Your Dream Home through self-employed loans

Being self-employed is not a joke. The premise of being your own boss is truly enticing for almost all individuals working 9-to-5 and earning just enough for the family. However, and in reality, once you have tried being self-employed there will be a lot of self-realizations. The security of tenure, steady income, bonuses, health cards, and other benefits of being employed disappears with the promise of getting twice or thrice more income as your own business operator.

But what about the creditors? Yes, they have the same train of thought. Since not all businesses are registered, not all incomes are accounted for (possibly for tax purposes), and other aspects such as inconsistent revenue stream, an employee with their pay slip will be approved more and much faster.

No matter how well your SME for example is doing, without the proper documents and declarations, chances are the loan that you are aiming for will be greatly capped. Suddenly, your self-employed home loan pushes your dream house farther and farther away.

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Luckily, there are several options already aiming to remedy this case. Your hard-earned money, whether from working for a long while or doing good on your ventures, should properly be assessed by companies that are looking to help more than be of burden. For example, in the Philippines, self-employed loans or self-employed home loans are fairly limited. You’ve got your bank financing (through pay slips) and that is pretty much it. A Government arm can help out but the covered amount is usually so low especially if you are a young couple looking to have your own home. Also, all the complications of the taxes scheme as well as individuals thinking that they can under-declare on their income will soon find out that it will be a demerit to their chances of being approved.

Unlike in the United States, specifically a Florida Home Loan case. The options are so flexible and it opens up a lot of opportunities on how you can manage and forecast your savings. Compared to other countries, you’ve got loans here that is heavily financed by independent companies and not just banks. Even “Bad Credit Loans” exists aims to grant you hefty amounts even if you don’t have good standing with other credit companies/banks.

Not only that, requirements can be adjusted to bank statements against pay slip, your tax forms, and even certificate of employments. These self-employed home loans hindrances are now slowly being eased by various sources. One can only hope that it is available some in your state or country due to the stringent list of requirements for the borrowers that they usually demand for.

After all, finally obtaining your dream home should not be something daunting. Even if you may have missed some tax documentation that would have padded your good credit, there are still many alternatives if you know where to look. Self-employed loans, in theory, should allow you to have a quicker turnaround due to the fact that you are earning more. In other parts of the world, potential earnings are weighed also that will allow you to have a higher loan ceiling. This should make borrowing much easier than ever. 

A Financial Decision to Provide and Protect

A simple explanation of Insurance is that it allows income protection that guarantees that your family gets something if something happened to you. The goal is to have peace of mind that your family wouldn\’t suffer a huge financial impact upon your  death or disability.

I personally think that this one\’s a necessity that often missed out, but glad to know that somehow, this generation are getting more informed  to came up thinking more about the future. 

It\’s been two years since I availed a Life Insurance. Seems too sensitive to discuss, but that\’s how I see how to provide for my family\’s protection. A friend commented that it\’s too harsh for me to think of death right away and jokingly asked why not a health or accident insurance first before life insurance or a memorial plan? 

Oh well, maybe because I think our emergency fund can cover that of hospital expense in case of sickness. It is something that we are also prepared of, but the assurance of my beneficiaries getting a doubled Face amount and the accumulated Face Value seems more convincing and more beneficial.

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But to be honest, I am only familiar with getting something in case of death.  Maybe my friend is right when she suggested  getting  an accident or health insurance first, any thoughts? or so I think that\’s a handful of plans already that is why I am not considering it.
Taking care of unforeseen events like accidents can be such a relief. We can never avoid it, but at least be prepared for it. There were personal injury attorney tampa that handles viable case related to automobile accident and advocate for compensation for a long-term damage, medical care, and pain and suffering.
Personal Injury Cases can result to serious damage that allows us to file a complaint in order to receive a compensation for the losses. Compensation can also include economic damages, such as reduced future income, loss of appraised value to real property, and construction repairs.

Types of Personal Injury Cases are as follows:

  • Animal Bite Injuries
  • Auto Accidents
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Brain Injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Insurance/Bad Faith
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
Permanent injuries, significant disfigurement or scarring, and enduring loss of important bodily functions all qualify as cause for legal action in the event of an automobile accident. Family members can also sue on a victim\’s behalf in cases of death. This is where a help from the like of  auto accident attorney tampa comes in to develop and deliver individualized solutions. The need of legal assistance in this case is highly recommended for a more appropriate action and compensation.

Sure, something unexpected can happen anytime. We just have to be well prepared and well-informed on how to deal with it and what kind of help we can possibly get. We only have to  make the best decisions based on our individual needs, current situation, and long-term goals. Having an Insurance is my way of dealing with unexpected, what\’s yours?  

The Challenge on Being Frugal or Cheap

The best quality doesn\’t come cheap.
A time tested company service like any of these Columbus AC services or brands undoubtedly provide the best value of our money, and  making an informed decision makes us a happy and satisfied customers.
I recently stumbled upon an article on being frugal vs. being cheap. As we all have various definition and can point out different justification with our choice between the two, as for me, my choice depends on  every situation.
I can be cheap or frugal depending on my list on what to buy first. Distinguishing the difference between  the NEEDS and WANTS always play a major role, and not giving in to the rush and excitement of buying what we want plays a major heart breaker!
\”Measuring things in terms of the lowest price cost is what cheap people do, while frugal people measures in terms of its value for the money.\”
Yes, it\’s always a good choice to be frugal. But admittedly, I sometimes choose to be cheap to afford to be frugal on my next priority purchase. So, choosing to buy cheap doesn\’t really affect negatively, but otherwise helps me to be frugal on what we really need for the moment. 
It was being cheap for the mean time that allows us to save and be able to spend more on quality items that we need.
It was like being cheap not replacing my now \’lagging\’ phone and instead use the money to buy a new \’Super Inverter AC\’ that provides the comfort that we deserve without worrying too much with high electricity bill.
The \’lagging\’ phone can wait, and I still have the patience to deal with it, and wait for the right time when the needs can be met accordingly to give way of what I want (Oh, I  love this mindset!). 
Controlling the purchase behavior is tough… it\’s always been a battle of being frugal or cheap. Holding off  a purchase to give us more time to be a well informed buyer, does help.

Customs Duties and Taxes

I had been an ebay shopper since year 2010. Although I don\’t shop periodically, I can attest trusted transactions with several online sellers and I strongly recommend   buying online for your own convenience.

Last month, I ordered \”Darth Maul Kid\’s Costume\” for my son and received a notice of Parcel the other day. Since I came from my night shift duty at work, my husband met me at the Station and we went early at Alabang Post Office to pick-up my item. The amount to be paid for Postage Fee increased from 40 to 50 pesos~ well, not that bad!

Pick- up at Alabang Post Office is from 8AM to 12NN every Mondays and Wednesdays only. We came right on time to be the first Customer on Parcel Delivery Window, so I am expecting to claim my item in less than 15 minutes, the usual waiting time
of released. But guess what? It took us 1 and a half hour to get the item!

Why? 1st, they ask me to wait for the Custom Representative which is unusual, because they usually contact her through phone and declare what the item is, then it should be released right after. I was told that she\’s already at the parking area.

So, we\’ve waited… and waited.
They already opened this package right in front of me, but still we have to wait for the Customs Representative.

After their arrival, I had to wait again until they are settled to do transactions. I wonder what they are doing, seeing them used their calculator while looking at my Paypal Invoice. 

After a while, they handed me this shocking computation of fees that I have to pay!
A whopping  total of 1,124 pesos for  Customs Duties and Tax!

  Here is my order details and Customs Fees: 
Sadly yes, Tax and Customs fees is about 50% worth of your package.

As an online shopper, this is the first time I am asked to shell out for Customs Fees. I was surprised for the amount that I have to pay in order to get my item. Seriously? They were charging me 1,124 pesos for a halloween costume?! As I started to complain, they hand me this Primer on FAQs on Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines.

I asked when did they started collecting fees for items bought online, and the \’Customs lady\’ answered: \”Matagal na po, pinagbigyan lang kayo dati\”. And I answered back, \”Ito na ba talaga amount, hindi na mababago?\”. Her reply makes me laugh as she says: \”Marami na po ang nawala sa Gobyerno\”. As she\’s trying to imply, \”Magbayad ka naman\”. Hahaha…. Wasn\’t it the other way around?

As I got more irritated, husband gives me the money and says \”Magbayad ka na, walang mangyayari sa pakikipag-usap mo dyan\”. And, he\’s right… it\’s just a waste of time talking and complaining about the matter. If I don\’t want to pay, then I could just leave and let them have my item. So, would I let them keep my stuff? With a heavy heart, I paid and not let them keep the item for their \’own use\’ (I guess?).

What a sad reality! I can no longer purchase cheap items from ebay China or from other international sellers unless I specified door to door package delivery. =(