Latisha\’s Niacinamide, Vitamin B3 Serum: Review

Sure, aging is truly unavoidable but we don\’t have to be left defenseless and needs to act fast to help minimize the first sign of skin aging 😉. They say that the best time to start using anti-aging products can be as early as 21… but regardless, the most important thing to consider is finding the right product for your skin type.

I personally choose to fight skin aging before I hit the 30\’s. Now, 6 years later I\’m still on the roll and have develop a good skincare habit that requires discipline and determination. Hah! Yes, discipline. While putting on night creams, sunscreens, moisturizing creams etc., or incorporating a 3 to 10- step Korean skin care routine can be a tedious task, keep in mind that it is worth investing.

Weeks ago, I received an invite to try this Skin Lightening and Anti-Aging product, the Latisha Niacinamide Serum. I\’m familiar about the goodness of Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, so I immediately agreed and happy to discover a product that I can add up to my skin care regimen.


  • Lightens Skin
Niacinamide is a first-rate solution to pigmentation control without the harmful side effects commonly associated with many other skin lightening agents.
  • Reduces Dark Spots
As a skin lightening agent, niacinamide effectively reduces areas of jagged pigmentation and age spots.
  • Diminishes Fine Lines
Niacinamide increases hydration levels. The end result is skin that is softer, smoother, and less prone to irritation, redness, and sensitivity. 

I have normal skin type and doesn\’t have much of skin issues such as blemishes or acne. My only concern was to fight skin aging, improve skin texture through hydration plus skin lightening.

I \’m currently on my 3-Step Korean Skin care routine that aims to have translucent, poreless, and more youthful looking skin and somehow  learned that layering skin care products in correct order is the key to maximize its effectiveness.

So here goes my ideal order:
  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner (Althea Primer Water for me!)
  3. Serum – Enters  Niacinamide
  4. Eye Cream
  5. Moisturizer – (Fixer Cream)
  6. SPF

I actually have other fave cleansers, luxurious cream mask, and massage pack,  that I occasionally use depending on my skin needs at the moment. Knowing what ingredients that can best soothes my skin at a particular time serves as my guide on what and when to use it.

As for Niacinamide, this one\’s uniquely compatible with any of the products in my skincare routine, including those that contain retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, AHAs BHA, and all types of antioxidants. That is why having this product with excellent ingredient I know can give a high boost on moisture effect and keeping the skin smooth.

This is designed for everyday use underneath moisturizer and sunscreen.

The most helpful benefit of Niacinamide is that it can help renew and restore the surface of skin against moisture loss and dehydration. 

My Thoughts?

I\’m beginning to love this product because it\’s fast absorbing, lightweight and non-sticky. It doesn\’t have a luxurious scent though but still okay because I will still lock it with moisturizer and my ever staying BB cream with SPF.

This is recommended for long term use and a  permanent must have for healthy looking skin. I think this 60ml pump bottle can last up to 2-3 months. Enough to visibly notice improvement on appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface.

3 Tips To Looking Your Best Over The Holidays With These Top Skin Care Products

Everyone wants to look their best when they see their friends and family for the holidays and, with the holiday season fast approaching, it is never too early- or too late- to start taking care of your skin. Here are three ways to improve your skin during the holiday season:

1. Moisturize: While you are completing your Christmas shopping and traveling to meet your loved ones, your skin will require a bit of extra moisturizing action. This is especially true if you are switching to a colder or drier climate, or if you are doing a lot of flying for the holidays. Fortunately, Timeless 100 Squalane Oil Pure has you covered. You can use Squalane Pure alone or as part of your regular skin care regimen with your favorite Vitamin C serum.

2. Plump: The holiday season can leave skin worn out and tired, which is why adding a hydrating component like the Hyaluronic Acid Serumfrom Timeless Skin Care to your regular skincare routine is especially important. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, which makes it one of the most powerful natural hydrating and plumping agents on the market.  

3. Rejuvenate: Our skin suffers minor insults throughout the year from chemicals, harsh treatment, and even our own makeup. To help protect and rejuvenate skin, add a Vitamin C serumto your skin care regimen. The Timeless Hyaluronic Acid +Vitamin C Serum also includes Matrixyl 3000, which is a powerful wrinkle fighting ingredient.

Your skin goes through a lot during the holiday season, but with these tips, you can not only help your skin look its best but also start fighting the effects of the environment and achieve young, healthy-looking skin for the new year! 😉

An Honest Review at Althea\’s Petal Velvet Sunaway

There are many known benefits of using sunscreen protection and it is a must to apply when heading outdoors! but I recently discovered that sunscreen should be wear even when spending the day indoors for UV exposure?!
Oh well, I have been faithfully using my Total Age Repair wrinkle reduce BB cream that has SPF45/PA+++. I am wearing it daily as I love how it provides perfect coverage, anti-wrinkle and sun protection, at once. So, this counts as an everyday sunscreen protection for regular days. It is only during pool or beach trips, that I turn to advanced sun protection creams for face and body.
That\’s basically my when and where preference of using sunscreens. I have normal skin type, so I am open on discovering new products to try until I found something that I can actually use.
Last month, Althea Korea  launch a brand new product under the Petal Velvet line, and send over the \”Petal Velvet Sunaway\” sunscreen kit for me to try.
It\’s super lightweight and quick to absorb and provides high level of  protection from UV rays with a petal-like finish. It surprisingly blends well without white residue, and has high protection grade of SPF50+ PA++++ for maximum sun protection. It’s floral scented and without sticky and oily feels, but  it has rich kind of floral scent that I\’m actually not a fan of (sorry…).

The kit comes with 3 variants of Petal Velvet powders in #0 translucent#23 warm beige, and the special edition  #PinkLavender.

This is a perfect skin smoothing powder to set a fresh and matte radiant finish. I have been using the pink lavender powder already before I received this set so I tried the translucent powder and intend to give the warm beige to my SIL as a Christmas gift while I\’m keeping the pink lavender as my stock 😉.

Now back to the Petal Velvet Sunaway, I tried using this for a week and let go of my usual morning skincare routine to give way for this product.

True to its claim, it does provide a petal-like finish or poreless coverage and easy to blend. It\’s like magically transforms a liquid into powder. I\’m almost inlove with this product as I fully understand the need to have daily sun protection but I\’m torn to sticking to my ever reliable BB cream (with SPF45/PA+++)  for heavy coverage of my dark circles (as seen below 😳).

Overall, the Althea Petal Velvet Set is highly recommended for daily use to help minimize skin aging, unless you have other skin concerns to prioritize.

Althea\’s launch offer of this New PETAL VELVET SET -Moisture filled Sun and Sebum Control at 10% OFF the Sunaway + your choice of powder is still up. Get yours from this link to try if this affordable duo is a perfect fit for your skincare needs.

Just a gentle reminder on sunscreen: wear it daily and  re-apply as needed! ❤️