Kid\’s Rechargeable Motor Bike

We have no plan on buying this one, it just happens that his cousin\’s grandpa coming from abroad went home with Kiddie Motorbike for his first ever grandson. The next day, parents of another cousin from the neighborhood was left no choice but to buy after their 5 year old son throw tantrums envying the other. And when my child\’s turn to see the neighborhood cousins\’ motor bikes:
The result?
My B has been using this one for 2 months already. We bought it from Robinson\’s Dept. Store for 6k  last November before my birthday with hopeful wishing that it would last for years… 
Someone commented that \”Hindi lahat ng gusto dapat ibinibigay\” but still, I don\’t categorize myself as spoiler nor do i consider my child as spoiled brat. At his age, its really hard to explain things, impose rules or set limits correctly and consistently considering I\’m a working mom, I\’m not around all the time. And when the time I\’m with him, as much as possible I don\’t want him to  remember just the spanking and my undying speech of lectures (sometimes called nagging) of  things or the do\’s and dont\’s.
Something inside me was saying that \”he\’s my unico hijo\” for now and I don\’t see anything wrong on giving him nice things and that\’s  I wanted to see where my hard-earned money had gone. Anyways, I also make sure that I set aside some amount every pay day on his savings account. (hmp!)
Hubby says that its not like we\’re giving \’everything\’, coz actually we cannot afford it all, we\’re not that well-off . We\’re just providing the best that we can and was trying to discipline him at his young age. We\’re also aware that any behavior of pampering and spoiling can affect later on until his older age creating interpersonal difficulties, so are we nuts to allow him to have such distress?
Oh, well… what do you think, have you been experiencing  the same? Pls share… I would love to read such stories…

Vtech Educational Laptop

Its 11 days before Christmas and 38 days to go for my B\’s 3rd Birthday and I haven\’t bought any of my created wish list on my Gift Registry at  Toys R Us. My top on the list was Vtech Tote and Go Laptop but still having a second thought considering that its too early for him to enjoy the games and activities which I personally think is well- suited for children ages 4 and up.

Whenever he watched Danny and Daddy  he actually remember my promise of buying him a laptop. And whenever I bid goodbye for work, he actively says that I\’ll go to work for me to have enough money to buy his laptop.
Argh! talking about not making promises to a child… What do you think, will I just go ahead and buy? His cousin owns one, I borrowed it and  all he does was to press it on/off ,and kept on pressing keypads, the sounds and display entertains him while  pretending to be very busy doing something just like mommy.
Well, what do you think, better buy or not? 

Summer Toy Fair 2010

A great find from Toys R Us adding up to our Thomas Collection, this item was included in their Summer Hot Toys catalogue. Although we haven\’t scheduled for any Swimming activity as of this time, hubby and I immediately bought this item considering a good buy at 40% OFF the price.
My toddler really enjoy this inflattable ride-on while watching Thomas and friends series in our room, he\’s having a great time doing his \”train play hour\”.
The Summer Toy Fair Promo is up to 70% OFF on selected items at any Toys R Us stores.
Check out the following toy  store schedules on SALE:
  • Robinsons Metro East Shared Lobby: March – April 15
  • Robinson Supermarket BF Parañaque: March 19 – April 18
  • Cash & Carry Makati Activity Area: March 26 – April 30
  • Robinsons Place Cebu, Activity Area: March 29 – April 30