Thomas Rubber Bracelet

When I went out buying a gift for my friend\’s daughter for her 7th birthday,  I found a  character designed piece that my kid will surely love.  Actually, hubby pointed out this Rubber Bracelet and we bought it along with Hannah Montana\’s Stationery Set.  You can hardly notice the bracelet when my Brandon wore it, but such  a show off  that he was, like it or not, you have to say \’WoW\’ as he raise his arm for you to notice it.
Below is Brandon\’s pic wearing his new accessory  (found it cute!):

Thomas and Friends Bedsheet

Here\’s an addition to mommy\’s Thomas Addiction: Our Queen Size fitted sheet! I ordered it from my office colleague and when i got home, I excitedly changed our bedsheet with this one. Brandon got really excited and  jumped in adoring thomas prints he even pointed out the other side of the bed uttering words that based on mommy\’s translation saying– \”Kindly hurry putting up the bed cover please?\”
Though it got one flaw!
My Brandon noticed that the railway is broken… he\’s very disappointed, complaining and asking daddy to fix it up! An observation coming from my toddler, hey! he has a good point. How can the trains move around having just 1track each?
Daddy easily  divert his attention by getting his Thomas tracks letting him play his train with \’no broken\’ railways. Problem solved. (Y\’ey!)

Thomas Addiction2

Updates on Brandon\’s Thomas addiction: morning comes, as he wakes and get up from bed, he would say \”train, train! train, train!\” then its time for me to look for his trains, Thomas and Diesel. Yup! we bought him another train that comes with 4-straight tracks extending his Sodor railway.
Later did i found out after reading from its box that \”Diesel\” is one devious engine always scheming and ever ready to stir up trouble. Oh! Mommy\’s not aware that villain also exist among those tank engines. I thought all were friendly and just having fun in the island of Sodor. Ok, lesson learned, next time i\’ll do some research and read carefully the toy description. Anyways, its just a character, a kid on his age doesn\’t have any idea on this and all he cares about is something to go with his railway, right?
Daddy and I set up Brandon\’s play space for his train set, I  insisted  having this train table for I dont want to set it up repeatedly every after play time (nice!). Now, that toy has its permanent proper place of its own where it can be left and setup always ready for play. Ye\’y!
Thomas lives with us now, actually we plan to extend that toy\’s railroad by adding up extension packs- curve and straight tracks, etc… the bridge was our recent buy that adds new excitement and a big hit for this train-loving little boy of mine.
You can try to get Thomas out of his hands, and you\’ll get a flying kick… Yah!!!

Haircut at HairPlay

Earlier today, we went @ Hairplay for Brandon\’s haircut, and ofcourse, what else would tame and makes him sit still but Thomas Episodes on CD. (Anak, what\’s on Thomas ba?:-D) but I have to thank Thomas for this, definitely a job well done! A few minutes… and we\’re done. As I hit the payment counter I was devastated to notice a post that reads: Effective Feb. 17, Kid\’s Haircut will be P275 adding up P25 from the usual rate. How sad that on our next visit, that would be the official price, they have to increased due to economic situation, etc.
Well, fair enough- mommy wants the best. A quality haircut corresponds to a high professional rate. And i just don\’t wanna bring my child to a barber shop \’sa kanto\’, not yet! I think I\’m just too afraid coz he\’s not ready for another salon experience of that kind. My 2-year old son still needs special care and attention that\’s why we still prefer going back for this one.
Since the salon was the nearest in our place and the staff were all smiles and accomodating, this one\’s become my fave and recommended for mommies for their kids. I also got Brandon\’s 1st Haircut certificate from them with before and after shot for P450 at that time (Jan.20,\’09). I sooo love it! cute! people mistakenly see the pics as different kid, assuming that the one with long hair is a girl, they even joked of me having twin kids, for a boy and girl.