Have Fun Teaching Your Older Children How to Protect Themselves

It is easy when they are little. You keep them indoors unless you are going to be outside too. You check for monsters under the bed and make sure the doors are locked. But way to soon, your babies turn into teens and young adults that have to go out into the world alone. Teach them how to stay safe while spending some quality time together.

Self-Defense Classes
Check with your local community center for self-defense classes being held in your area. These classes are informative for people of all ages. The instructors are often police officers that know first hand what you can encounter in a dangerous situation. Make a night of it by going out to grab a bite to eat after the class. This gives you one on one time with your child to discuss what you learned.

Learning to Shoot

If you already know how to handle a firearm, you can teach your child yourself. Otherwise, contact the local shooting range to inquire about an instructor that can teach both of you. Once you get past that, you can take concealed carry classes. Finish up your adventure with a shopping trip for concealed carry clothing .

Practice Safety

Long before they are ready to go off to college, you need to be setting a good example of how to stay safe. Be in the habit of always locking the doors when you get home and keep windows latched. Explain how important it is to park in well-lit areas, and make sure car doors are also locked each time you enter or exit the vehicle. Most importantly, be aware of your surroundings.
Taking self-defense classes together, learning to shoot, and practicing safe behaviors together makes these lessons fun, and one day they will be part of you and your child’s special memories. Best of all, you will feel much better about them heading out into the world on their own.

Creative Ways to Throw a Fun and Unique Birthday Party

Everyone loves cake and ice cream, but there are so many ways to get more creative with your kids\’ birthday parties. Choose a theme or event that your child already enjoys and recreate the atmosphere at home for a personal and memorable birthday party your friends and family will love! These themes are easy to pull off in your own backyard and appeal to almost every age.

Host a Carnival

Set up a few game booths, a face painting table and a concessions stand to throw a carnival-themed birthday party in your yard. Take things to another level of fun and entertainment by renting inflatables new jersey. Instead of sending everyone home with typical party favors, have the kids earn tickets at the games to exchange for prizes. Balloons and bright colors make for fun and easy decorations and corn dogs and cotton candy are great snack options.

Create an Outdoor Movie Theater

It\’s relatively inexpensive to rent or borrow a projector that can turn the side of your house into an instant movie screen. This night time party can feel even more magical with string lights hung overhead throughout the yard. Guests can lounge on blankets, sleeping bags or cushions while munching popcorn and nachos and enjoying a favorite film. A birthday cake topped with sparkler candles is a great finale to this birthday under the stars.

Design Your Own Escape Room

Older children and teens love solving mysteries and deciphering clues. You can create your own escape room at home by using ready-made kits or designing your own. Choose an exciting or mysterious theme, like roaring twenties dinner party, an haunted castle or an alien spaceship. Invite your guests to attend in costume and decorate your space to make it feel like you\’ve stepped into a real-life mystery. Theme music and sound effects can create an even more dramatic atmosphere for the party.
Birthdays are the perfect time to use your imagination and create lifelong memories for you and your children.

Finding Off-Broadway Shows

Whether you’re trying to discover the next big thing, avoid the masses at blockbuster plays and musicals or save money on tickets, seeing an off-Broadway show might be your answer. Performed in venues with a seating capacity between 99 and 499 people, these performances might play to smaller crowds but definitely don’t have lower entertainment value. Find seats to these fascinating shows with a variety of techniques.

Word of Mouth

Because entertaining off-Broadway shows generate a lot of buzz, get the word on the street to determine what ticket to buy. Ask co-workers, friends, family members or even theatergoers on the subway which productions they’ve seen and loved. You can also turn to NYC theater reviews for the lowdown on compelling smaller productions in your favorite genres.

Consider Your Mood

Off-Broadway shows run the gamut from larger productions that are just starting out to small interactive experiences and revivals. Determine the type of theatre experience you’re in the mood for, then search ticket listings by genre to choose the specific show you’d like to see. Everything from comedy and drama to one-act plays, solo performances and edgy performance art are available each season.

Follow Favorites

Discover productions you’ve never considered by visiting the social media accounts of your preferred actors, writers and directors who are off-Broadway staples. You’ll not only learn where they’re currently appearing but might also catch a glimpse of their future projects. Visit the websites of favorite theaters or producers for information on current productions and sign up for notifications about upcoming shows that you can look forward to. Although they may not receive as much buzz as their Broadway counterparts, off-Broadway shows can sometimes be even more engaging in a more intimate setting. The next time you’re heading to the theater, consider tickets to a performance in the smaller setting that might make an even bigger impression on you.

Acuaverde Beach Resort Review

After our first summer escape at Club Balai Isabel, I promised my kids another summer getaway, and this time we headed for a beach trip at Laiya, San Juan Batangas.

Finally, after a long argue with husband why I choose Laiya instead for a more  convenient location, I won over to experienced the much anticipated beach escape and relaxation at a white beach resort which is tagged by the husband as \”too far from the Metro\”.

Oh well, to his surprised we traveled for only 2.5 hours as he was thinking for a 3 to 4 hours drive.

This is actually a family bonding time with my parents and siblings as my sister instructed me to plan ahead for her vacation here in PH.
I reserved a total of 3 rooms for 8 adults and 3 kids. The room is good for 2 persons only so we paid 2 extra beds for 2 extra persons with full board meals which cost 2,400 pesos per head. Full Board meal for kids aged 4-11yo is 1,000 pesos.
Overnight room rate cost 7,700 for a twin or Queen Bed Type. We should\’ve stayed for 2 nights but it\’s a bit pricey, so we just settled for a night and try to maximize the experience.
How to get there from Manila:
From Manila, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) all the way to the new South Luzon Toll Way (otherwise known as the Alabang-Calamba-Sto. Tomas Toll Way) then straight ahead to the Star Toll Way entrance. Be advised that you do not have to exit SLEX because the 2 highways are now connected. You may choose to take the Balete, Lipa or Ibaan Exits.
Route from Ibaan Exit from Star Toll Way:
  1. About 45 kms drive on the Star Toll Way, you will see San Jose-Ibaan Exit (after the Lipa Exit). After passing the toll gate, turn left and drive 2.5 kms. You will reach an intersection with a sign pointing to Rosario. Please turn left at this intersection. After turning left, the Municipal Hall of Ibaan will be on your right, while a church will be on your left. After passing the church, turn left and turn right on the forked road going to San Juan. Drive 8 kms along this road to Rosario town proper.. Drive 8 kms along this road to Rosario town proper.
  2. Once you reach Rosario town proper, drive past the Jollibee and South Star Drug store outlets at your left. This road leads all the way to San Juan town proper, which is about 23 kms away. When you see the sign leading to the Batangas Racing Circuit, turn left and head straight for San Juan town proper.
  3. After entering San Juan town proper, drive past Jollibee and Dunkin Donut at your right and head for the Municipal Hall of San Juan. Turn right immediately after the Municipal Hall of San Juan. This is the main road of Laiya. Drive approximately 23.5 kms (25 minutes).
  4. Drive past Playa Laiya. This is about 3 kms away from Acuaverde. The entrance to Acuaverde will be found on the left side of the road.
Via Lipa Exit from Star Toll Way:
  1. Drive all the way on the Star Toll Way (approximately 20 kms) and turn right to the Lipa Exit. Follow the road toward Lipa City. Drive past La Salle Lipa, to a rotonda where you will see a McDonald\’s at the corner.
  2. Take the road to the right of McDonald\’s (C.M. Recto Ave.). When you\’re already on this road, make a right turn immediately. After the first block, make a left to re-enter C.M. Recto Ave. Traverse C.M. Recto Ave. then turn right at the corner of the Mercury Drug store, which is P. Torres St.
  3. Drive 8.5 kms towards Padre Garcia town. Use detour road (50 meters away from the main road) and make a U-Turn. Turn right at the corner of the street, and make another right turn (opposite Mini Stop) after passing Padre Garcia Town Market.
  4. Drive 4.5 kms and merge with the road coming from Rosario. This road leads all the way to San Juan, stretching approximately 19 kms. When you see the sign leading to the Batangas Racing Circuit, turn left and head straight for San Juan town proper.
  5. After entering San Juan town proper, drive past Jollibee and Dunkin Donut at your right and head for the Municipal Hall of San Juan. Turn right immediately after the Municipal Hall of San Juan. This is the main road of Laiya. Drive approximately 23.5 kms (25 minutes).
  6. Drive past Playa Laiya. This is about 3 kms away from Acuaverde. The entrance to Acuaverde will be found on the left side of the road.
Via Balete Exit from Star Toll Way:
  1. Drive all the way on the Star Toll Way and turn right to Balete Exit. Turn left going to Lipa City after the toll gate. Drive past Batangas State University going to the main road (approximately 2.1 kms).
  2. Turn right heading to Lipa City proper. Drive past Pag-ibig and SSS offices to your left and
  3. Lipa City Hall to your right (approximately 1.6 kms).
  4. Turn left immediately after the Rotonda (Gen. Luna St.) and drive past Puregold Lipa. Follow the main road to Lipa City proper. Turn left on the first street (Katigbak St.) after Metrobank and before Lipa Cathedral. Drive straight and turn right at NL Villa Hospital. Turn left at P. Torres St. (road going to Padre Garcia, Batangas).
  5. Drive 8.5 kms. towards Padre Garcia town. Use detour road (50 meters away from the main road) and make a U-Turn. Turn right at the corner of the street, and make another right turn (opposite Mini Stop) after passing Padre Garcia Town Market.
  6. Drive 4.5 kms and merge with the road coming from Rosario. This road leads all the way to San Juan, stretching approximately 19 kms. When you see the sign leading to the Batangas Racing Circuit, turn left and head straight for San Juan town proper.
  7. After entering San Juan town proper, drive past Jollibee and Dunkin Donut at your right and head for the Municipal Hall of San Juan. Turn right immediately after the Municipal Hall of San Juan. This is the main road of Laiya. Drive approximately 23.5 kms (25 minutes).
  8. Drive past Playa Laiya. This is about 3 kms away from Acuaverde. The entrance to Acuaverde will be found on the left side of the road.

We arrived early for our 2pm check-in. However, we are informed that 1 out of 3 rooms we reserved is available for early check-in. 

They served Tamarind juice as welcome drinks, and the room has complimentary Tamarind Candy snack!

Entertain the kids with Koi Fish Feeding! Just ask at the reception for FREE fish pellet.

Since its lunch time already, I requested to take our arrival lunch instead of having it for the next day. The food is tasty, we are all satisfied and took advantage of the buffet meal plus the relaxing view!

They don\’t have a swimming pool! My first choice was Acuatico Resort that has Infinity Pool but it\’s fully booked, as always. You know I\’ve been trying to reserved there for a looong time but couldn\’t get a slot.

Overall, husband agrees that this resort was a good choice. Although we find the rooms a bit small, it was never an issue as it is well maintained and the staff were courteous and approachable.

The resort offers Water Sports Activities, we only got to try the Kayak which is FREE to use.
  • Kayak
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Jet Ski
  • Fly Board
  • Banana Boat
  • Twin Banana Boat
  • Speed Boat
  • Fly Fish
We\’d been wanting to try the Banana Boat but others were eating or having their own time and so we didn\’t assembled our group for the ride. Oh atleast we tried Kayak and my youngest enjoyed the ride with her grandpa.

There\’s a playground but the kids didn\’t bother to jump in as they were too focus on playing and building sand castles at the beach.

My sisters bought some pearl accessories as souvenirs.

While I am too busy with my photo shoot with husband.

This Ruched High Waist Two Piece Swimsuit from Rosegal works perfect for hiding the pooch.

The place is well lit at night, so the photo shoot continues… 😉
The grilled salmon makes me have my second cup of rice! The kids loved it too…

The meals were all good, sulit! I actually take note the recipe for their Egg Omelette.

This getaway helps us build another memorable vacation for the whole fam. I don\’t regret choosing this resort and the place is definitely worth the price.

A relaxing time at the beach is the best summer escape! Also, the best place for all those sun-kissed photos with special help  from husband. 😀

Enjoy the summer vacation, everyone!

Review: Our Stay at Club Balai Isabel

Thinking of a quick getaway from the Metro? Why not head over to Club Balai Isabel, in Talisay, Batangas. It\’s a few hours away and right on the shores of Taal Lake giving you a chance to experience it up close!

I booked an overnight stay via Agoda for a Superior room which cost 4,706.24 for 2 adults and 2 kids, breakfast included.

We arrived 11 am, too early for the 2pm check-in. I went straight to the front desk and was advised that we are allowed to use the facilities while waiting for the room\’s availability and wait for a text message to notify as soon as the room is ready.

The kids  go swimming right away and after an hour, we had our lunch at Terraza Cafe. Buffet Lunch Cost 500 per head and half the price for our 4 year old. The food is okay but got really disappointed that they refill my all time fave buttered shrimp with Calamares instead.
By 1pm, I received a text message that our room is ready and allowed to check-in early. We were given a map and a quick overview of other activities they offer.
Traditional Hilot – 600/ hour
Body Scrub; Cofee or Salt – 900 / hour
Body Scrub with Massage – 1,500 / hour

  • Banana Boat – 350 per head for 15 minutes
  • Kayak – 150 for 1 hour for Single Seat / 300 for 1 hour for Double Seat
  • Jetski – 1,500 for 15 minutes / 2,500 for 30 minutes / 4,000 for 1 hour
  • Fly Fish – 500 per head for 15 minutes *min. of 4 pax
  • UFO – 500 for 15 minutes *max. of 3 pax
  • Speed Boat – 6,000 per hour / 3,500 for 30 minutes *min. of 4 pax

2,750 for Check-in guests
3,000 for day Tour guests *max. of 7 pax

Boat Ride Inclusive of:
  • Tour Guide (optional)
  • Bottled water
  • Buri Hats
  • Tourism Tax
  • Horseback Riding – 400 to 500 pesos
  • Meal – 120 per head *Binalot


Package 1:  1,850 per head
  • AM or PM snacks
  • Lunch
  • Entrance and Use of facilities
  • 1 hour access to Aquapark

Package 2:  990 per head
  • Entrance and Use of facilities
  • 1 hour access to Aquapark
Package 3:  1,600 per head

  • AM or PM snacks
  • Lunch
  • Entrance and Use of facilities
Room for 2 with 2 Allowable extra person. Each person over regular capacity will be charged Php 1,500. It has cabled TV and FREE wifi access.

  • Equipped with mini-refrigerator, cooking is NOT allowed.
Complimentary Bottled Water and Coffee

Lotion, Soap, Shampoo, Towels and Tissue are available, but there\’s NO Dental Kits and Cotton Buds!

The place is huge and I honestly didn\’t explore the whole area. You know, the kids are fully occupied and settled at the pool. I joined them and it wasn\’t hard keeping an eye while they swim because it is not crowded and we mostly stayed on 2 ft. and 4 ft pool area.

I\’m really looking forward to try the Aquapark. It\’s actually my main reason why I choose Club Balai, but hesitated thinking the kids were too young to try out this kind of activity and afterall I can never get to enjoy this activity while having to closely monitor the kids, plus we saw someone got injured so… 

AQUAPARK tickets for checked-in guests cost 1,250 for 4pcs. tickets or choose 450 per head  1 hour access.

The place was well maintained. They clean the pool during lean hours so the water stays clear.
It was very relaxing at night and thought of getting a massage, but we have to stay with the kids… so, you know… we have to set our priorities. 😃
Our room is conveniently located at the pool near the restaurant. Terraza Cafe doesn\’t offer a dinner buffet… much better!

The breakfast is good, nothing special. I was actually expecting that they will asked us to pay for the kids\’ breakfast thinking that the included breakfast is good for 2 persons only, but they didn\’t.
Overall, we had a great family time during our stay. The staff are courteous and attentive. Funny thing is, the kids are bugging us to try swimming on the lake which they referred as the beach. They also bring with them their beach toys that they didn\’t get to use.

Oh well, our next summer escape would have to be on the beach and yes to looking forward to more summer IG pics like this one!

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Enjoy your Summer Everyone!

Come Join Santa\’s Christmas Bazaar at La Vista!

Feel the Holiday Cheer at Santa\’s Christmas Bazaar at La Vista Clubhouse at Katipunan Ave., Q.C.! Happening from Dec. 16-17 only, Bazaar hours is from 9am – 7pm. Go and complete your shopping list and experience wonderful surprises. 

Here\’s the top 5 reasons why it is worth visiting:  

1. SHOP.

This is the BEST year to visit the La Vista Bazaar because we handpicked all our vendors! There are a lot of new and exciting products joining us so it’s the perfect place to shop for Christmas gifts with over 150 vendors under one roof! Avoid the traffic and crowded malls – we offer stress-free shopping with an array of different products and lots of unique, handmade items. Plus you’ll be supporting young and budding entrepreneurs!

2. SANTA. Santa is coming to town! Bring your kids to the Santa Party on Sunday, December 17 from 3pm-5pm to meet Santa Claus and his elves! Children from all ages can join fun games, win exciting prizes and take home loot bags! It’s also a great photo opportunity! To register for the Santa Party, please send the name/s and age/s of your children to 0917-8636644. Santa Party is free of charge.

3. ESSENTIAL OIL WORKSHOP. We will be holding free essential oil workshops during the bazaar! Have you been wanting to learn more about essential oils and why its becoming a worldwide trend? Join our free workshop and learn the numerous benefits of essential oils, how to use them properly, and how to make roller blends. There will be one free workshop on Saturday (Dec 16) and Sunday (Dec 17), from 1pm-2pm. To register for the workshop, please text your name/s to 0917-8636644.

4. BIG PRIZES + FREE GIFT WRAPPING. We will be holding exciting games throughout the event! We will also be raffling off prizes, gift certificates and even home appiiances every hour! Plus take advantage of our free gift wrapping station. Just present the ticket below to claim your free gift wrapping service (includes wrapper, card and labor) at the Organizer’s Booth.

5. YUMMY FOOD + CHRISTMAS CAROLERS. Visit the Santa Food Strip and enjoy delicious selections from Gracos Shawarma, Mr. Tacos and Nachos, Saigon Coffee, and more! Why not bring the whole family and treat them for lunch or dinner? Enjoy al fresco dining while being serenaded by our Christmas carolers from Children’s Joy Foundation and Psalm of David Orchestra. 

SEE YOU THERE!  (Enter La Vista Gate, beside Miriam and Petron Katipunan. Near Sta. Maria Dela Strada). 

Here\’s the map guide for your reference:

National Pampering Day 2017

Real pampering is Nailaholics\’ campaign this year. This is taken from the strong desire to serve customers with the highest level of technical expertise and genuine care and to remind everyone to take it slow, take it easy, zone out and relax for a while.

We joined Nailaholics celebration of #NationalPamperingDay earlier today at SM Center Muntinlupa. I was scheduled for 10:30 slot and arrived on-time, (jam-packed na!). Husband and the kids accompanied me going there but left for a quick play at Tom\’s.

When they came back, the Store Manager invited them to try any of the FREE services as  there were available  nail technicians to accommodate them. \’O, di go!\’ They were asked to choose for a soothing manicure, calming foot spa or relaxing foot massage. They all agreed to have a relaxing foot massage.

The kids enjoyed the pampering experience! (first time) 😆
I was told that this was actually Nailaholic\’s 2nd Pampering event, we weren\’t able to join last year and thankful that we had the chance with this year\’s  bigger  and much more enjoyable due to extended event time and we got to pampered for FREE with a cause.

Yep, the best thing about this year’s National Pampering Day is that it will be in support to World Vision, The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and Save Philippine Seas, wherein every visit means PhP10 donation from nailaholics to your chosen beneficiary.
So, yeah! we\’ll be looking forward for next year\’s pampering event and hope to win any of their giveaways 😀. How about you, did you availed of this pampering treat?

SM Supermarket throws the biggest party ever! #SMKidsCity2017

Kids grow up so fast. One moment they\’re sleeping soundly in your arms and next thing you\’ll know they\’re always out for school or with friends. How long do you think until they grow up and have less time spend with you?
They literally growing up way too fast! That\’s my 9yr. old and 3 yr. old… (looks 12 and 7) 😁
We\’re always on the look out for activities to do as a family. Going to museums, themed park,  play places, watching movies, anything fun and educational.
So when I learned that SM will be throwing away its biggest kiddie party at Southmall, the first leg of Kids\’ City event Grand Launch  for the young and young at heart, I marked my calendar and make sure that we\’ll never missed the chance to experience this exciting activity.

\”Seizing the moment and spending as much time with the kids as possible.\”
Here\’s the dates to watch out for the next SM Kids\’ City event near you:
SM Bacoor – August 19
SM San Lazaro – September 2

SM Megamall – September 16
Yep, admission is FREE! SM Markets gathers everyone\’s favorite brands to throw a kiddie party where everyone\’s invited.
WHAT\’s in store at SM Kids\’ City Event?
Special kiddie activities like fun games, rides, playground, coloring… ALL FOR FREE while moms take advantage of the deals, Pampers baby wellness talk, and cooking demos conducted by professional chef.
SM Supermarket and Savemore Market, along with Pampers, Johnson\’s Baby, Jack n\’ Jill, Huggies, Knorr, Purefoods, Maggi, Lucky Me, American Garden, Nextrade Philippines, Papa Catsup, McCormick, Federated Distribution, Lady\’s Choice,Delimondo, ABS-CBN TV Plus, and Tom\’s world are bringing in fun games, mini rides, exciting activities, special promos, and awesome guests like Minions (with Gru!), Pororo, and Team Yey!

Our SM Southmall Kids\’ City Experience

As early as 11am, after my eldest\’ basketball training, we went ahead at SM Southmall, looking forward to have a  fun-filled day with the kids.

Kids\’ City Introduction by Rose & Kent


The fun started with a Balloon Show: Jiggles the Balloon Lady made a balloon version of Kids\’ favorite cartoon characters. The kids were raising  their hands, eager to be the lucky one to take home whatever she\’s making.

Let it go, Jiggles!
Jiggles insisted that what she made is Cloud, in tagalog? Olaf! 

Aaaw, this is the last piece and my kids\’ weren\’t able to have any of her creation.

Good thing there\’s a \’balloon man\’ roving around  the area making simple balloon creations to kids who didn\’t get lucky on the balloon show. My kids were happy enough to take home the balloon version of a sword and a flower.

My husband joined a game that promised a balloon take away from Jiggles, but they were deceived! hahaha. Instead were asked to make their own for their kids.

My  eldest was quick to join the new way of bring me game from Delimondo\’s Selfie Game with Jiggles. We were able to take home these prizes:

We cooked the Luncheon Meat for dinner when we got home, it taste good. 

There were also Philips Gold Pork Luncheon Meet Eating Contest and Mamon eating contest that I never dared to join (mabagal ako kumain. haha).

I am with my daughter on her coloring activity while the boys were actively joining the fun games.
Face Painting from Purefoods!

The first three kids to line up for Face Paint is free. We\’re fourth in line, so I purchased 2 cans of Purefoods Corned Beef @80PhP each and showed  them the receipt to avail. Purefoods was our fave brand anyway!

The kids enjoyed the mini rides!
Pampers Photo Booth (No purchase required to avail).

Pampers Product Demo

Pororo and Nongshim Mascot Appearance.

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There\’s also a Kiddie Salon booth and  Shiny Drops Fashion Show from Johnson\’s.
Food is also something to look forward to because Kids\’ City has SM Eats that offers its best selling turon with langka, rice meals, lumpiang togue, cheesy corn, brownies, and soft serve  ice cream. Also in the city are Pizza Pedrico\’s, Daisee\’s Cupcakes, Aling Nene\’s Kakanin, Galax Kakanin, Infinit Biscocho, Ivy Sushi, and Starkaffea.
All-time favorite.

Cooking Demos:

Chef Jose Sarasola with his signature Chicken Knorr Golden Tinola & Grilled Chicken with Barbeque Mayonnaise Dressing.

McCormick Cooking Demo with Chef TJ Santos with his easy Chap chae and Palabok Noodles.

Team Yey Performance and games.
Host talk points with Bettina Carlos and daughter Gummy.
We clearly had fun and enjoyed  this whole day activity. I highly recommend attending this wherein the kids can play games and  rides and can win prizes on sponsor booths, while we moms can  shop for special deals and bundles.

It\’s a big party you shouldn\’t missed!

Learn Ballet from Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja- Elizalde

Nothing beats learning from the expert. When it comes to classical ballet, no one could ever surpass the achievements of Lisa Macuja- Elizalde.
Lisa started taking lessons in ballet at age 8. She would later become a scholar at the Vaganova Choreographic Institute also known as the Academy of Russian Ballet at Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is the first foreigner to join Russia\’s Kirov Ballet.
Lisa was the first artist-in-residence of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and in1995 she established her very own company, Ballet Manila. The company recently celebrated its 20thanniversary.
In 2014, Lisa celebrated 30 graceful years of stunning ballet performances. She has happily retired from performing and is now focused on mentoring future ballerinas as Directress of the School of Ballet Manila. Lisa\’s school is the only Philippine ballet school directly associated with the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia. 
\”What makes us different from other companies is our commitment to the highest standards of classical ballet based on our Russian Vaganova roots,\” Lisa explains.
One of the main training techniques of classical ballet, the distinct characteristic of this style is the ballerina\’s flexible shoulder motion as each step is executed. Other dancers simply move with \”square\” shoulders.

\”The Vaganova method involves the entire body. Arms, legs and torso move in perfect harmony. Dancers trained by this method jump higher and do powerful turns. The technique require dancers to remain in the air for a long time, as if they are floating,\” she said.
If your children are showing interest in dance, why not send them to ballet classes during the summer vacation? Ballet Manila offers several novel and fun programs for young and talented dancers. Apart from the basics of the dance art, the classes follow a holistic approach by including fun activities for a more engaging summer endeavor.
For example, apart from ballet techniques taught in the baby ballet class, the students learn to play musical instruments and create props using fabrics. The intensive dance exercises in the intermediate class is combined with street dance, yoga and pilates.

There will also be lectures on injury prevention, film screening about ballet and inter-active workshops with theater artists. 
Ballet Manila’s summer intensive program is composed of the following classes:
Maria Ballerina
The Maria Ballerina Class is for students from 3-5 years old. They will learn proper ballet techniques, develop motor skills, coordination, rhythm and musicality.  The students will also work with fabrics, props and musical instruments for a more enhanced learning experience. 

Fairy Tale Ballet
The Fairy Tale Ballet Class with Tap and Tumble is for students ages 6-8. Combined with magical
fairy tale dances and stories, students learn to appreciate self-control, joy in movement, body awareness, rhythm, musicality along with the structure of classical ballet. It also includes classes in Tap Dance, Tumbling and Gymnastics for musicality and rhythm development.
Beginner Ballet Class is for young dancers ages 7-12 with no
or limited ballet experience or training. The springboard course for classical ballet, aside from basic movements, concepts of rhythm, space, direction and music patterns are reinforced.
The Intermediate level is for students ages 12-14 open to boys and girls with previous ballet training. The classes include advanced barre work, intensive exercises and combinations, partnering and classical variations. The students will also learn street dance, yoga, pilates plus enrichment workshops to boost their dance appreciation. 

The Advance Level is for ages 14 years old and above with several years of ballet training. Also known as the pre-professional level, aside from the more complicated exercises and dance combinations it covers repertoire and variation learning which encourage students to become more expressive. The program includes additional classes in modern and contemporary dances like street dance, yoga and pilates, secondary classes in ballet technique and partnering and enrichment workshops.

Adult Classes
One is never too old to pursue a passion. Ballet Manila also offers classes for the young at heart. The adult ballet classes accept students who are willing to learn, including those minimal or zero dance background.

The summer workshop will run from April 6 – May 31;  with enrollment ongoing until April 19. All participants will be part of the summer recital on May 31 at the Aliw Theater, where students will have a chance to perform alongside senior Ballet Manila dancers.
Ballet Manila is located at 1915 Donada Street, Pasay City and has a satellite school in Crossfit Halcyon in Fisher Mall. 
Interested parties may enroll at Ticketworld outlets or via www.ticketworld.com.ph.  All BPI credit card holders are entitled to an exclusive 20-25% discount off tuition fees. 
For inquiries, email info@balletmanila.com.phor call (+632) 400 0292 and (+632) 525 5967.