Kid\’s Rechargeable Motor Bike

We have no plan on buying this one, it just happens that his cousin\’s grandpa coming from abroad went home with Kiddie Motorbike for his first ever grandson. The next day, parents of another cousin from the neighborhood was left no choice but to buy after their 5 year old son throw tantrums envying the other. And when my child\’s turn to see the neighborhood cousins\’ motor bikes:
The result?
My B has been using this one for 2 months already. We bought it from Robinson\’s Dept. Store for 6k  last November before my birthday with hopeful wishing that it would last for years… 
Someone commented that \”Hindi lahat ng gusto dapat ibinibigay\” but still, I don\’t categorize myself as spoiler nor do i consider my child as spoiled brat. At his age, its really hard to explain things, impose rules or set limits correctly and consistently considering I\’m a working mom, I\’m not around all the time. And when the time I\’m with him, as much as possible I don\’t want him to  remember just the spanking and my undying speech of lectures (sometimes called nagging) of  things or the do\’s and dont\’s.
Something inside me was saying that \”he\’s my unico hijo\” for now and I don\’t see anything wrong on giving him nice things and that\’s  I wanted to see where my hard-earned money had gone. Anyways, I also make sure that I set aside some amount every pay day on his savings account. (hmp!)
Hubby says that its not like we\’re giving \’everything\’, coz actually we cannot afford it all, we\’re not that well-off . We\’re just providing the best that we can and was trying to discipline him at his young age. We\’re also aware that any behavior of pampering and spoiling can affect later on until his older age creating interpersonal difficulties, so are we nuts to allow him to have such distress?
Oh, well… what do you think, have you been experiencing  the same? Pls share… I would love to read such stories…

Toddlers on house help

I remember when my child was only 1 year old, he dramatically imitates mommy on sweeping the floor finding a nice time \’helping\’ on house hold chores. He roam around the house sweeping the floor making this cleaning up his play time, that was after dinner and I guess  he got really tired of doing this for he wakes up late in the morning.
As a toddler, he doesn\’t want to get neglected and want to get involve in everything that his parents are doing. Here\’s a captured moment of B doing his part helping daddy wash the car.
And ofcourse he never did forget washing his own \’car\’.
Happy to know that allowing him doing such task and responsibility creates a sense of pride and indepence, based on what I have read  (c/o Martha Edens): Toddlers who are given responsibilities are likely to have a higher self esteem and more self confidence than those toddlers who are never allowed to do for themselves or contribute to the household.
We, as parents just have to make a close supervision towards every little thing.

Spider Surprise No more

Today, I\’m officially saying goodbye from the help of my  plastic spider  for one obvious reason– my child\’s discovery and distinction of what\’s real from whats\’s not.
Its definitely a  great stride in his physical and cognitive development as a child as he confidently and bravely face his fears and a time for mommy to come up with a good strategy for him to follow orders. This little boy cannot be tricked anymore! I remember one time when he\’s asking for a softdrinks, I gave him water instead– he pours down the water in our kitchen sink and angrily repeats, Cooooke!!! He knows what he wanted and still having his normal  inquisitiveness and willful disobedience.
For now, I have to stick with my consistent reactions and more patience when I catch him doing things I normally doesn\’t allow as he gleefully push to the limits. But I am more happy to think that at the age of 3, that\’s the best time he\’ll appreciate the need to follow rules.

Spider Surprise

Whoa! felt guilty using a plastic spider toy on my toddler to make him stop from insisting what he wants. When he wanted to go outside- I put the spider on our door, and acts really scared then he stops and can\’t even go near it.
Bath time and can\’t get him out of the water, then I have no choice but get that plastic spider  and make it crawl up on his bath toys.
Giving him something to fear to follow my order, (i know!) is definitely a bad idea. But I am excusing myself for using this one until I came up with a good toddler discipline approach that works, emphasizing who is actually \”in charge\” at home.
What I am planning  is the \”time-out\” approach that  requires explaining and reinforcing principles over and over, time and time again. But he\’s still too young to understand this concept.
While\” spanking\” is another form and quite effective when done in the proper manner- it  shouldn\’t be my option, because sometimes it does not produce the desired results of learning. And I don\’t want him to be afraid of mommy and not learning to respect authority in this way.
I wanted to ensure the proper training discipline letting him know that I  care and just wanted him to know right from wrong. I know it would be a lot easier when he turns 3. As for now mommy is learning to give a firm \”NO\” giving him a quick explanation, and a  help from a plastic spider during those \”out of control situations\”.
Oh, I promise to get rid of the spiders, the soonest! (really sorry…).