure in the mirror. If you\’ve recently had a baby, you know the devastating toll a baby can have on your self -image. The dilemma of not being able to fit into your pre-baby clothes and dreading having to keep wearing maternity clothes is one that is all too common to most new mothers.
If you are wondering just where to begin in getting your pre-baby body back (or better) this article will show you one easy way to lose pregnancy weight without diet or exercise. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on and find one well-kept secret on regaining your figure after having a baby.
Women have been wearing postpartum shapewear for a number of occasions, and the same may vary. The most popular ones are the postpartum wraps, postpartum waist cinchers, postpartum binders, belly binders, etc. The intention of each postpartum garment is the same i.e. assisting new mothers recuperate their pre-baby bodies easily without spending more on dieting or myriad hours in the gym.

The greatest benefit of wearing a postpartum garment is that they can frequently be worn almost quickly after delivery. Other significant benefits include:
•  Enhanced weight loss
Good quality postpartum garments provide an instant reduced weight line, and they are helpful in causing perspiration and fitting you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Postpartum outfits lift and tuck the body in all the directions, and many women observe a greater reduction of weight in comparison to the women who aren\’t wearing the same. One of the most popular postpartum garments is the Squeem, and it has the ability to hasten postpartum weight loss.
•   Supports speedy postpartum recovery
Women who wear postpartum shapewear have confirmed feeling more comfortable and relieved. Postpartum shapewear can endow with good support, and most innovative mothers require the same in addition to micromassage of the back and abdomen. These garments can also help your womb in coming back to its normal position i.e. correct posture and pre-pregnancy position.
•   Wearing maternity shapewear
A maternity shapewear is usually manufactured from a variety of materials such as nylon, spandex, microfiber, and cotton. These garments are specially designed to hold a woman\’s growing belly, and they do not have underwire in their structure. These fabric blends elongate as a woman\’s belly grows, and they can be easily worn both during and after pregnancy. This variety of shaper permits a woman to fit more contentedly into outfits that she likes. Moreover, it guarantees that a woman retains correct posture at all times. This product is exactly like the postpartum shapewear, and can be worn ever after a child is born.
•   Buying Postpartum or Maternity Shapewear
Postpartum shapewear is easily available in the form of T-shirts, panties, shorts, and camisoles. Some other forms include ribbons, ruffles, and laces. This attire is almost interchangeable from routine clothing. The items can be worn as individual pieces, and even they can be readily covered with other garments. A precise maternity shaper is assured to instigate confidence in any woman, and she can look her best, even throughout the pregnancy.

Medical Marijuana Certification for Customized Dosing and Treatment

It is fortunate to find doctors who will really take good care of your well being and prescribed medications that actually works. As much as possible, All Natural Medical Solutions is the cheapest and most convenient way to medicate. Those compassionate Health Options does include Medical Marijuana. Such cases offers the use of  Medical Marijuana Certifications like from Sarasota Marijuana Doctors who carefully evaluate patient, educate and provide legal medication.

                                                                                                                                              Justin Aikin                                                                   

Only people who secure a Marijuana Card from doctors can use Medical Marijuana and they do not prescribed it with anyone under 18 years old. It usually works to decrease pain, inflammation and muscle control problems.  To get started with Medical Marijuana recommendation, Doctors in Florida assist and evaluate  persons who qualify with the following Medical Conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig\’s
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Cachexia (Wasting Syndrome)
  • Cancer
  • Chron\’s Disease
  • Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome
  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy  
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Lupus
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclorosis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Parkinson\’s Disease
  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Seizures
  • Severe & Chronic Pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Spasticity
  • Any Terminal Condition
It also include treatment for other debilitating conditions of like, kind or class. We all heard of growing number of states that have legalized medical use of marijuana including  Florida Marijuana Doctors to help treat those range of illnesses and symptoms. People ask for prescription when suffering from \”pain\”. Marijuana Plant does contain chemicals that can help ease and treat certain conditions but everyone should use it with limits to avoid risks and misuse.

Save on Prescriptions and Pharmacy with SingleCare

Here’s the Top Three ways to save on Prescriptions:
  1. Buy a less expensive/ generic version.
  2. Have a Loyalty card that rewards member with points that can be used for subsequent purchases.
  3. Shop around to  compare cost.
I always go for numbers 1 & 2 but never had the chance for number 3, as I find it time consuming and less manageable as I pictured out doing my own research for a much lower cost option.
But having an online tool to look up alternatives and see how much you can save wherein consumers get access to great care for less money is one big thing!
Here’s How: Get a SingleCare prescriptions saving card.
SingleCare offers savings on prescriptions, dental, vision, and on-demand virtual doctor visits. Whether it’s a life-saving drug or a routine dental cleaning. Consumers be able to compare costs for healthcare services and get care without worrying about networks, coverage limitations or deductibles. 
It is partnered with 35,000 pharmacies nationwide that empower consumers to compare pricing and save. Consumers get affordable prices on prescriptions and can save money for health services.
*The price includes a small administrative fee, which helps  keep the lights on and allows to build more partnerships and offer greater savings.
SingleCare is free to join and members save money when they fill a prescription using their SingleCare card or when they visit a SingleCare dentist, optometrist, or have an online doctor visit. It is a one card with multiple benefits:
  • Up to 80% OFF your prescriptions
  • Save up to 55% on dental visits
  • Access to 200,000 providers nationwide
  • Price estimation tools
  • A free account with no membership fees
SingleCare only makes money when members save money.  They also offer levitra coupon 2018 and save up to 80% Off the retail price by using your Free SingleCare savings card at a participating pharmacy near you.
You can also get to save an extra 5$ OFF for your first prescription at Walmart and CVS Pharmacy. It guaranteed to  make savings on prescription a lot  easier, so why not check it out and experience easy saving money? Get your FREE card now, find your prescription, compare pricing and save at the pharmacy.
You can also search for your prescription on the SingleCare app, available for both Android and iOS. It is designed to make Healthcare more accessible and affordable to consumers. So yes, this one\’s highly recommended.