What Makes Kids Picky Eaters?

Has your child been turning down a range of immune-boosting foods for kids recently in favor of a very narrow range of favorite foods? If so, you may be dealing with a picky eater. Although many kids can adopt picky eating patterns as they get older, teaching your child to eat a wide range of foods is important for his or her physical and mental development. Before you can begin to correct your kid’s eating habits, you may first need to learn more about what makes kids picky eaters.

Kids Often Imitate Behavior Observed at Home

One key component of getting your kids to expand their tastes and stop being picky eaters is setting a good example in your own kitchen and at your own dinner table every day. Children frequently imitate behaviors they pick up at home, so if you or a relative are picky eaters and actively shy away from certain types of foods at home, you may not be setting your child up for balanced eating habits later in life. In order to lead by example, try to:

• Consume a balanced diet every day filled with preservative-free foods
• Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits around your kids
• Talk about the flavor of each meal with your children
• Explain the different flavors and food groups to your kids

Kids’ Palates May Change Over Time With Greater Exposure To Different Foods

If you’ve been trying to shift your toddler from taking the best infant vitamin D drops to taking a children’s complete multivitamin, you may already be aware that kids’ nutritional requirements change over time. What you may not have known is that kids’ palates can also change over time, meaning that foods your child disliked at one time might no longer taste bad to him or her. You can push your child to give certain foods a second try if you:

• Introduce one new ingredient into dishes your kids already love to help them get used to the taste slowly
• Get your kids involved in the kitchen and ask them to help you prepare different meals so they will feel motivated to try what they’ve cooked
• Offer a wide range of foods, and especially a range of different types of fruits and vegetables, to your kids on a regular basis to get them exposed to various flavors
• Keep junk food and fast food out of the house as much as possible to encourage healthy eating

Some Kids May Reject Food for Deeper Emotional Reasons

Keep in mind that some food habits may be due to deeper emotional or developmental reasons. For example, a child may start to display picky eating habits if he or she is struggling with:

• Academic difficulties
• Puberty-related emotional challenges
• Bullying or other peer-related problems
• Feelings of not having enough control in their lives

If your child has become a picky eater recently, he or she is far from alone. Many kids develop picky eating habits throughout their childhood, which can become not only an inconvenience for their parents at mealtime but can even, in worst-case scenarios, deprive them of key vitamins and minerals. Thankfully, understanding what may be behind your kid’s newfound eating habits could help you correct course.

Kids\’ Screen time: Tablet vs. TV

According to experts, kids aged 2-5 years old should only have an hour of screen time per day and two hours for kids aged 6 years and older. The suggested hours of screen time promotes healthy usage with moderation.

The rise of technology and convenience has magically turned screens into instant pacifier especially for young children. But as we all know, screen offers limited sensory activities and face to face interaction that prevents them from experiencing real-world activities.

Today\’s generation is truly different. Tablets becomes parents\’ modern pacifier as it effectively makes a crying child stop and keep them entertained. Some experts combine watching TV and tablet play as screen time. But watching TV is different, as it is considered as much more passive activity.

Photo by McKaela Lee on Unsplash

When asked what is better for kids, Tablets vs. watching television? Well, each has its own pros and cons. Too  much of anything is harmful. Kids can easily get addicted to the screen that can linked to attention and behavioral problems. However, screen time can also do good if done with parents\’ supervision to monitor what kind of media they consume.

The answer is still up to us, parents! It all depends on how we can manage what\’s beneficial; making sure that we can effectively avoid all those health and emotional problems associated with device overuse.

Also, setting screen time guidelines that includes the following General Rules can be a big help:

1. Avoid fast-paced programs, apps with lots of distracting and violent content.

2. No screens during meals and 1 hour before bedtime.

3. Try not to use screen media to bribe or calm your child.

4. Monitor the kind of media they consume, including apps. Test apps before your child uses them and play together.  

5. Make it interactive by asking your child what they think and what they are learning from the media they consume.

A good example is to \”make it a shared three-dimensional experience. The brain development and language development happens when you talk about what is happening on screen, similar to reading a book to your child. Make it a dialog, discuss important concepts, exchange ideas, and relate what your child is learning to real life. 

When parents manages kids\’ screen time, it can surely minimize all the harmful effects.

For sure, kids find playing games on tablets more entertaining and engaging, but as a parent, I personally prefer them to watch TV.

Bigger screens means more distance watching that won\’t easily damage their eyes. Also, they get to play with other toys like Lego blocks while watching their favorite shows and not stuck with just sitting or in one position.

I\’m sure, Sam Haskell, the person named as one of the 25 Most Innovative and Influential People in Television over the last quarter century; couldn\’t agree more.😀

There are tons of educational shows on Youtube that I watched with the kids on bigger screen. It is a good teaching tool or a way to connect as it provides a good opportunity to talk and start a discussion of their insights and choices.

Positive TV, improves kids\’ behavior; same as positive use of Tablet. Whatever the choice is, it all sums up to using with  moderation and guidelines to maximize its benefits.

Stay at Home Mom Strategies on Handling Emotional Challenges

I came across an article about  Stay at Home Mom\’s depression and how to avoid it. These past few days, I have been dwelling on negative thoughts of how my life is running on  chores and deemed as \”routinary ordinary\”. Laundry pile, dirty dishes, and all that never-ending chores seems to take away my sense of self. It sometimes feels like I lost my own self  as soon as I enter this motherhood journey.

I\’d love to think, I am not alone. We are not alone. After getting into some intentional choices and do more of self-care, I now came to realized that being a mom is a constant hard work. I think making it work everyday is – brave. And, getting up the next day to do it all over again is what makes us amazingly brave! Keep in mind that not everyone is being gifted of this opportunity to stay home and raise our own kids.

Remember those days when you are working full time and wished you are home with your kids? And when the time came we are actually doing the \’stay at home thing\’ we are dreaming of working instead, focusing on career growth and accomplishments?

In today\’s modern world where social media fuels envy and comparison of one\’s life, we have to be reminded that it doesn\’t always mean that you are better or worse. And, there is no perfect life. Everyone has their own burden. What\’s important is how we overcome those burdens and continue to move forward.

We all have our own unique journey. We all have our own success and failures that comes in our own time frame. I can clearly admit that this thing was just purely out of boredom and we need to take back our full control to get back on our amazing role.

Here\’s 5 Simple ways to get started on getting back all the good thoughts and combat that sad feeling that causes significant anxiety.

1. Relax.

Take a necessary break to recharge and rejuvenate. Take your own pace in doing things. There\’s no rule to finish that house work within the day. Learn to prioritize things that needs immediate attention and learn to take it slow. In this case, there\’s plenty of \”me-time\” to enjoy.

Even a long uninterrupted shower break feels like a vacation, agree?

A time away from routine also helps. Emphasize the importance of travel in your life. Take trips to help you gain a greater appreciation for everything in your life.

2. Eat right.

It is important to stay healthy but allow yourself on few crappy cravings that helps boost your appetite.

3. Exercise.

Exercise can always makes you feel better. There\’s no excuse, you owe this to yourself as part of self-care. Give yourself even 20 minutes a day of realistic workouts. Don\’t push too hard on planking! Again, be realistic. Start with simple exercises and some body stretches.

4. Get a hobby.

Focus on your interest and follow your passion. One good advice that I got from an interview with Josiane Peluso from Hobby Jam is to:

\”Forget about how you think you look to others and enjoy yourself.\”

Go find that therapeutic hobby that helps refocus thoughts and mind.

5. Connect.

Go out with friends. Connect with real people that brings out the best in you. Find a support group where you can talk and laugh about those messy truth  and learn to  accept everything as  part of this normal life. We need to regain our balance and look after ourselves first to be able to look after our family.

Dr. Nava Silton, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College, said: 

“Motherhood can be very stressful — whether it’s financial stresses, time stresses, just trying to get a whole lot done in a very short period of time. I think it’s really important for mothers to be rejuvenated and refreshed.

That is why taking time to relax deserves  the number 1 spot! 💗

Create A Life Time Memories with Storybook.ph

Taking photos is the best way to preserve memories, right?
As for me, I\’ve been into scrapbooking and those precious photos serve as one of my priceless possessions. Collecting photos can bring back the joy from the past travel, experiences, and milestones.
Taking photos has been so much easier with today\’s smart phones and cameras. I\’m no longer into scrapbooking but switched to creating photobooks instead. I remember I had my very first photobook ordered from 9 years ago. Back then, I just send all the photos I want for layout and then they emailed back the preview for approval.
Fast forward today, we have a total of 13 photobooks already and our new addition came from Storybook.ph that I received 3 days ago.
I have been creating photobooks for our family memorabilia for the past years and yet still have 10,000+ photos stored in my phone memory, hah! I actually have a pending photo project to do, simply because turning memorable photos into lasting books is how I make sure that we never lose those precious photographs.
This one is the Classic  11 x 8.5 inches Landscape Hard cover image wrap (40 pages) photobook which cost ₱995. I was able to squeeze in our 2 summer getaway within this book! This book contains 115 shots of our travel photos plus the fun of creating personalized notes and quotes to remember.

The price of Classic Landscape photobooks starts at 624 for 20 pages. You can choose from 20 to 120 pages whichever suit your needs. They offer FREE shipping for orders 999 above.
Creating a photobook is super easy, just create an account, and choose from the ff. sizes:

Classic Landscape
Hardcover Imagewrap Landscape Photobook 11×8.5in 

Classic Portrait
Hardcover Imagewrap Portrait Photobook 8.5 x 11in 

Classic Square
Hardcover Imagewrap Square Photobook 8in x 8in
Soft Cover Medium
Medium Landscape Softcover Photobook 21×15 cm (8.27 x 5.90in)

After choosing the number of pages for the book size, you can start by adding photos to include. The site is easy to use and navigate. Themes, clip art, background and layout templates are available, and you can add your own text for a more personalized and customized creation. Once done, click \’order\’ and proceed to checkout. Next step is to enter your shipping information and choose Paypal or BDO bank deposit. If you choose to pay thru bank, just transfer or deposit  the amount to  Gutenberg Print Pack Solutions\’ BDO account# indicated. And then, email the transfer or deposit slip with your order number and wait for the confirmation email, and that\’s it! 

You can count on Storybook.PH if you\’re making a travel book, a baby book, or a photobook about anything that matters to you.
I have yet to try their unique prints on wood  or the Canvas wall art photo, but that\’s definitely my next project in line. I originally plan to have a  \’cross-stitch\’ family portrait but I don\’t think that I can ever have the time to start one. So, this wood print or canvas art is more doable and closer to reality! 😉 
I can see my old self  browsing pages of photobooks when all that\’s left  is to reminisce. FB becomes my online photo album but nothing beats having a lasting prints of memorable photos ~ as a meaningful way to celebrate and hold on to life time memories. 💕

Mom\’s Guide To A Healthier And Longer Life

There is no good time for moms to get sick, but it’s not an impossible scenario—with most of their waking moments spent tending to their kids’ needs and often not caring about their own.

According to a study in Circulation, women who followed the five healthy lifestyle habits—exercising at least 30 minutes a day, having a healthy diet, not smoking, drinking in moderation, and maintaining a healthy weight—lived 14 years longer than those who don’t.

So, if you want to be with your kids for a decade longer, this mom\’s guide to a healthier and longer life can help you get there.

  1. Eat healthily
May it be the kids’ leftovers or just a conscious effort to serve the family the same dish, mommies end up eating what the kids are also having. If you’re not routinely serving the healthier kind to your kids, chances are, you’re wreaking havoc to your diet.

Don’t copy your kids’ diet and stick with eating three healthy meals a day and practicing portion control. Instead of calories, pack in more protein to your diet by having food such as oatmeal, fish, broccoli, eggs, chicken breast, and almonds to name a few.

  1. Sleep early
Put your kids to bed early so that you’d also get to sleep early, or at least have enough sleep at night.
Inadequate sleep time results in lack of energy and affects your health negatively. Take every chance you get to take a nap during the day, too.

  1. Get moving
You don’t have to plan out a fitness regime and spend hours in the gym (because no mommy has time for that)—simply sharing an activity with your kids can be enough.

As often as you can, play with them. It not only burns off the calories and motivates you to be active, but it’s also a good bonding time.

If you do want to exercise, something as simple as walking can be beneficial. A yoga or dance class or a playing a sport that you like is good, too.

Know what you want to do to stay active and keep at it.

  1. Get social
And no, this doesn’t mean social media. Nothing can ever replace the actual conversation you can have with your friends in person. In fact, now that you’re a mother, you should try to minimize your use of social media. It takes too much time and is often not a productive activity.

If you need to get outside to be social, then so be it. It’s a lot better than keeping to yourself at home all day because the fresh air outside is good for your overall health. Plus, you’d get to meet people and parents like you who are more understanding of what you’re going through as a mother.

  1. Find inner peace
As much as mothers love their child, it’s no surprise that her day can get a little too rowdy and messy with them around. Sometimes, it can put them over the edge or even make them feel like they\’re not a good parent.

That’s why it’s important for moms to stay calm and find their inner peace. This can be done through a few changes of habits and actions. Something as simple as playing your favorite music while doing the chores can make routines more enjoyable.  

Alone time is necessary, too, especially since you’re now always surrounded by people who constantly need your attention. Create a schedule that allows you to have your me time.

  1. Get a life insurance policy with health and wellness benefits
As a mother, you’d want to protect your children for as long as you can. One way to do this is to get a life insurance policy that will cover your beneficiaries in case anything happens to you.

To make the most out of your insurance, get one that offers you rewards for making healthy choices.

Moms need to take care of themselves to have a long, happy life. The healthier and happier they are, the more time they have to look after their kids—and even fulfill their personal goals in life.   

[This is a guest post written by  Ms. Bea Rico from BPI-Philam featuring a useful Infographic on how Moms can stay healthy.]

Postpartum Recovery: Discovering The Quickest Way To Getting Back Into Shape

One of the most frustrating times in a woman\’s life is quite possibly those first few days and months after her new bundle of joy is born. She loves staring at her beautiful new baby while hating looking at her own figure in the mirror. If you\’ve recently had a baby, you know the devastating toll a baby can have on your self -image. The dilemma of not being able to fit into your pre-baby clothes and dreading having to keep wearing maternity clothes is one that is all too common to most new mothers.
If you are wondering just where to begin in getting your pre-baby body back (or better) this article will show you one easy way to lose pregnancy weight without diet or exercise. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on and find one well-kept secret on regaining your figure after having a baby.
Women have been wearing postpartum shapewear for a number of occasions, and the same may vary. The most popular ones are the postpartum wraps, postpartum waist cinchers, postpartum binders, belly binders, etc. The intention of each postpartum garment is the same i.e. assisting new mothers recuperate their pre-baby bodies easily without spending more on dieting or myriad hours in the gym.

The greatest benefit of wearing a postpartum garment is that they can frequently be worn almost quickly after delivery. Other significant benefits include:
•  Enhanced weight loss
Good quality postpartum garments provide an instant reduced weight line, and they are helpful in causing perspiration and fitting you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Postpartum outfits lift and tuck the body in all the directions, and many women observe a greater reduction of weight in comparison to the women who aren\’t wearing the same. One of the most popular postpartum garments is the Squeem, and it has the ability to hasten postpartum weight loss.
•   Supports speedy postpartum recovery
Women who wear postpartum shapewear have confirmed feeling more comfortable and relieved. Postpartum shapewear can endow with good support, and most innovative mothers require the same in addition to micromassage of the back and abdomen. These garments can also help your womb in coming back to its normal position i.e. correct posture and pre-pregnancy position.
•   Wearing maternity shapewear
A maternity shapewear is usually manufactured from a variety of materials such as nylon, spandex, microfiber, and cotton. These garments are specially designed to hold a woman\’s growing belly, and they do not have underwire in their structure. These fabric blends elongate as a woman\’s belly grows, and they can be easily worn both during and after pregnancy. This variety of shaper permits a woman to fit more contentedly into outfits that she likes. Moreover, it guarantees that a woman retains correct posture at all times. This product is exactly like the postpartum shapewear, and can be worn ever after a child is born.
•   Buying Postpartum or Maternity Shapewear
Postpartum shapewear is easily available in the form of T-shirts, panties, shorts, and camisoles. Some other forms include ribbons, ruffles, and laces. This attire is almost interchangeable from routine clothing. The items can be worn as individual pieces, and even they can be readily covered with other garments. A precise maternity shaper is assured to instigate confidence in any woman, and she can look her best, even throughout the pregnancy.

Making Your Home a Safe Place for Your Kids

When you have babies who are beginning to crawl and explore, it is time for parents to think of the child’s safety in the home. Adults watching over the child have things to do around the house and sometimes little children can easily wander out of the adult’s sight while the adult is engrossed in their task.
Little toddlers do not know the danger and they can grab hold of sharp objects and end up with serious injuries. They could climb up a chair to reach a cabinet filled with medication or poisons, or kitchen drawers filled with knives and sharp utensils. Safety products for kids such as safety latches and locks on cabinets and drawers can keep medicine, poisons, knives, etc. from your kids.
If your home is a two storey house, installing a safety gate at the bottom and top of the stairs will help prevent children from falls. Safety gates can also prevent kids from entering bathrooms or rooms with possible danger. Kids are getting smarter each day and the safety gates should not be easily dislodged by pulls or tugs.

When choosing safety gates, make sure that there is no possibility of the child’s head or neck being entrapped. Other safety devices for children may include a child locator to know the where about of the child. Safety devices can also include window guards and safety netting to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, or decks. Corner and edge bumpers are used to prevent injuries from falls against sharp edges of furniture in the home. Look for bumpers that can be fixed securely on furniture. Another important cover is the power outlet cover to help prevent electrocution. Get outlet covers that can be securely fitted and cannot be easily removed by the child.

One safety product that is gaining popularity is the homespy cameras. Many home owners are fitting spy cameras in their home to monitor movements of their maid especially when the maid is left alone in the house with their little kids. Parents need to keep tabs to know that their kids are safe in the care of the maid or other family members. Through the spy cam, employers can also find out whether their maid has been secreting entertaining her friend in the absence of their employers. Through the spy cam, owners are able to monitor the home to make sure both the kids and maid are safe from intruders. 

Girl Talk: Be The Boss of Your Period.

Mood swings are common for women during or before the menstruation period. I never noticed I am having those irritability, anger and sensitivity until I heard my husband warned and reminded my tween to be extra careful not do things that makes me angry especially on  my \”red days\”.

I heard my \’tweenager\’ of being thankful for being a boy that doesn\’t need to go through this monthly periods. As explained, women have fluctuating hormone levels during these periods, thus ending up having a roller coaster of emotion.
Women have different signs, level of pain and emotions during these days that also indicates different  ways to cope with this emotional state.

Food cravings, fatigue, anxiety, and trouble focusing are some of those common symptoms. As for me, it does include abdominal cramps and lower back pain. It doesn\’t just affect physically and emotionally  but can even hurt our schedule too! Sadly, a reality that every woman encounters.

The first period usually occurs at age 12. I can still remember every detail on how I survived my first period. Looking back, I hated it when my mother do not introduced me right away on disposable pads and instead taught me how to use the reusable cloth that serves as pads. Imagine my shock and disgust of having to clean up for each and every use?!

Plain awful. My innocent mind was blown away and felt really uncomfortable. Today\’s generation have their own version of reusable napkins which is way better than folding a piece of cloth to make it looks like a pad. 

Oh, how I am loving today\’s generation, thankfully my daughter will never have to go through the mess that I experienced before. Here\’s some of Important Rules to take on How to Survived each and every period:
  • Find the brand that suits your needs, works well and makes you feel confident.
  • Keep in mind to change pads every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Properly disposed used pads by rolling it up and putting it in the wrapper.
  • Use sanitary pads with wings to avoid side stains, or better to use Knixteen underwear for periods for a more reliable protection. It is a period underwear that serves as back-up protection against inevitable leaks, odor, and moisture, to stay confident no matter what time of the month is.
  • Give in to food cravings or subscribe to Happy Days Club where hand pick chocolates, snacks, teas, sanitary products, comforting items will be sent straight to your door. But, it don\’t always have to be sweet. Some women crave salty or fatty foods like chips, pizza and burgers.
  • Make sure to get important nutrients during menstruation, mix it it up with some fresh, whole foods to have alongside your sweet treat.
  • Embrace the time of the month, take extra care and do something nice for yourself to lift up the mood.
  • Go curl up and get enough sleep to feel refresh and rejuvenated.
  • Mark the date of your cycle to track your period to know when to expect.

These are the  important points to take especially for  first timers. Actually, there is nothing to worry about if we can take full control and have it covered by our tested ways along with our  most suitable and trusted brands.

What to put in Emergency Preparedness Kit and Go Bag?

Eight years ago, we personally experience to evacuate due to knee level flood that stays at home for 6 weeks. Thankfully, we managed to moved at my SIL\’s home as soon as we secure our appliances and personal belongings. I never knew that we are living in a flood prone area until tropical storm \’Ketsana\’ hits our place. And then 3 years later, heavy rains brought by Southwest Monsoon Habagat forced us to evacuate again.

Typhoon Ketsana was my first devastating encounter with floods. When I\’m still living with my parents we weren\’t directly affected with any storm.

Year 2013 when we moved in to our new home that wasn\’t prone to floods, and the year when deadliest Typhoon Haiyan hits our country.

Those experiences made me realized the importance of preparedness and being ready to response to natural or man-made disasters. That is why its a must to have Emergency Preparedness kit and a Go-bag that won\’t let us down when disaster strikes.

image source
Disasters can strike anytime, so it is best to have Emergency and disaster relief readily available, here\’s the top on our list:

1. Water and purification tablets

2. Emergency First Aid Kit
Alcohol, betadine, plasters, bandages, gauze pad, cotton, surgical tape, and scissors.

3. Light and Communication
Make sure to include a battery powered flashlight with extra batteries, battery operated AM Radio transistor, power banks, lighter and whistle.

4. Food
Have an emergency food available in your pantry, like My Patriot Supply, it\’s a 72-hour food supply packaged into smaller packets inside a large pack that contains 4 Servings Potato Soup, 4 Servings Creamy Chicken and Rice and 8 Servings Oatmeal.

My Patriot Supply focus on quality and affordable products that have been personally tested and approved by Matt Redhawk and his loyal staff.
Also, stock up crackers and easy to open canned goods. List down expiry dates to easily check when it should be  replaced.

5. Hygiene Kit
Toilet paper, baby wipes, shampoo, anti-bacterial soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary pads.

6. List of Emergency numbers
This should come in handy! it pays to know which ones to call  during emergencies. It is best to keep those contact numbers not only on mobile phones but on a piece of paper as well.

7. Go-Bag
Actually contains the items listed above plus the raincoats, jackets, blankets, and umbrella. Emergency preparedness must also comes with evacuation preparedness.

They call it life bag, life pack, etc., it\’s a bag that contains items that will make you survive for the first 72 hours of evacuating from a disaster. Have it regularly check and update the contents of your Emergency Life bag to ensure readiness at all times.

I prefer having a separate stock for our Emergency Kit and a Life Bag. We are a family of four, so its best to have a bag for each member and let the kids be aware of their own kits. Make sure that all family members know where the emergency kits and life bags are  kept.

I let the kids prepare their own life bag and educate them of  possible scenarios that can happen when disaster strikes. This is a good way to train them to be self-reliant and make safety and preparedness a part of everyday life.

I have to include this one as we recently had terror attacks that made the government declare martial law at entire Mindanao Region.

Store and secure your valuable possessions like important family documents, bank records, insurance, jewelries, collectibles and other valuable items. This is our long overdue must have item in the house, we often  disregard the need of having this one due to its hefty price, but vowed to prioritize this item to be bought this year.

The list only consist of basic items, once we are done with the basics; we can start to add up our family\’s  unique needs such as special medication or baby items.

How about you? What\’s in your Emergency Kit and Go Bag? Feel free to comment down the items that I might missed to include on the list.

Thoughts on: Carelessness and Willful Negligence of others

Sure, the unexpected always happens. Learning how to deal with these moments was hard and turning on the bright side was even harder.

Two months ago, I was bothered by the news that my daughter\’s assistant teacher in preschool had a motorcycle accident. They crash into a bus. It was awful… her right arm and leg has to be amputated following the accident and she\’s only 23 years old and her career has just started!
My heart bleeds every time it crosses my mind. I emphatized whole heartedly, it was hard to accept that someone you knew, the one that you exchange smiles everyday was in so much pain. I can never imagine the agony that she is having; the traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety I know was too much to handle.
All we can extend at that time was the monetary help to at least lessen the multitude of expenses that piled up from medical bills to lost income from losing her job. Sadly yes, she never returned to work after the accident, I can never knew her plans but I somehow wish that she can still find way to get back on track… in time.
Processing  Personal claims for accident and health cases is what I do before I landed a job in IT, I worked as a Claim Analyst and was trained to assessed benefits and tasked to speed up claim forms. Making me aware of the importance of having this kind of insurance policy. Good to know that clients can be compensated  from a wet floor injury or slip and fall accidents to major cases.

The assurance of support when facing a loss was a big help to somehow ease the burden. But if one doesn\’t have this kind of insurance, another way to claim a highest possible settlement was to ask for a legal help like a  personal injury attorney tampa to provide an aggressive support when needed. It is highly recommended to seek support from experienced Personal Injury Attorneys, knowledgeable to take the fight for you.

image source

The number of  traffic accidents has been increasing dramatically worldwide. Here in PH, most cases reported involves a  motorcycle accidents. Two years ago, we lost our nephew (he\’s just 28 yrs. old) in a motorcycle accident, he is with my brother who miraculously survived and had undergone surgery due to fractured bone. Both parties agreed for a settlement and my brother receive a small part for the hospital bill. The amount given wasn\’t enough to cover even 10% of  my brother\’s hospital and medication expenses, sadly that\’s how reality goes.

I am emotionally shattered by these traumatic accidents that creates a significant damages for injury or  death caused by carelessness or willful negligence of others. I think it\’s best to assume that other motorists will do something CRAZY so,  always be prepared to avoid it.