UA Whitening promo at Belmere

Are you ready for summer? Check out Belmere\’s March 2011 promo for UA Whitening: 
 I often visit for laser hair removal and diamond peel, a regular client who loves their irresistable offer for a more affordable price! Last month they offered  UA laser hair removal package- 6 sessions that comes with another 6 sessions of UA whitening w/ free whitening cream for  Php13.5k, just too late to share because i came to know about it  end of the month (but who knows they might offer it again). 
So now I am sharing this one early and you have a lot of time to decide and hey, you can also inquire about Diamond Peel Gift of Beauty  promo for only  Php 888. I\’ll give one for my mother dear and have one for myself. (it\’s buy 1 take 1).  Happy beauty shopping everyone!!!

Cheap Laser Hair Removal

I searched online for the cheapest upper lip Laser treatment, and found Godiva Skin Station. I called up immediately and learned that  the franchise was no longer under Godiva but  \’Belmere Skin Centre\’. Anyways, they offer Harmony Laser Treatment package~ a promo for 6 sessions of UL Harmony Laser Treatment for 6k! 
That\’s the lowest offer so far compared to IPL Laser at Belo which cost 2,000+/session (have tried it twice). I scheduled my visit right away after inquiring via phone. Ooops! late blog post. I have availed this promo 3 days ago. An irresistable offer coz it comes with  a free session of Diamond Peel!

A good catch, right? 1,000/session of Harmony plus Diamond Peel = a great deal. I just have to wait and see if it will give me great results.

Harmony Laser is pain-free treatment that feels similar to a \”hot stone massage\”. I don\’t feel guilty for availing this, but feels really good taking some time to soothe myself for things which I think a necessity for me.

Belmere\’s advice was to \”Take some time to relax, to rejuvenate, to restore…\” ahihi… Its a haven for the \”Beautiful Mom\”, also perfectly suited for those who just want a beauty break.  Now thats a christmas break and a gift rolled into one… Y\’ey!