United Nations Day Celebration

October is United nations month. I remember during grade school, we are required to make  a flag of the country that is assigned to our class section. I even participated as a muse to represent Mexico when I was in 4th grade and on my Senior highschool.
Sad to say, there were no photos to share because my mother wasn\’t that active when it comes to attending activities like this and has always been busy with house chores. I guess that results of me not having enough self-confidence and secretly wishing that if things weren\’t that way, surely, my childhood years would have been more fun, I\’d be in full potential, and it definitely would be more worth looking back. hehe
This thought made me promise to myself to do things that my mother failed to do for us. My parents\’ mistakes would surely be a lesson learned and I vow not to make the same mistakes and try a different approach in rasing my own child.
I begin with having family trips, less house works and more on spending time with my preschooler. I always do my best in explaining things he asks and builds an open communication while imposing house rules and why he needs to comply.
And so, I did not forget to be  the stage mother that I wished my mom had been to me during United Nations Day Celebration:
On stage performance of Hula dance from their whole class.

But ofcourse, Mommy and  Daddy watched it!

I definitely think I am doing  great as a stage mother, I just hope I am not over doing it. LOL

Reward Charts for Kids

Wonderful One, Terrible Two, Thrilling Three, and now~ Fearsome Four. Among those Kid stages, wonderful one will always be my favorite! It is when I am in control of my little bundle and not the stage where I  should use my vocal chords on its highest level (woossh).
We are now on Fearsome Four, but I sometimes borrow that \”Terrible Two\” stage for the exact description  of what\’s stage  we are in. Teaching and encouraging a good behavior and discouraging the bad is a challenging task that test our patience, parenting skills and strategies.
There are many interesting approaches in reinforcing a good behavior and I thank this one for giving my throat a time-out that it deserves. =)

Husband suggested that we try using the Reward Chart to easily teach B to display good behavior at all times. As of now, the results are  in favor of nearly getting his Hulk, the Avengers Mighty Battlers as a reward:

Notice the last 3 check marks on the first row! Hmn, I think someone\’s been manipulating the results, with daddy\’s consent… tsk, tsk! 

This Reward Chart replaces the \’1-2-3 warning\’ and I must say it works well as it offered him two choices in which he can easily choose to behave, having in mind getting additional check marks. Our first implementation is soon to finished, advance rating? Overall successful!
When he doesn\’t behave well, I just warned him that he will be getting 2 or more X, for such behavior. Then, he listens and stop, and just like magic, the unwanted behavior instantly change and disappears! (*wink).

The Avengers Action Figure

We actually think that B would never appreciate \”The Avengers\” movie, or would simply bother other people inside the cinema so we decided not to bring him as we watched. Instead, we bought him a Captain America action figure (The First Avenger!) to at least enjoy the the super hero movie craze.
Captain America, stepping out of the box to join us. =)
Days after, we also bought Iron Man to join the Captain where B delightedly exclaimed that the two are instant friends!

My B has a habit of not throwing away the box of his toys, weeks after the purchased. And, every new toy sleeps with him until it finally sink in that they are exclusively his. 

He is so into it that husband decided to watched again the movie, this time with our B (I\’m at work ) where he get to experienced The Avengers in action. Husband told me that B is well behaved on the entire movie except when he got really amazed with the scenes while proudly exclaiming \”That\’s my Toy!!!\”.

Oh, well… I guess B is ready enough for such movies, that he also requested to have Hulk, The Avengers Mighty Battlers aboard (hmn… we\’ll see).

Halloween Trick or Treat 2011

We were invited by my former office mate to come celebrate trick or treat at their office and enjoy their different themed station that adds up excitement for the kids. Here are some pics from last night\’s jam packed fun celebration:
Red mask- final touch up on \”The Flash\” costume.
Doing his rounds on cubicles for treats.
Naruto and friends =)
At Smurfs Village
Have you watched this movie?
with Barbie.
with his instant friend, Superman.
tired and irritated Sailormoon for the picture taking. (still, adorable!)
Enjoyed play fight with tandem, Batman and Robin.
Husband\’s fave shot! Flash as he is… =)
What a cute puppy =)
Scary white lady with anak ni Janice…hehe
almost done… a taste test from trick or treat\’s basket.
Children with scary and cutie halloween costume was all around the place, i wasn\’t able to capture photos of their get ups, but like my B, i also had a great time looking and enjoying their little surprises.
 supportive mommy ever!
its 11pm already and i can\’t make him wait till tomorrow.
(last, last, and another last one to taste!)

Early Christmas Gift: Leap Pad Explorer

Just a quick update on my early Christmas gift for B.

This Leap Pad Explorer is here with us 3 days ago and I promise to find time to share my review on this product as soon as I found a perfect timing to blog more. You see, our schedule is quite full and I can\’t barely go online and spend time needed for my review updates.
For the mean time check out our Halloween trick or treat celebration last night at my former employer in Alabang, B had a blast actively collecting treats wearing  \”The Flash\” costume. =)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys?

Ahoy Mates!
I accomplished  the  Jake and the Neverland Pirates cut-outs project for my toddler in response to his endless request for the  \”Jake toys\”. Since there wasn\’t any available at malls and toy displays, I made an extra effort to came up with  what this playful little pirate had been hunting for.
Husband bought a Pirate ship which  I cleverly  turned into this:

While  I add up these action figures err, i mean cut-outs of Jake and the cast to complete the treasure hunt adventure!

Hmn, someone\’s enjoying stuffs here =)

I totally enjoyed doing  art crafts, I remember having my self- made  paper dolls when I was in grade school together with my own design of its clothes and accessories leaving me charmed and entertained with my precious possession. 

Printable Worksheets for Toddler

According to KidsHealth.org, kids under age 6 should watch only an average of about 2 hours of screen media a day, primarily TV and videos or DVDs. Admit it, television serves as our  care taker keeping our child busy allowing us to  attend errands at home without getting interrupted. Given that \”too much on anything causes harm\” my toddler already display  signs of TV addiction so i cut back and make a good deal of choosing only his favorites and taught him how to tell when  the clock shows the time of his much-awaited TV programs.
Although media provides a good support on child\’s education and learning, its still best to engaged on  activities that focuses  more on reading skills which can actually form good study habits.
If my B was restrained  from  watching, i  gave him   Pre-school worksheets to practice the hand grasp and writing skills  keeping him busy on a more sensible way.
I also showered him connect the dots activity pages that gets him from scribbling  into tracing  Capital and small letters:

I strongly recommend keeping up rules of implementing limited access on television =). Needless to say, educational programs are advisable and beneficial but too much on television also comes with harmful effects. So make sure to observe the following  TV-watching guidelines for toddlers:

Handy Manny tools Names?

After having his own tools, Handy Manny easily made a come back on my B\’s list of favorite Disney shows. Special agent OSO, Octonauts and Jake and the Neverland Pirates were among his line up of \”must-watch\” series. I let him watch all his favorites edutainment shows in which he can actually learn while having fun, as well as taking advantage on  Scientific Toys and other educational materials.
Our Handy Man here doesn\’t forget to wear safety helmet but totally forgot about wearing his shorts! ahihi =)
Below is Handy Manny\’s tools names:
Dusty– the saw
Squeeze – the pliers
Pat – the hammer
Stretch – the tape measure (he borrowed  the real one from daddy\’s tool box)
Felipe –  the Phillips head screwdriver 
Turner –  the flat head screwdriver
Rusty –  the wrench
Flicker–  the flashlight  (he kept on asking me to pls  lend our ever ready flashlight!)
Now he\’s our official handy helper, a toddler who does all the \”tooling around\” at any given time!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Printables

The Ben Tennyson fever at home is finally over! 
We rarely visit Cartoon Network now since Disney Junior replaced Playhouse Disney (July11) along with its brand new show: \”Jake and the Neverland Pirates\”.
Its sad that I will  no longer play the character of Gwen Tennyson (haha! affected) I\’m Izzy now , who has the ability to fly \’coz of the pixie dust given by Tinkerbell. Our wooden furnitures the dining and sala set, transforms into our pirate ship during \”Jake playtime\”. =) 
shiver me timbers! =)
Daddy becomes the Captain hook, and who else would be Jake, the main character who leads the crew? No other than B who always got excited (over and over again) singing the opening theme song. I was tagged along to sing and go  marching, encircling our imaginary  treasure chest when its time to count the collected gold doubloon.
When leaving for work, I was always asked to bring home the Jake toy! Since I have no time to look from nearby malls and market stalls,  and I don\’t even think the Jake collectibles was already here considering the show came out only last month; I decided to make these coloring pages in addition  to  the stickers I made.

I punched every pages and cut the red paper clip into 2 to bind, to make it more of a coloring book. And my B really appreciate the personalized coloring book, making it part of his daily activity even he already finished every pages (I think im gonna print another set again!).

Toddler Talk

I had a conversation with my toddler last night about Santa Claus and how he generously leave his  gifts to good children while they were asleep. Emphasizing the part where only \”good children\” are being rewarded for being nice and the part that gifts were left under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. 
This  morning, I woke up from the sound of his voice loudly asking \”mommy, where are the gifts? where? where?\”, I guess he got too excited for the gifts that it fast forward on waking up and finding the gift. So I have to explain to him again emphasizing now the patience of waiting and the need to be a good boy at all times. 
Its good that we often engage in small conversation like this helping him to communicate well. He does know a few words and sometimes he can\’t seem to express exactly what\’s on his mind so I encouraged him to explain further by pointing out things that will described the word or make actions to help me understand what he was trying to say.
Earlier today\’s topic is about having a baby sister, Ooops! we got the topic after her 6mos. old cousin visited us and I diverted his thoughts by suggesting to get a pet instead. He\’s only 3 and taking care of a pet requires a lot of time and teaching so how about getting him a Jellycat Stuffed Animals? He can have a wide selection from bunnies to zebras to the more familiar dogs and cats. Our conversation always goes with helping him pronounce letters correctly, \”ba-ba-bunnies, duh-duh-dog!\”

He did a good job copying the sound of words and chooses the cuddly \”duh-dug-dog!\”   to be his JellyCat companion. Acquiring a real pet will definitely be  years ahead from now. Mommy\’s not yet ready to supervised him with all the responsibilities and work of having a pet at home.