How do BBTs help you get pregnant?

When we try to conceived for our second child, we (or mostly me?) really wished and prayed hard to blessed us with a healthy baby girl.

Since we planned of having a small family and have an eldest son, I desperately wanted to have a baby girl.

I searched for ways on how to conceive a girl,  and choose to use the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar method. According to my research, it has 90% accuracy but not scientifically proven to predict baby gender.

But due to my desperation, I carefully plan my pregnancy using this method. And… it works!

Truly an answered prayer!

When trying to conceive, finding out when you\’re ovulating is a big help to work out on your most fertile time in each cycle.

If you want to have a more accurate ovulation calendar, I suggest using a BBT Thermometer.

Do you know what a BBT Thermometer is? BBT or a Basal Body Temperature is one of the tools that a woman can use to detect her ovulation.

Compared to a regular thermometer, a BBT thermometer is very sensitive that it can detect even the slightest change in the temperature.

BBT thermometers can be purchased over the counter; it should come with a little chart that you can use as you jot down your temperature result. As you go along, you’ll get to know your usual temperature.

Most BBTs can be taken, orally. According to, take your BBT once a day, as soon as you wake up but before getting out of bed. What we are looking for is a sudden shift or drop in your temperature.

Usually about .4 degrees shift. When you see that on your chart, it most probably means that you are nearing ovulation. 

The gender predictor, plus the use of BBT was surely a big help to determine your most fertile time following your chinese lunar age.

Congenital AnomalyScan (CAS) or 4D/3D Ultrasound?

My much awaited gender reveal scan  was done on my 25th week of pregnancy. Since we are on a tight budget due to construction of our \”New house\”, my plan of having 4D/3D Ultrasound  at Ogusca or  InMyWomb did not materialized.
I choose to have Congenital Anomaly Scan instead, after consulting my OB-GYN on what\’s the most practical choice to take, she said she would mostly recommend CAS because it\’s a detailed report of baby\’s development, can check any abnormalities and congenital issues while 4D/3D mostly focus on facial features and serves only as souvenir keepsake for my unborn child. She personally remarked  that  4D/3D has no use  (\”walang silbi\”) compared to CAS and says I can take tons of  pictures after delivery.
I made a practical choice to take CAS; but I swear, if budget permits, I would go for both!(hehe). Thankfully, the results were all normal. My excitement and joy was doubled after Dr. Sonologist revealed that we are having a Girl! An answered prayer! 
Yiheee! a GIRL! (nail art was another story  =P).
Kuya, excited much!
Hi Baby!
In less than 30 minutes, the following were scanned:

CAS worth Php 2,040 at Alabang Medical Clinic – Main Branch

We are truly blessed to have a baby girl as new addition to our family. To be honest, I made a research on \”how to conceive a girl\”, this was actually a planned pregnancy making a 5 years gap from my son. I am 90% confident of conceiving a girl after following some methods. Anyway, there\’s no harm in trying, I just made an assurance to myself that in case we failed, we can always have another shot! ahihi.

Swimsuit for Pregnant Women

Summer heat is on its peak! Beach resorts and swimming pools continue to be the top destinations to  have fun under the sun, enjoy and stay calm amidst this really hot weather. 

For a pregnant mom like me, a \”goooood swim\” equals to a good exercise, but if you are currently having an infection (the most common for pregnant: UTI) or any other health issues, it is better to check with your doctor before you take the plunge.

As for me, I was too confident to enjoy the sea water, spent 2 to 3 hours or so, on our first summer outing this year at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp in Nasugbu, Batangas. And was happy to to have a nice swim wear on my 4th month of pregnancy. Only to find out days after that I am not allowed to go for a swim even in pools (chlorinated!) due to my urinalysis report that shows 6-11 count of pus cells and few bacteria. 

Uh-oh… at that time, I was looking forward on our scheduled 4D/ 3N stay at La Carmela de Boracay and was really excited to enjoy the  white sand and clear water at the island (love to swim!), but saddened by my doctor\’s advised not to swim. I was allowed to have a dip on the water, alright?! but reminded not to soak my V to make sure no bacteria can enter!

Due to my disappointment on the advised not to take a plunge again, I just shopped for summer clothes and swimwear that can lift my mood on our upcoming vacation. Atleast I have some pictorials ala celebrity, something to look forward to! (hehe). I\’m on my 5th month when we took our flight going to Kalibo, Aklan for a relaxing summer vacation.

If you are looking for a Maternity Swimwear on a budget,
just like what I did, shop at stalls in Baclaran, or on your local department stores (online shops for maternity swimwear is too expensive) or re-create something that complement your figure.

Look for a Maternity swimsuit that offers extra stretch in the stomach. 
Found this swimwear at a stall in Baclaran at Php350.
I simply love this \”High Waisted Swimwear\” I made out of my old skirt that match my  boy leg shorts and bikini top:

The trick? I used my old brown (short) skirt and wore it high on waist, to cover my baby bump and tucked it in my brown boy leg shorts… neat! no need to sew.

Or go for a cheery interesting piece, like this bright and colorful flowy halter top with matching boy leg shorts:

Banana boat, Parasailing, scuba and helmet diving were some of the activities I missed because of the 2nd child growing on my belly. But that doesn\’t mean I wasn\’t able to enjoy our relaxing escape! Island hopping, making sand castles, and laying down at the sand makes me happy already and  the travel worth remembering.
Mother and daughter bonding!
relax, relax, relax….
I am excuse not having a beach bod, instead proudly show-off my baby bump, and \”striking a pose ala celebrity goal\” – achieved!

You can choose dark colored if you want a slimming look =)

Yup, pregnant women will still looks adorable on swimsuits and can also had fun under the sun, even with some restrictions!

For small busted, like yours truly (woohooo); create a cleavage by wearing a V-neck suit or underwire halter-style top that lifts the bust.

Boracay is not only world\’s top destination for relaxation but also an emerging top destination for tranquility and night life. I did enjoy watching those fire dancers\’ acrobatic moves and some dangerous acts when we had our dinner at Don Vito Ristorante Italiano.

Mama Mia!

My 5yr old son bravely join them and had an unforgettable fire dancing experience, I guess that\’s what you call Family Night life. Pure enjoyment with just sumptous food and a nice show with orange juice on the side (haha!).

The next morning, I don\’t know what happened but I found myself having a quick dip on the water, our last day here, maybe my way of saying goodbye to this beautiful Island? (sniff).

I\’m really sorry for taking a quick swim, but promised to drink fresh buko juice everyday to help fight against infection and take my meds.

Sex during Pregnancy?

As a partner site of, I want to share an informative post about pregnancy and sex. I apologized for the bold title but I think its easier this way (hah!). Check out the  infographic below on the survey done recently by WhatToExpect team, and find out the 9 benefits of pregnancy sex and how other pregnant couples feel about it!

I won\’t be discussing much and won\’t be sharing my own thoughts, (too shy oh…hehe). Just click the link above to learn  more and be advised of its benefits that includes helping you sleep better,  lower your blood pressure and   even make you happier! 

Subchorionic Hemorrhage?… and my bed rest!

I just woke up one morning having a slight headache and feeling a little lazy to report  for work, so I called in sick and decided to take my 1st  prenatal visit instead. This is my second pregnancy so I\’m not in a rush to take my 1st visit, confirmed for a 7 weeks pregnancy, I wasn\’t surprised to know that UTI was here with me again, but was surprised to have the result of my TransV  that says I had Subchorionic Hemorrhage or Internal bleeding. The fetal heartbeat was somewhat lower than normal, but was assured that it was fine considering that I was still on early stage of pregnancy.
I was advised not to go for work for 15 days and take a bed rest. I was a little worried thinking how this had happened, there wasn\’t any noticeable signs & symptoms at all. My doctor says its often hard to tell what\’s causing the problem, I really hope this whole bed rest thing makes this one dissolved on its own.
I am now on my 7th day of resting in bed, though I am not on a strict compliance, I make sure to take all the prescribed medicines on time and restrict myself from doing house chores and allow myself to enjoy my unexpected vacation at home. Lying in bed was a welcome opportunity to watch the past seasons of  TV series, read a book, and continue my long forgotten cross stitch work from my last pregnancy. 
Aaaww… five long years, hello… you! I can\’t barely remember what\’s your name and can\’t even find your precious pattern copy.

Does anyone know her name?

Will find my luck finding one, as a side trip to my 2nd prenatal visit tomorrow. Hoping for good results, and Oh, this one\’s only for my UTI check up,  another week to wait until my next TransV  ultrasound to check if the bleeding has gone completely.
Praying for the best!