Be a Safe, Secure Shopper and Score Great Deals Online!

Shopping is long considered a therapy for most people, not just exclusive for women. The brain releases stress and replaces it with \”happy hormones\”. You need it once in a while 😉.

However, the unpredictable movement of the economy oftentimes tapers our shopping sprees and we inclined to do pencil-pushing more to save money.

This is a long-running situation. Prices increase. Cost of goods increase. Business owners with physical stores are hit the most as they juggle their overhead and are forced to either cost-cut or just charge more.

For one, selecting what you want is substantially easier. You can do it anywhere as long as you have an internet access. It\’s not also rocket science to know that is much cheaper than going out and buying in the mall.

Obviously, the online shopping industry continues to grow. I have long been taking advantage of conveniently shopping with my trusted e-commerce sites, making me save money with online deals.

Here\’s the top reasons why I mostly prefer and enjoy shopping online:

  • Saves precious time.
  • You can shop any time of the day.
  • You don\’t need to pay for gas and parking.
  • Have more options.
  • Can easily compare prices.
  • Can use coupons or cashback.
  • Can get exclusive discount offers.
The convenience is the biggest perk! Online shopping has gained its popularity and offered us a great alternative. Making purchases right at your fingertips and have it conveniently delivered was such a relief.

It\’s understandable that there still people who remain doubtful, and hasn\’t fully embraced the idea of shopping online. I think starting off with identifying your safest payment option can help.

Also, keep in mind the following safety security precautions to be a safe and secure shopper:

10 Ways to Stay Safe when Shopping Online:

  1. Trust your gut.
  2. Be extra careful when you\’re in mobile device.
  3. Don\’t use public wi-fi to shop.
  4. Check your credit card statement frequently.
  5. Use a virtual credit card number.
  6. Change your passwords regularly.
  7. Look for HTTPS in the URL rather than HTTP.
  8. Don\’t click on links in emails!
  9. Check the company\’s privacy policy.
  10. Update your browser.

To fully enjoy the convenience of technology, we have to learn and carefully understand how it actually works to debunk all those online shopping misconceptions.

Go Grab Special Offers and Score Great Deals Online

As a wise shopper, we have to find ways on how to save while we shop. We certainly cannot avoid buying the necessities so it is wise to do these Top 3 ways on saving especially on grocery items:
  1. Use a Loyalty/ Rewards Card
  2. Go for promotional Items
  3. Buy from a Trusted Brand for Best Value
As a mom who covers budgeting and saving up, this is a real struggle. Identifying wants vs. needs is the first step to go frugal. Buying from clearance sections, and taking advantage of special offers can provide an exciting shopping experience that leaves us having more money left in the pocket.
A tech-savvy shopper can hunt for special offers and good deals to save without stepping down on quality. There were comparison shopping engines that can easily provide product information and prices. If you are due for a tech upgrade, there are several sites that offers great deals and value that retail stores doesn\’t offer unless on sale. E-commerce surely provide lots of option as we can carefully study the best offer to take. Click here to score great deals and not pay high retail prices on electronics.

In today\’s modern technology, online shopping sites can provide the most convenient and smart way to shop. I personally found various products online that I bought as much as half off the price compared from retail stores. International sellers can provide the best value for your money plus they  deliver the item right at your doorsteps and it is worth the wait! (mostly delivered 3-4 weeks). I personally experience Return and Refund issue and was surprised on how clear and brief it went.

The following conditions are subject for valid return:

  • Damaged
  • Defective
  • Wrong Item
  • Missing parts
  • Not as advertised
  • Does not Fit
  • Change of mind
Finding great deals online is a convenient way to save time and money! Just make sure you shop on sites that can provide full customer support for any issues or concern,  and be a well informed customer to get exactly what you have paid for.

Review: My Ordered Items from Yoins

Sorry… I got caught up again and have to prioritized other things that I wasn\’t able to share right away my online purchase from Yoins.
I placed my order last year, October 16, 2017 to be exact and was notified that my Parcel is on its way last November 6. You see, if you plan of using the item on specific date, you\’ve got to order in advance.
I received my notice of Parcel from our Post Office last November 20 and I picked it up the following day. In my experience, international orders via flat rate shipping usually takes 4-6 weeks to arrive. Here\’s what I\’ve ordered from them:
Order #1White Eyelash & Lip Printing Round Neck T-shirt

The design makes me decide to add it on my cart. I love its cute print but somehow disappointed on its quality. I wasn\’t expecting a premium quality but I found it too thin for a white tee.

Order #2High Elasticity Bodycon Hem Sleeveless Cami Midi Dress

This gorgeous piece is my top choice! It was exactly as shown on the photos, the adjustable strap works very fine on me. You see, there wasn\’t much to show compared to the model\’s sexy and deep plunging neckline, so yeah! this fits perfect on my small frame.

Trying out this \’Dolphin back\’ piece and discovering that new trend on loose and irregular tops breaks my usual and boring look!

Exude a relaxing touch with loose irregular hem top from @yoinscollection 😘 #womensfashion

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Order #4V-neck Random Stripe Print Cami Top in White

This Cami Top is too loose for me, I altered the shoulder straps to make a good fit. I ordered extra small already, but I can only wish it comes with  size \’xxs\’ for the perfect fit.

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Shopping online can sometimes be frustrating, this is my first time to shop with Yoins but I am quite satisfied with my orders. I love those trendy designs that they offer, as I don\’t have enough time to shop at the mall and look for the designs that matches my taste. Honestly, I am actually more frustrated shopping on physical store as I find it more tiring and time consuming.
This only goes with  finding the latest fashion trends, but shopping at stores on basics still works fine with me.

Simple and High Quality Clothing from Zan.Style

With the rapid growth of e-commerce featuring safe and convenient online shopping, we can now shop with confidence even for fashion clothing considering the customer support that an online shop can provide. Delivering customers expectation, being true to what is advertised, and providing good quality items is what turning the consumers\’  doubt into  trust.

When shopping online, it becomes a must to carefully look on customer\’s feedback with regards to quality and expected delivery time.

So, when ZAN.STYLE was introduced to me as an apparel brand that aim to bring all the fashion and beauty lovers with premium daily wear clothing which can highlight personality; ofcourse, I have to take a look on real feedback, from real customers!

Here goes the customers\’ review from Amazon:

Take note, \”Premium Quality Clothing\”! Now who wouldn\’t want to have a high quality items to wear? I was tasked to have my own review to actually see, touch, and feel Zan.Style\’s claim of \”Simple but not monotonous, high-quality items but with reasonable price.\”

When the items for review arrived, I was surprised on its packaging! This is the first time I received clothing items carefully packaged in a box. Each item was neatly placed in a ziplock bag with cardboard and plastic pins to keep in place.

Zan.Style items from Singapore! Wow…😏

The promised of carrying out strict quality controls to ensure delivery with utmost care was met. For every item, they assure three quality checks: Factory, Local Warehouse and Pre-delivery. This results to receiving a high satisfaction rate from the customers.

Now, here\’s my Top Three Choices from ZAN.STYLE:

1. Stripe A-line Dress – Gray

This time, I went from my usual size of \”Small\” to Extra Small\”, carefully considering the size chart and the model\’s stats vs. mine. I altered this one on shoulder strap and sides because its a bit loose on the chest part. I never realized that on model\’s photo, but still loved this dress as it creates a fun and younger looking style.

Now it\’s a perfect fit, agree?

2. Loose  Strap Tank Top – White

Enter the coupon code to enjoy a huge discount on this Loose Strap Tank Top. I got this on \”small\” size. I love the classy strap and can easily tell that it was made of  high quality polyester that holds its shape well.

This was actually my first time to choose from \’bottoms\’ category from an online clothing site! The described material of 97 percent cotton and 3 percent spandex was pretty much accurate.

My overall remarks?

If you are on the look for simple and high quality items, then this is the recommended online shop for you. I honestly think that the price was higher compared to other shopping site, but then again, \”ITEMS of high quality, doesn\’t come cheap\”.

It\’s good that they have an on-going promotion where everyone can enjoy 75% OFF for some of the clothes in the website. Always the best time to shop, is when there\’s a big SALE, right?
Well, this is another shopping site that\’s  recommendable for its high quality material and being true from what it advertised. I am very much pleased with ZAN.STYLE\’s durable, well-crafted and high clothing pieces. It is also the best site to shop on quality basics women\’s and men\’s wear collection.

My Lazada Return and Refund Experience

Though I highly recommends shopping online to save time and for one\’s own convenience, I also had my share of  online shopping fail (my first!) for clothing at Lazada\’s merchant. Good thing the return of item and refund was done \’in a breeze\’ . I was a bit disappointed but never discouraged from shopping online, but instead learn to laughed off and move forward.

\”Before returning an item, do check Lazada Return policy to make sure your item is eligible for return.

If your return meets all the requirements, return can be initiated via Online Returns Form. The online Returns Form will only be available within 7 or 14 days from the time your item has been delivered, depending on the Return policy of the item bought.\”
After the form is completely filled up, proceed your return following the below steps:
Take note of the Return Number (RN) to be indicated on the LBC Package.

I have bought different items from Lazada; from toys, mobile accessories, household items and cleaner, beauty products, and more!
Lazada was my fave online local shopping site. They  also ship items from abroad. I was very pleased with their system and customer assistance. I can attest good service, why? because I am  a shopper and also  a seller on their site.
As a merchant, we actually experienced items for return due to failed delivery, meaning no one was there to received so the team  has to return the ordered items. Sayang ang effort sa packaging, but that\’s how it goes. As far as I know, Lazada sents a text message to customer informing the delivery schedule, but we can never blame a customer, right?
We also had our first returned item due to reason as \’Item NOT as advertised\’. And that was long ago when a rep from Lazada volunteered to help me post photos and grabbed a photo of Cloth Duct Tape to our Aluminum Duct Tape for sale. I was new to posting products at that time, so it was my mistake for agreeing someone to post in my behalf. So there, lesson learned.
Now, going back to my shopping fail, here\’s the item I ordered last July 22, from International Seller:

Ordered: July 22
Estimated Arrival: Aug 4 – Aug 9 
but Arrived: July 29
Dropped off at LBC FOR RETURN: Monday, Aug. 1 (FREE Shipping!)

I was notified that the Item for Return was Received: Wed., Aug. 3

Confirmation of Paypal Refund: Aug. 3

Overall, I was satisfied with how simple and clear this Return and Refund went. That is why I am still confident to shop online because e-commerce never cease to provide innovative approach to ensure delivery of quality items to meet  every customer\’s expectation. 
Any similar experience?

My Top Three Choices from Zanstyle at Stylebest

Since I\’m a huge fan of shopping clothes online, I always came up with my wishlist first before deciding to buy from the site. Following the tag #ootd gives me more outfit inspiration and keeps me updated to new fashion trends.
Although I admit I am hardly  keeping up to most of those inspiring styles, partnered with pumps and stilettos and the like, or cropped and sexy top… Most of the time, I just followed my own fashion statement adding a twist on new trend, as guide to updating my closet.
Embroidered outfits are fresh and trendy this season!  Embroidered designs truly make the piece comes to life enhancing the look making it more fun and feminine.
The following are my top three choices with my newly found shopping site, Zanstyle at Stylebest:
Strappy Embroidered Chiffon Top
Style Notes: Above-the-hip length top with straight neckline and thin straps. Features elastic detail along the neckline, flared silhouette, and delicate embroidery. Wears nicely with a pair of denim shorts.

It\’s good that Zanstyle at Stylebest have \’Style Notes\’ in some of  the items, highlighting the design details  and suggesting what to pair and what look to inspire.
Now, I\’m giving in to this embroidery, stripes, and off-shoulder trend in one pretty top?! Wow!
Embroidery Striped Off The Shoulder Blouse

Style Notes: Off the shoulder blouse in breathable pure cotton fabric with striped pattern, floral embroidery at the front and smocking at the back, lace-up sleeves and pleated details. Add a choker necklace for effect.

Lastly, it\’s only in my mind to getting back wearing this kind of Chic stilettos. Zanstyle at Stylebest also offer shoes (and bags!) that I know I can only wear at an event minus the kids. When? Oh, I don\’t know! 😆
Sexy Crossed Straps High Heel Stilettos
What\’s good about trying out new online stores is that it usually comes with a Special Welcome Gift of up to 15% OFF your first order. So taking advantage of this offer is recommended if you prefer to shop online.
This is another good way of taking care of myself and NOT forgetting that I am a woman first before I become a wife and a mother. An important reminder that I\’ve got from Sunlife\’s Moms Day out event: Self-care, a good way of rebalancing, refreshing & recharging myself.  Do I deserve this? a BIG Yes! 

Review of my Haul

I  recently shared my Zaful Shopping experience post here and was actually happy  as it gained positive remarks from my family and friends for my good choices of  Zaful Style. actually proves that it is indeed a one-stop online shop for today\’s most daring, exciting, and edgy fashion apparel. It never fails to provide inspiring and charming outfits that gives an interesting look.

Now, I\’m showing off  this  halter top, a newly added item  on my wishlist! What do you think?    
Check out their collection of black romper, just like this one that I recently got!     

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Embroidered Spaghetti Straps Romper

From all my FB and IG posts on #rompers haul,  my sister got convinced to also shop on Zaful and some friends were asking how to order and what\’s the payment method. I myself can never get enough and had another pick of a floral print dress.          

Crossover Floral Print Cami Dress – Yellow 

I am very pleased of the items being true to size and its fine quality. So I am planning to shop more and try out next time their accessories, shoes, and bags. The following are my Zaful Haul at the moment:

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And as a way of sharing my excitement of having lovely Zaful items on my closet, I am running a blog  giveaway of 2 lovely pieces to 1 lucky winner! This is a good way to share my experience of this online shopping site that I fell inlove with, in an instant.  Join now for a chance to win these same items that I have and write your own review. 😉

There were  44 entries and 9 days left to join as of this writing; the winner will be announced on July 10, 2017. Goodluck! 💕

My Fitness Inspiration from Color Block Bikinis

After receiving my cute watermelon bikini from my recent online bought from Zaful, I was inspired to try out a style statement of  color block bikini this time from Rosegal.
I was supposed to order the Watermelon inspired handmade stitch crochet bikini, but ended up adding this Nylon material padded Watermelon bikini set  on my shopping cart instead.

It was a last minute decision, because I took a serious consideration with my much needed padded bra! haha (pls understand?!). As much as I wanted to wear this one, I just add it up on my closet for my fitness inspiration and started dreaming of  future beach trip to Maldives when my beach bod is ready. 😉

Color block outfits creates a special and unique look for women. It is catchy and mostly provide a sharp look due to combination of saturated hues. The key to owning this color blocking trend is to know exactly how to mix up to create striking combinations.

I find it easier  to choose colors and styles on bikinis or swimwear,  since it only consist of putting together two small pieces or even a single  piece that can stand out from the crowd!

Color blocking was very helpful too, when it comes to kids\’ safety. Choosing bright color for my son\’s one piece rash guard was my way of easily recognizing him from the crowd. I can easily find and  guard my son when swimming with the help of the striking color that he\’s wearing.

This one piece rash guard not only protects him from harsh sun rays, but also helps me not to easily lose sight of him. 

Anyway, here\’s goes my Top three picks when it comes to Color Block Bikinis:

Cami Bowknot Color Block Bikini Set

Spaghetti Strap Push-Up Striped Bikini Swimwear

Strapless Ruched High Waist Two Piece Swimsuit

Summer is over, but it\’s always my  mesmerizing way of relaxation whenever we go to beaches and pools. Its always an endless summer for me as I always choose a relaxing family vacation at the beach whenever we had a chance.

And it pays to be always positive. I\’m positive that I can rock that swimsuits in the near future!

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Always, Believe!!! 😄

So, Come join me in my fitness inspiration and start finding that perfect bikinis for you to wear on that next beach trip. 💕 Yes?

Ben 10 T-shirt for kids

Its my first time to make an online purchase from ebay international seller. I used my paypal account linked to my credit card and confirm my payment buying Ben 10 uniform T-shirt for kids. The item cost US $9.98 plus  US $5.99 economy shipping from outside US. I ordered small size for my 3 year old toddler.
I\’ve got a confirmation message from the seller that the item was already shipped and i just have to wait 2-4 weeks delivery. To my dismay, after 2 weeks I received a  notice from Las Piñas post office saying that my AO parcel was ready for pick up! I have to bring my paypal invoice and valid ID and the item was subject to customs inspection and I have to claim it 30 days from the receipt of the notice.
I never really knew that economy shipping means delivery via registered mail and not my expected door to door service. I thought I have the convenience of having the item right in front of our door steps thinking that shipping charge means having it that way. Aaaaw… lesson learned! If  I order again next time, (if and only if.)  first thing to do is  to negotiate and be clear of delivery options to avoid hassle and time consuming pick up of what i have ordered especially from international sellers.
So this Ben 10 t-shirt cost me Php680 plus my time going to post office, plus Php 60 fare  and Php 40 postage fee for a whopping total of Php 780. What do you think, was it fair enough?