Why Vitamin D Is Important For Your Kids

If you have little ones and have been shopping for wellements organic baby products and researching nutrients, you may be wondering which vitamins are essential for your kids to get enough of every day. As you read through Wellements multivitamin reviews, you might encounter some information about vitamin D.

While it can be easy to overlook this particular vitamin, it’s actually essential to kids’ development in terms of creating strong bones, maintaining a healthy immune system and building good heart health. If you’re debating whether you should invest in vitamin D supplements in consultation with your pediatrician or start adding more vitamin-D rich foods to your child’s diet, here are some of the facts you should remember about this crucial vitamin.

It Helps With Calcium Absorption

You may already be giving your kids Wellements baby tooth oil to help them build strong teeth, but might not have given much thought to whether the calcium in their diet is actually getting used for their teeth and bones or not. In fact, adequate vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption and use, so without enough of it, dietary calcium might not be as helpful as it could be.

Enough Vitamin D Prevents Dangerous Deficiencies

Inadequate vitamin D intake, whether due to not enough vitamin D in the diet, not enough time outside or some other reason, can lead to dangerous deficiencies and resulting side effects. For example, risks of a deficiency can include:

        Ricketts and skeletal deformity

        Pain in the bones

        In some children, asthma

        Weak muscles

        Higher risk of heart health issues like cardiovascular disease

It’s important to keep in mind, too, that certain health conditions can increase your child’s risk of running a vitamin D deficiency. For example, some chronic diseases, including cystic fibrosis, or some prescription medications can have this effect. In these cases, remain vigilant and consider supplementing as needed.

It Helps Reduce Bone Fracture Risk

You may already have heard about vitamin D’s role in bone health, but you might not have been aware that being deficient in vitamin D can actually increase kids’ risk of getting bone fractures later on in life. Simply by ensuring kids get the recommended amount of vitamin D, you can help provide them with bone health benefits that can last a lifetime. Keep in mind, however, that it may be tough to get enough vitamin D just through a diet, even a well balanced one, so supplementation may be necessary. Discuss specifics with your doctor and you can decide on the right option for your child.

Getting enough nutrients is vital for children’s well being, development and long-term health, and vitamin D is no exception. From helping kids build up strong bones for the future and help them heal quicker to improving their overall immune systems, vitamin D has countless benefits and preventing a deficiency is essential to maintaining optimal health. Now that you understand the many reasons why vitamin D is important for kids to get enough of on a regular basis, you can consult with your pediatrician and find the right way to ensure your children are getting their daily value of this vital nutrient.

Kids\’ Screen time: Tablet vs. TV

According to experts, kids aged 2-5 years old should only have an hour of screen time per day and two hours for kids aged 6 years and older. The suggested hours of screen time promotes healthy usage with moderation.

The rise of technology and convenience has magically turned screens into instant pacifier especially for young children. But as we all know, screen offers limited sensory activities and face to face interaction that prevents them from experiencing real-world activities.

Today\’s generation is truly different. Tablets becomes parents\’ modern pacifier as it effectively makes a crying child stop and keep them entertained. Some experts combine watching TV and tablet play as screen time. But watching TV is different, as it is considered as much more passive activity.

Photo by McKaela Lee on Unsplash

When asked what is better for kids, Tablets vs. watching television? Well, each has its own pros and cons. Too  much of anything is harmful. Kids can easily get addicted to the screen that can linked to attention and behavioral problems. However, screen time can also do good if done with parents\’ supervision to monitor what kind of media they consume.

The answer is still up to us, parents! It all depends on how we can manage what\’s beneficial; making sure that we can effectively avoid all those health and emotional problems associated with device overuse.

Also, setting screen time guidelines that includes the following General Rules can be a big help:

1. Avoid fast-paced programs, apps with lots of distracting and violent content.

2. No screens during meals and 1 hour before bedtime.

3. Try not to use screen media to bribe or calm your child.

4. Monitor the kind of media they consume, including apps. Test apps before your child uses them and play together.  

5. Make it interactive by asking your child what they think and what they are learning from the media they consume.

A good example is to \”make it a shared three-dimensional experience. The brain development and language development happens when you talk about what is happening on screen, similar to reading a book to your child. Make it a dialog, discuss important concepts, exchange ideas, and relate what your child is learning to real life. 

When parents manages kids\’ screen time, it can surely minimize all the harmful effects.

For sure, kids find playing games on tablets more entertaining and engaging, but as a parent, I personally prefer them to watch TV.

Bigger screens means more distance watching that won\’t easily damage their eyes. Also, they get to play with other toys like Lego blocks while watching their favorite shows and not stuck with just sitting or in one position.

I\’m sure, Sam Haskell, the person named as one of the 25 Most Innovative and Influential People in Television over the last quarter century; couldn\’t agree more.😀

There are tons of educational shows on Youtube that I watched with the kids on bigger screen. It is a good teaching tool or a way to connect as it provides a good opportunity to talk and start a discussion of their insights and choices.

Positive TV, improves kids\’ behavior; same as positive use of Tablet. Whatever the choice is, it all sums up to using with  moderation and guidelines to maximize its benefits.

NutriShake For Kids – Review

A few weeks ago, we receive this milkshake product from nutrition.ph for us to review. I actually expecting a bit of chocolatey taste as it smells more of a choco powder than milk.
NutriShake for kids is a nutritional milkshake that contains 30 essential nutrients, minerals and micro nutrients to help build healthy bodies and minds. It is recommended for kids ages 4-12 to boost nutrition.
I was really hopeful that my kids aged 11 and 5; (picky eaters!) will love this product so we can assure to have their daily vitamin intake.

On the first try, my eldest doesn\’t approve its taste. He described the taste as not milky enough and more of soya beans which he hated. He never finished the whole glass so I tried it and confirm his claim.
We have this whole jar to consume so I decided to give it another  try by adding a twist to its original flavor. Since my kids love ice pops, I mixed it with their fave strawberry powder mix to have the  nutritional benefits that it offer while enjoying a more appealing taste for them.

Finding a new way to enjoy this product is a must!
I also get to drink a small cup whenever I feel hungry as it serves as energy drink that boost me up while preparing for early breakfast. 
One shake a day is all it takes!

NutriShake for Kids bridges the nutritional gap with 30 essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep kids growing bodies their healthy best, and to help boost energy and mental performance. Fortified with cell-protecting antioxidants, whole bean soy, plus the “brain-building” nutrients DHA, PS and PC.
So, is it worth trying? Definitely!
With all those nutritional benefits, why not? Fair enough they offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE meaning if your kids don\’t love NutriShake, you can send it back within 30 days of purchase for a NO-questions asked refund. How was that? 😀 Go, try it mommies!

3 Tips To Looking Your Best Over The Holidays With These Top Skin Care Products

Everyone wants to look their best when they see their friends and family for the holidays and, with the holiday season fast approaching, it is never too early- or too late- to start taking care of your skin. Here are three ways to improve your skin during the holiday season:

1. Moisturize: While you are completing your Christmas shopping and traveling to meet your loved ones, your skin will require a bit of extra moisturizing action. This is especially true if you are switching to a colder or drier climate, or if you are doing a lot of flying for the holidays. Fortunately, Timeless 100 Squalane Oil Pure has you covered. You can use Squalane Pure alone or as part of your regular skin care regimen with your favorite Vitamin C serum.

2. Plump: The holiday season can leave skin worn out and tired, which is why adding a hydrating component like the Hyaluronic Acid Serumfrom Timeless Skin Care to your regular skincare routine is especially important. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, which makes it one of the most powerful natural hydrating and plumping agents on the market.  

3. Rejuvenate: Our skin suffers minor insults throughout the year from chemicals, harsh treatment, and even our own makeup. To help protect and rejuvenate skin, add a Vitamin C serumto your skin care regimen. The Timeless Hyaluronic Acid +Vitamin C Serum also includes Matrixyl 3000, which is a powerful wrinkle fighting ingredient.

Your skin goes through a lot during the holiday season, but with these tips, you can not only help your skin look its best but also start fighting the effects of the environment and achieve young, healthy-looking skin for the new year! 😉

Create Timeless design Invitations with Paperless Post

How do you go paperless?
As much as possible, I opt to receive our monthly utility and credit card bills via email.  I scan or took photos of important docs as I am enjoying the convenience of going paperless and organize my digitized files by naming it correctly and putting it on a specified folder.
As for event invitation, I  prefer to receive or send digital version of card invites rather than physical copy. I\’m a fan of a more relaxed and organized way of online communication as it saves time due to less effort.

Today, I tried creating a sample of birthday invitation using Paperless Post. Since I am the last fam member to celebrate my birth date, I created sample cards for my upcoming birthday on November. I had fun choosing designs and actually came up with 10 favorites before I finalized my choice.
Paperless Post, is a company that designs customizable online stationery, to show that communication can be personal and well-designed regardless of the medium. It  has partnered with several world-famous designers and lifestyle brands, including kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co., and has delivered over 85 million cards to date. 

It is free if sent without any premium options. You can choose to create from birthday, wedding, Parties, Professional, Announcement, Thank You cards to Holidays, Religious Invitations and so much more!

Make it personal by uploading your favorite photo, choose your typeface and type color and write a custom message. You can choose envelope liner, front card back drop, stamp & post mark and it comes with a reply card and event page where guests can go to get in touch with you and view updated event details and share party photos. You can also follow up with your guests: request RSVPs, schedule an event reminder and send message.

If you want to have Premium design options like envelope liners and card inserts, you can buy coins to upgrade your choice. The Coin price per recipient is based on the design, and Coin packages can be purchased when you are ready to send.

You can browse thousands of selection from free invitations and free cards if decided not to go premium. You can still make it more personalized as you have the option to  upload your own design suite. 

I like the feature where you can get  directions from google map on event location, and the guests\’ option to add to calendar, and can send a free test  to check how it looks like when sent.
I\’m hooked from lovely templates and can\’t get enough on cute designs and classic stationeries. Here\’s my second fun creation using my old photo:
Oh, how I love to start a digital scrapbook of my favorite quotes with this… I\’m sure to enjoy more when it\’s time  to create for my kids\’ birthday invitation from its wide selection of beautifully designed artwork. 😉

Create A Life Time Memories with Storybook.ph

Taking photos is the best way to preserve memories, right?
As for me, I\’ve been into scrapbooking and those precious photos serve as one of my priceless possessions. Collecting photos can bring back the joy from the past travel, experiences, and milestones.
Taking photos has been so much easier with today\’s smart phones and cameras. I\’m no longer into scrapbooking but switched to creating photobooks instead. I remember I had my very first photobook ordered from 9 years ago. Back then, I just send all the photos I want for layout and then they emailed back the preview for approval.
Fast forward today, we have a total of 13 photobooks already and our new addition came from Storybook.ph that I received 3 days ago.
I have been creating photobooks for our family memorabilia for the past years and yet still have 10,000+ photos stored in my phone memory, hah! I actually have a pending photo project to do, simply because turning memorable photos into lasting books is how I make sure that we never lose those precious photographs.
This one is the Classic  11 x 8.5 inches Landscape Hard cover image wrap (40 pages) photobook which cost ₱995. I was able to squeeze in our 2 summer getaway within this book! This book contains 115 shots of our travel photos plus the fun of creating personalized notes and quotes to remember.

The price of Classic Landscape photobooks starts at 624 for 20 pages. You can choose from 20 to 120 pages whichever suit your needs. They offer FREE shipping for orders 999 above.
Creating a photobook is super easy, just create an account, and choose from the ff. sizes:

Classic Landscape
Hardcover Imagewrap Landscape Photobook 11×8.5in 

Classic Portrait
Hardcover Imagewrap Portrait Photobook 8.5 x 11in 

Classic Square
Hardcover Imagewrap Square Photobook 8in x 8in
Soft Cover Medium
Medium Landscape Softcover Photobook 21×15 cm (8.27 x 5.90in)

After choosing the number of pages for the book size, you can start by adding photos to include. The site is easy to use and navigate. Themes, clip art, background and layout templates are available, and you can add your own text for a more personalized and customized creation. Once done, click \’order\’ and proceed to checkout. Next step is to enter your shipping information and choose Paypal or BDO bank deposit. If you choose to pay thru bank, just transfer or deposit  the amount to  Gutenberg Print Pack Solutions\’ BDO account# indicated. And then, email the transfer or deposit slip with your order number and wait for the confirmation email, and that\’s it! 

You can count on Storybook.PH if you\’re making a travel book, a baby book, or a photobook about anything that matters to you.
I have yet to try their unique prints on wood  or the Canvas wall art photo, but that\’s definitely my next project in line. I originally plan to have a  \’cross-stitch\’ family portrait but I don\’t think that I can ever have the time to start one. So, this wood print or canvas art is more doable and closer to reality! 😉 
I can see my old self  browsing pages of photobooks when all that\’s left  is to reminisce. FB becomes my online photo album but nothing beats having a lasting prints of memorable photos ~ as a meaningful way to celebrate and hold on to life time memories. 💕

Join Giving Artfully Kids to Receive Crafting-based Service Projects

This is a long overdue post for art craft project that we sign-up last summer. We have tried curated book subscription box before because I love the idea of saving time to find age appropriate books to read and engaging activities to do.

As I am looking for another curated activity to try, I came across Giving Artfully Kids, an enrichment program where kids were helping others and spreading kindness through crafting-based service projects. The membership includes complete lesson plans, materials list, and other online resources to help start a home or community based program.
Sock Snowman Project

You can choose from Premium or Basic  membership level. I signed up for Premium level membership that gives me access for the Lesson Plans that we can follow for pre-made service learning experience.
Projects are for 3 different age levels:
  • 3-6 years old
  • 6-9 years old
  • 9-12 years old
Each lesson plan has 4 components:
  1. Opening Activities
  2. Book/ Video Discussion and Social Issue Introduction
  3. Crafting project directions
  4. Reflection Questions
We have done several craft projects before, I discover that doing so can help boost my child\’s confidence and serves as our bonding time together.  My 10 year old enjoyed our first craft project and shows compassion when asked what to do in a certain situation on the video that we watched.

Compared to my curated subscription box, this one\’s also saves my time of finding activities to do. All I need to do is follow the instructions and provide the materials needed. There were also online resources provided that we can watch or read. So yes, instead of spending more time of research, I can have a full month of activities all lined up.

Although I personally like how a subscription box provide the books and craft materials that we need, what I love most about the Giving Artfully Kids program is that it is not only empowers my child but also share and provide a difference through crafting-based service projects.

How? The activities are focused on importance of giving and being charitable towards others. Plus, we can explore some of the social issues that we can discuss for in-depth understanding.

Know more on how it can teach kids to give and spread kindness by clicking here.

Turn Your Receipts into Cash with SnapCart!

Getting discounts and earning points for every grocery shopping trip is a good way to help lessen the growing expenses. It may seem a tiny amount but considered an extra cash when adds up, agree?
I have been keeping my BDO rewards for a decade already and was surprised on how much points it can accumulate for less cash payment. I even got rewarded for answering surveys that pay real cash. I recently received my GCash card from Nielsen Consumer Mobile App Rewards where  they will wire my earnings (that\’s another story!).

You see?  I have been patiently participating with all these apps, surveys, and cash backs as my way of  saving. So, having been introduced to SnapCart  as my small way to earn real cash by snapping grocery receipts is another welcome opportunity! 

Turn your receipts into cash? Why not?!

Snapcart is a mobile application that gives shoppers cashback for scanning  receipts as  SnapCart can collect massive amount of purchase data, analyze and offer to brands on a real time basis with shopper rich information.
Here\’s how much you can earn:
Level Multiplier x Receipt Cashback = Cashback Total
  • More than 1,001.00 = 16.00 Php per receipt
  • More than  501.00 = 8.00 Php per receipt
  • More than 251.00 = 4.00 Php per receipt
  • More than 101.00 = 1.75 Php per receipt
  • More than 1.00 = 0.50 Php per receipt

What Type of Receipts does SnapCart accepts?

Make sure to follow these Tips and Tricks for faster receipt verification:
  • All parts of receipts are readable.
  • All parts of receipts are captured, use + button to snap long receipts.
  • Snapped receipts in a bright environment.
  • One receipt for 1 snap.
  • Snap receipt within the red box provided.
  • Receipt is in good condition, not crumpled nor torn.

You have to reached the minimum amount of 220 pesos to cash out. I had my first cash out thru my BDO account. It also have an option of using your earned cash in exchange of Load Credits or voucher but I haven\’t tried this yet.

You can also get coins that can be used to play Snaptastic. The more coins you collect, the bigger chances for you to play Snaptastic and win various prizes.

Snaptastic is all about having fun and playing games where customer engagement and loyalty is. Snaptastic is aimed as a platform for brands to further engage their customers in a unique and more rewarding way.

Hooray for my first Cash out! 😃
I am currently on  Silver Level with 1.2 points multiplier, and 15 more weeks to go for Gold  next to Platinum Level which will give me the chance to earn twice the amount of cashback.
SnapCart is legit, so you better Snap before you throw away that grocery, medicine or  cosmetic receipts. Happy Snapping!

Girl Talk: Be The Boss of Your Period.

Mood swings are common for women during or before the menstruation period. I never noticed I am having those irritability, anger and sensitivity until I heard my husband warned and reminded my tween to be extra careful not do things that makes me angry especially on  my \”red days\”.

I heard my \’tweenager\’ of being thankful for being a boy that doesn\’t need to go through this monthly periods. As explained, women have fluctuating hormone levels during these periods, thus ending up having a roller coaster of emotion.
Women have different signs, level of pain and emotions during these days that also indicates different  ways to cope with this emotional state.

Food cravings, fatigue, anxiety, and trouble focusing are some of those common symptoms. As for me, it does include abdominal cramps and lower back pain. It doesn\’t just affect physically and emotionally  but can even hurt our schedule too! Sadly, a reality that every woman encounters.

The first period usually occurs at age 12. I can still remember every detail on how I survived my first period. Looking back, I hated it when my mother do not introduced me right away on disposable pads and instead taught me how to use the reusable cloth that serves as pads. Imagine my shock and disgust of having to clean up for each and every use?!

Plain awful. My innocent mind was blown away and felt really uncomfortable. Today\’s generation have their own version of reusable napkins which is way better than folding a piece of cloth to make it looks like a pad. 

Oh, how I am loving today\’s generation, thankfully my daughter will never have to go through the mess that I experienced before. Here\’s some of Important Rules to take on How to Survived each and every period:
  • Find the brand that suits your needs, works well and makes you feel confident.
  • Keep in mind to change pads every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Properly disposed used pads by rolling it up and putting it in the wrapper.
  • Use sanitary pads with wings to avoid side stains, or better to use Knixteen underwear for periods for a more reliable protection. It is a period underwear that serves as back-up protection against inevitable leaks, odor, and moisture, to stay confident no matter what time of the month is.
  • Give in to food cravings or subscribe to Happy Days Club where hand pick chocolates, snacks, teas, sanitary products, comforting items will be sent straight to your door. But, it don\’t always have to be sweet. Some women crave salty or fatty foods like chips, pizza and burgers.
  • Make sure to get important nutrients during menstruation, mix it it up with some fresh, whole foods to have alongside your sweet treat.
  • Embrace the time of the month, take extra care and do something nice for yourself to lift up the mood.
  • Go curl up and get enough sleep to feel refresh and rejuvenated.
  • Mark the date of your cycle to track your period to know when to expect.

These are the  important points to take especially for  first timers. Actually, there is nothing to worry about if we can take full control and have it covered by our tested ways along with our  most suitable and trusted brands.

Cosplaying with Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray

This is an overdue post from my preschooler\’s Costume Parade last month. She chose to be Iron Man last Halloween using her brother\’s old costume so I never got the chance for any  DIY project for that one.
Thankfully, for the school\’s costume parade, she agrees to be Shimmer! An optimistic genie with pink hair. Yep, pink hair! While I never got the chance to shop for a pink wig, we just had this washable Cospray Hair Color Spray instead.
We used Cospray in metallic pink on Costume day and tried out the blue one for Shine, the courageous genie with a blue hair, the following week.
Cospray Washable Hairspray in Blue and Metallic Pink. The Blue is their new packaging!

This washable spray is water-based, kid-friendly, hypoallergenic and paraben-free that is why it is safe to use. And because its paraben-free,  it doesn\’t have any strong smell of chemicals. It\’s actually mild scented and doesn\’t irritate my 4 year old daughter.
She\’s playing on her tablet while I spray this on, and  there wasn\’t any complain of discomfort and she\’s not even irritated as I did her hair. It is best to use a tissue and paper to catch and wipe the droplets as you spray.
On the pink spray, I styled her hair first before spraying. Well, I figured out it is best to style your hair first to ensure visible color. My daughter has thick hair so we emptied the bottle for each look.

It takes atleast 3 to 5 minutes to completely dry up and can easily wash off with shampoo and water. Overall, this product is highly recommended for you or for your little one\’s dress up needs. Cospray is available in 7 different colors for only 209 pesos per 75ml bottle.

It is available in Beauty Bar, PCX, Landmark Dept. Store, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer Center, Ayagold, Fishermall Dept. Store, ToysRUs and Toy Kingdom (Megamall & MOA) or you can order online at → www.cospray.myshopify.com.
It\’s absolutely a nice experience for my preschooler being in character as Shimmer, a Genie in training. This sure adds up to our memory bank as she got to enjoy her pretend magical adventure of her favorite twin Genies! Two thumbs up… 👍👍