Review: Avoid Long Lines at Peak Tram with Klook

Our family recently traveled to Hongkong and we\’re not on a Tour Package, so I decided to avail Klook\’s Discounted Offer and make our own itinerary.
While searching online for activities to include, I found Klook Travel Guide.
Actually, Klook is new to me, at first I was hesitant to book online but after reading positive reviews that came from \”real users\” I confidently purchased via credit card.
I was sold at their exclusive promotion on \”Peak Tram Fast Track Combo\” (The Peak 4 in 1 Combo) Fast Track.
  • Peak Tram Fast Track
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • Trick Eye 3D Museum
  • Sky Terrace 428 

The Queue Jump or Special Line entry was a big relief, queuing usually takes 1 hour or more but Klook\’s tickets grant us VIP access and we marched straight to the front!

PHOTO from Klook Blog

PHOTO from
We met Klook\’s Guide at Central MTR Station Exit K. The guide gave our Peak Tram Tickets and we walk altogether to Peak Tram Terminus.

Meet-up @ Central Station MTR Exit K (Street Level)
Reminder: Make sure to strictly follow your time slot. Arrive 15 minutes before meeting time. We arrived 20 minutes late and the guide no longer accept us to join on their  next schedule.
However, the Guide in charge was very accommodating with our concerns and even helped me re-arranged my itinerary.
I asked  him to please let us use this day for this activity because rescheduling means we have to move our other activities.
Sadly, they follow strict time schedule, so we just have to request to re-sched and make sure that we arrive on time. The Guide was kind enough to suggest the best time to get as I  laid down my plans for the days to come. 
The Guide suggested to take the 12pm sched and have the Ocean Park tour right after we finished the activities at the Peak. 

The much awaited Tram Ride!

At the top of the Peak, the guide gave us our attraction tickets and let us  enjoy the rest of our visit on our own time.

Here\’s some of our photos as we met the stars in life like wax work!

After Madame Tussauds, we were supposed to use the tickets for Trick Eye 3D Museum and Sky Terrace 428, but we were told by my husband\’s side of the family (btw, we were 4 families traveled together) not to use it anymore because it\’s 3PM already and we should be heading to Ocean Park instead.

If I were to ask, I will choose to use those  remaining tickets for the two attractions. Why? we paid for it, and I think an hour spent with these attractions would not hurt our visit to Ocean Park. Yep, nandun na, so sana tinuloy na lang. Tsk! Husband comforts me saying \”Don\’t worry, babalik tayo ulit dito\” (Duh? talaga? hahaha).

Oh well, medyo pumalpak ang itenerary… mahirap ang may kahintayan kasi if you\’re with a big group. Anyway, a big thanks to Klook for the Discounted Tickets especially the VIP access.
I suggest you check Klook\’s website to find itinerary inspiration and get discounted offers. You can also download Klook\’s App to conveniently book your travel experiences on the go.
How to use e-voucher? Just show on mobile or printout.
I am soooo looking forward to our next booking with  Klook on our future travel plans. You should too!  

Passport Renewal

Finally, I managed to take time renewing my passport that was expired for two years. We don\’t have any plan going out of the country, but I think its a necessity for me to have a renewal (who knows, we might?!) better be prepared than having a last minute process and rush things.

I already set an online appointment,  I scheduled it  January next year and choose the earliest time available. Done printing my appointment confirmation, what i have to do next is to photocopy my old passport (pages 1-3 and last), ID\’s, and a copy of:
\”Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO and Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar if MC secpa is unreadable.\” I needed to present this one coz my old passport was way back when I was still single.

But hey, I also decided to apply for my toddler… I\’ll bring him with me when I go out to have our Passport size ID pic  taken. That was a last minute decision, on hopeful wishing that we could use our passport 1 or 2 years from now. I better start setting aside a substantial amount of money every payday for this future vacay.  
And so from now on, I\’ll be cutting out unnecessary purchases avoiding buying on impulse and save, save, save!